Saturday, April 26, 2008

Word Verification

I understand the need for security. This internet of ours is gigantic and almost everyone (including all the sickos) is on it. I totally get the need to make sure your account won't be corrupted so I think it is great that there are measures we can take to keep our fun stuff fun and just the way we like it. But sometimes something that sounds like a good idea can be a real pain. I am talking about Word Verification codes. They are a series of several numbers and letters used to verify comments to postings and interaction is indeed between humans and not computer to computer. I don't understand what the word Pish means, but I do know these codes help you to not get Pished. No one ever wants to get Pished. I was Pished once, my friend alerted me and I did something about it. I survived a very mild case of Phising but I know there are really bad things out there called Hackers and Virus' that can do really bad things to your computer. Don't want that! We have to look out for ourselves...Case in point...
Word Verifications. I have several friends that have word verifications on their sites which require the codes be entered before your message will be sent. I am sorry but Word Verifications STRESS ME OUT!!! On one friends site, the code I must enter changes every 15 seconds, sorry but I am not the quickest typist and sometimes I wonder if the letter is a zero or an O or a one or an l, by the time I figure it out, bling, the code changes...Wahhhhhh I just want to send my friend a message. Today I was sending another friend a note and the letters in her word verification code were smushed together and set in a wave pattern. That must really be secure cause I totally could not decipher the letters and bummer, my charming, uplifting, witty note went to Phishing land.

Luckily for her, I am persistent and got my message to her after another try cause I know her life would not be complete unless she got my comment...

Hey, I just thought of something... Maybe the one they are trying to keep out is ME!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Day Mom vs Dad

Dad is sick...
Pajamas, slippers, couch, blanket, old movies galore.
"Honey, please bring me some orange juice" Honey, will you go to the store and get me some sprite?" Honey, I would love some of your homemade chicken soup.

Mom is sick...
Get dressed, make lunches, take kid to school, pick cat up from the vet, chase dog around the back yard cause he stole the cone off the cats neck, oh yeah I'm sick, try to nap, "Mom, the dentist needs you to come here and fill out insurance paperwork NOW" "Mom, pratice is over and I'm ready for you to pick me up" Make my own Chicken Noodle Soup. "Hi honey, I'm home what's for dinner" "You not going with me to church tonight?"

Hey, Mom... You sick?