Sunday, August 31, 2008

You can all rest easy

You can all rest easy my friends, I found a dress for the wedding.
I went to the store with the intent that if I don't completely love what I see then I will pursue the repair of the purple disaster.

HOWEVER... The angels sang and the lights were a little brighter in the dressing room today when I found the perfect outfit for me.

A black skirt with a beautiful chiffon overlay just floaty enough and ankle length just what I wanted.

The blouse is a black and white sparkly print that even has very tiny star shapes in the pattern, Beka is a star girl and in a way I am wearing my dress for her as well as Cameron.

I feel completely comfortable and my very best in the dress. I am so excited, and even though I believe I was honestly telling my girlfriends I wasn't worried about the dress after I left the store I actually felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. Bag, shoes and jewelry are also a check.

Steve said he thinks we will look the best we have since our own wedding day. Eric said I looked like a queen. Awwwww.

So, Lucy and I went and got pedicures which are now checked off of the list.

Bring on the MODD MOG

I know, I know... Post pictures... Not Yet!!!


I am still marvelling at how strangely normal it feels to have my son out of the house. We have been such a close knit family of four for so long you would think the transition would be worse.

He came by yesterday, picked up his mail, some gifts, grabbed a candy from the dish and left.

I told Steve "I don't feel like I know my son anymore" Steve agreed and said he felt the same way.

We do feel cast off , discarded and definitely disconnected from Cameron and it is all at his initiative. He has chosen to treat us like this, we have done nothing to earn the treatment.

Steve is rather hurt by our sons behavior and can get sad when we talk about it, but I reminded him that we are great parents, we have never done or given our son a reason to do anything but hold us in high regard. I hope that maybe this is what he has to do to let go in his own way. We can accept that.

We pray that our son realizes he is still a part of us, and we are a part of him, weather he likes it or not, and weather we fit in to his new life or not families are forever.

Are we disappointed in him... Sure, a little, but can we do anything about it and should we let it ruin our life... No

So, we are moving on... As a family of three... And a dog

Ok, I'm Done

OK, I am done. Being Calm that is. Today is the official countdown, Oh my stomach hurts...


Each day is chocked full of to do things and a friend reminded me that it is officially time for me to be in Panic mode about my dress. OK, Lucy, for your sake I WILL PANIC!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I am taking the blouse back to the seamstress today and just for fun, I will do a little shopping Just in case.

I think I have everything in order for my part of the day, I have my friends lined up to help me, I ended up not getting a cold which is good, I have extra days off beforehand so I think I am good.

So, Why was I awake at 3:30 am which normally means "Troy you are stressed and you have Insomnia" Hmmmmm

Get out my lists, check them twice, Don't know.

Oh yeah, It is Stinkin' HOT!, Fontana is so Stinkin' Windy! All things we are planning for and know we have no control over... No need to worry...

OK,Then I will worry, just for the sake of worrying... sounds good.

It is a Mommy's prerogative.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

M.O.D No More

Several years ago I invented M.O.D. which stands for Mom Of Dudes.

It was my way of making myself and other mothers of sons feel special. Not only are we mom of dudes but we are MOD as well.

If you had a girl, I am sorry, but you are not MOD.

M.O. D is for Mom Of Dudes only.

The term caught on in my circle of friends and I became the Mom Of Dudes. I sign all my crafts with my M. O. D. logo and had some groovy labels with M.O.D Crafts made just for more fun.

I will never forget when my cousin had her first son she was so excited when she told me "Now I'm MOD!!!" You sure are sweetie and wear it proudly.

Well, in just one week I will no longer be M. O. D. I have decided that I will now be M. O. D. D. this stands for "Mom of Dudes and a Daughter in law" which I will write as Mom Of Dudes & DIL.

My new name is too long and it is simply too complicated to formally change all my cyber world, but in my heart you can now call me M.O.D.D.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Eric has been sick with a horrible sore throat and cold and missed two days of school.

Today, when I got home from work, I was totally dragging, I have total body aches and am feeling a twinge in my throat.


We are going to a Beach wedding tomorrow that I am totally looking forward to.

I have my three day weekend packed with duties and activities!!!


No Cold For Me!!!

Just a note... I was re-reading this blog and you can sure tell I am an original Southern California Valley Girl. I Totally say Totally a lot!

See You At The Wedding

"See you at the wedding" I can't believe I have said that phrase several times this week. First to my friend Susie after we made the aisle flower arrangements, to Sydney my cousin at the end of our phone conversation and again last night to my pals Kathy and Dee Dee.

Our movie date to see "House Bunny" was exactly what I needed, a brainless normal evening where we hardly discussed the wedding at all.

These gals are totally there for me and were happy to see that I am in a nice calm state.

Sure there is tons for me to do, money is mega super tight, but I know all will get done, I have a three day weekend ahead of me in addition to three days off prior to the wedding and two days off afterwards.

So, today, Friday, 8/29, although I have a sick son which many times means I am next, my dress is not finalized, an alter to create and a rehearsal dinner to orchestrate, I am good, calm, and ready for the week ahead.

See You At The Wedding!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calm Before The Storm

I only have two days left of work this week. I am off Monday for Labor day, work two more days and I am off for my scheduled wedding vacation.

May seem confusing to you, but to me and my blond sense it is perfectly clear.


Funny thing is... I am really calm.

Sure, my dress is not ready, my house is not ready, Eric needs a haircut and a shirt blah, blah, blah. Tonight, I will go out with my girlfriends for a nice fun nite of normalness. Pie and a Movie Ahhhhhhh

But TOMORROW......... Insanity!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Yeah, I read that...

It is happening... I am becoming no longer necessary to talk to in the human world.

I will run into a friend and mention something about the wedding and they say.
"Oh yeah, I read that on your site"

Well, then... Ok...

"Cameron moved out"... Read that

"Eric loves being an only child"... Read that

Is that all that I am a walking, talking wedding machine???

I know there is another side to me. I know people want to talk to me and not just hear wedding details.

I think a night out with girlfriends to see House Bunny should do the trick.

Wonder if there is a wedding at the end of the movie?

I am hopeless...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Every Single Day

Every day since my son was little he has eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I always have milk and cereal in my house.I don't exactly know what his favorites are because he eats whatever I buy on sale.

Sometimes as a coupon shopper cereal goes on Super Sale and I stock up. Once Cam said I had a Cereal addiction. I couldn't help it! $1.00 a box!!!

Even though for the past year his work, school and love life schedules have made him a virtual phantom in our household the milk and cereal was being consumed.

Eric has always had the same breakfast schedule as his brother but since Cameron's departure I began noticing my cereal boxes are remaining unopened, and starting to multiply. I asked Eric what his favorite cereals were since I am just buying for him and he blew my mind with his response.

"I am not really that crazy about cereal. I would love to have eggs, toast or waffles instead of cereal"


How could a mother be so clueless?

So today I went shopping, I will send the unopened boxes of cereal home with the moved out son and now in our pantry and refrigerator is...

What a concept.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rolling up my sleeves

Yesterday it was official, I will be a MOG in just two more weekends. I have a lot of things I will be making and I have cut myself off from adding to my list, it is long enough.

So today I will roll up my sleeves and begin...

First on my list... MOG Dress.

Starting with the bad news. God my dress back from the seamstress and I am unhappy. Wahhhhhhh, this is totally heartbreaking for me, BUT I do believe there is a light. Not all is horrible about the blouse parts are right and I know how to fit myself so I ripped the thing apart and it is better. Today I will sew it back together so hopefully, I made the close but no cigar blouse a home run.

I like the skirt except that it is long, I am a shortie and it makes me feel really short. Makes me wish I could read minds so I can know what people really think when I try it on.

So far I have gotten, "That color is great on you" and stuff like that. Hmmmmm

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wedding Pile

It started off as a bag from Dollar Tree, a few bouquets of flowers and some ribbon. More flowers, vines, ribbon, tulle, garden hooks etc...

The pile was spreading so it found a home in a 3'x3' shop vac box. Then we decided to have the rehearsal dinner here at the house so another pile began.

That pile soon needed its own home but luckily it's box is much smaller, favors, candies etc...

I realized today that you must take a side step past the wedding pile in order to get to one of the dining room chairs. Have I created a monster that is growing like The BLOB?

My cousin came over today and said "Oh I see your wedding pile, I have one growing in my kitchen too" (her daughter is getting married early November)

I felt a little better... I promise it is organized.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


One thing I have told everyone is that I truly desire to be a good Mother In Law (MIL).

I really want to have a great relationship with Beka. Not a mother/daughter or girlfriend/girlfriend relationship but a great MIL/DIL relationship.

Since I have never been a MIL and she has never been a DIL we will have to make this relationship our own. I love the thought of having an all new relationship with her, especially since I never had a daughter and always wanted one so badly.

I have had my feelings hurt a couple of times during this wedding adventure but luckily, God has sent me the most wonderful mix of girlfriends to help me along the way. Although I probably deserved a wet noodle slapping or a good strangle, my girlfriends have been there with just the right lovingly honest talking tos that I so very much needed.

The wrong people want to gossip and Vilify my future daughter in law, but choosing just the right person to confide in about a certain issue helps me get a bigger picture of the world I am about to enter without hard feelings and I come out of the conflict a better, more understanding person and for that I am grateful.

I am super excited about being a Mother In Law. I am super excited God chose Beka for my son, and I am blessed with a gaggle of girlfriends who are always willing to lend an ear, offer a prayer, or just make me laugh.

Girlfriends make me who I am and I know with their guidance I will achieve my goal of being a great MIL.

Friday, August 22, 2008


When Cam moved out that left his chores undone. A re-assignment of household duties was in order although I know Steve and Eric would have been completely happy if I just absorbed Cams chores into my daily list... NOT

Gave them the choice and Eric chose dishes and Steve reluctantly chose trash detail. Although it is still Eric's chore to bring in the cans after weekly trash disposal day.

So far...I would love to say so good. BUT...

Eric- " Dad, you need to take out the trash"

Dad- "You need to bring in the trash cans"

Mom " Eric you need to put the dishes away"

Eric " Dad didn't take out the trash"

Mom " OK men... Am I going to have to get tough here?"...

I know they are afraid of mommy's wrath.

Chores are done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sometimes I am so amazed at how important the Internet is to my daily life.

I haven't picked up a yellow book in years, and while I still love going to the mall, if I want an unusual present for someone, the Internet is there. If it is out there, I can find it.

I have made several purchases for the wedding online, starting with my mother of the groom dress. Didn't like it so sent it back but it helped me to realize I had to get a dress made. Stores didn't offer the quantity of tulle I needed so of course I found a great deal at a site and also took advantage of their clearance section for some added special touches.

When researching shade canopies I found that the cost to rent was simply astronomical, a girlfriend referred me to a site where I purchased the canopies for a great price with Free shipping. Yippee!!!

My best deal was for ties, the four ushers needed matching maroon ties and found them for $20 total including shipping. It was a buy three get one deal. Sweet.

Yesterday three packages arrived and I only have another two to go before all my wedding purchases have arrived.

I love the Internet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Difference between Men and Boys

The difference between Men and Boys...

There is none when long poles are involved.

Yesterday we were doing a trial run assembling some shade canopies for the wedding reception.

Shade canopies require long tubes.

Long tubes are a distraction because they instantly become swords and light sabers.

Long tubes that fit together are an even greater distraction because they become double ended light sabers and staffs perfect for fighting.

Yah! Yah! Yah! Jab Jab Jab "Back Naive" "You have great skills Jedi"

Get back to work!!! I know... Spoil Sport...

"Will A trip to see "Clone Wars" get you back on track?" "You can have popcorn..."

Yes Mommy...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turn back time

Basically, I have been pretty happy with how things have turned out in my life, but this experience as a soon to be mother in law has really opened my eyes and filled me with the greatest feelings of regret.

Regret because I realized that I was a bad daughter in law. Not a horrible, nasty, zilla type of daughter in law... Just a thoughtless, ungrateful one which is guess, is just as bad.

Trudy Miller was a war bride brought over from Germany, she was a kind, warm, friendly, wonderful woman. She gave her son Steve her personality and all her characteristics. Steve was not like his father, sister, and brother who were head strong, arrogant, selfish and critical and for that he was always put down and called "A German", but Trudy defended her son, She enjoyed him, she treasured him and I think all in all, Trudy knew Steve would be the one to prevail and have a good blessed life.

My Mother had a really bad relationship with her mother in law, she often talked of how judgemental she was about everything from her Hispanic heritage to her homemaking abilities, so it was logical that my mother would not instruct me on how to be a good daughter in law, she tried and had that door slammed in her face and did not want that for her daughter.

When it was my turn to be a bride I basically had no need for Trudy. I had a Mom to do all the wedding plans with, a sister , girlfriends and cousins to do all the bachelorette things with and Aunts to help with all the wedding details. There was a place for all the women in my life... Except for Trudy.

Trudy's role for my wedding was to roll up little papers and slide them into rings and tie almonds into little tulle packages. She did an excellent job and had her task done well ahead of time, I know I did say "thanks"

She struggled with finding a dress for the wedding, but it never occurred to me offer to go dress shopping with her. I never thought of even trying to do a thing to bond with this woman. Never did we go to lunch, shopping or to the movies. Not even once.

I know it sounds like I am being hard on myself, I was young and immature and I should give myself a break, but I realize now that I am going to be a mother in law that I was the one who blew it. I came from a generation of mother in law haters and although I never ever hated Trudy, I never gave her a thought and that was MY fault.

I do know that If we had developed a friendship it would have caused friction between Steve's sister and I and maybe that is why she never suggested it, but I should have been bold and I should have become her friend. I remember as I was lying in bed with her when she was dying of Cancer reading her favorite Star magazine and holding her for the last time she said to me "I really didn't think you and Steve would make it, but now I am glad you married my son"

Sometimes I wish my 21 year old self could have had some of my 45 year old wisdom.

For the first time in my life, I wish I could turn back time.

Just to spend it with Trudy.

Monday, August 18, 2008


When I was a young girl and I would fantasize about my dream man, he would always have brown hair and blue eyes. All my coloring book princes would have that same look and all my girls were the same, with blond hair and Magenta shoes. Maybe it was a Ken doll fixation since I secretly longed to be Barbie.

Anyways... Flash forward to November 4th, 1982 to Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena Ca and the location of the first meeting of Steve and Troy.

Troy's first thoughts..."Blue Eyes"

Troy's second thought... "Brown Hair"

Troy's third thought... "Is this my dream man?"

Yep, I got my dream man, Brown hair and Blue eyes. Now his hair is grey and his eyes need glasses, but the still does it for me even 25 years later.

My son Cameron has always had a dream girl in mind too, His fantasy princess would be tall and thin with beautiful fair skin,long brown hair and brown eyes.

Cameron was never a boy that didn't like girls and was looking for his princess as early as elementary school. He was perfectly fine with finding his true love at a young age and being done with the search. He liked several girls along the way but none of them were "The One" I felt sorry for my 14 year old when he would tell me of his sad bachelor life ( inside I was giggling cause I knew she was out there) He met Beka and well like they say... The rest is history.

The first thing Beka did after getting engaged was find her wedding dress. 'You want to see it Troy?" She asked me several times and each time I said yes but something distracted us and I never got around to it, then I realized it was because I want to be surprised just like Cameron will be. I want to see the bride he sees, the radiant princess of his dreams. I thought I was totally cool with that.

BUT yesterday, I couldn't help it, I had to look at her sneak peek hairstyle shots with the dress on. What fun she must be having, trying on her dress whenever she wants and dreaming of her upcoming big day.

When she will indeed be my sons dream bride and truly, the fairest of them all...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I can't believe the ignorant comments people have said when I mention Cameron moving out. "Oh they have moved in together". I have heard it so many times I want to scream!

"No, Cameron moved in but Beka did not"

When I say that I get lots of sarcastic "Uh Huh's" and wink wink's.

Forget it, many people simply do not understand the concept of purity. I have even been told that their relationship sounds "sick" because they don't "desire" each other. I try to explain that it is not about desire, it is about commitment, to your spouse and to God. I totally believe in saving ones body for marriage, I truly believe it is God's plan. I believed in it for myself and have raised my sons the same way. To me, there is no option, Sex is for love and the commitment of marriage, period.

Now mind you, I do not have my head in the sand... I unconditionally love my children and if they chose not to remain pure until marriage that would be their choice, they might feel a little wet noodle slap but whatever... Life would not end.

However, I would be a little sad, I truly believe that your body is treasure and a gift, It is a burden that I carry watching girls give themselves up for sex without love, It is portrayed on TV as "normal". I will never forget a moms comment on a reality show "Every girl sleeps with her high school boyfriend" Wow, makes my heart sink.

The kids have told us they believe in Gods plan for marriage and purity. The kids have both taken a public vow of purity, they have told us they desire to wait to kiss and have sex until marriage and have never given us a reason not to believe them.

I believe them, and I am proud of them... Unconditionally

Saturday, August 16, 2008


My husband Steve's grandfather Daniel was an immigrant from Serbia and so was his grandmother Daisy. She told us stories of her landing at the statue of liberty and starting her life in America. I always thought that was cool.
They settled in Chicago and raised 4 sons. During the depression Daniel would venture out to seek day work and the businesses would call the worker's names by alphabetical order. When they would get to Daniel's last name Milosevic they would pass him by and move on because they could not pronounce his name. This lack of work prompted Daniel to Americanize his name and thus... We became The Millers.


I know this may sound silly, but one of the things that was attractive to me about Steve was his nice common name.

My last name was Pounds and for a chubby girl...Well, you get the picture.

I was thrilled to become Troy Miller. I always Hated Troy Pounds. Still hate Troy but you gotta forgive you parents some time...

I know Cameron loves his name and Beka is excited to become Mrs. Miller.

God Bless America and our tongues that can't pronounce big words.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Dreams

I had my first wedding dream last night. I remember when I was pregnant with Cameron I dreamt that I gave birth to a Basset Hound puppy. Well, this was just about as good.

We went walking into the wedding hall ( I have no idea why the wedding was no longer at our church) and it was all decorated in Disco. Disco ball on the ceiling and glittery silver curtains lining the walls and stage. For some reason none of us had noticed the decor before the day of the wedding but we decided we could "Make it work" Since the wedding colors are Wine and Silver.

The next fun thing was that Bekas Grandma and I had chosen the same material for our wedding outfits. She had a lovely pant suit and me a dress. We tried to stay as far away from each other as possible but EVERYONE noticed.

Made me laugh...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

He Doesn't Live Here

"He Doesn't Live Here"

I said that phrase for the first time last night. After the words left my mouth I kind of thought, Hey, I just said my son doesn't live here anymore. Wow.

This is a good thing... The dude gave blood twice in High School and the blood bank calls at least three times a week recruiting. They are just as relentless as the fake police/sheriff dept fundraisers and the mortgage companies from India that harass me no end.

I have been ignoring the calls when I see them on the caller ID but now I can answer the phone and tell them the truth, this guy will not be calling you back.

He hasn't called... His mail is piling up...

Are we surprised... No.

Actually, we took a bet and Steve is ahead.

Darn, I am going to owe him a dinner...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creative Packaging

I used to love this show on HGTV called "A Wedding Story" I once saw a Mother of the groom wearing her sons baby picture locket on her dress and I thought. Man that is such a mushy thing, I am TOTALLY going to do that!!!

I still have my baby picture locket but I needed a pin.

EBay to the rescue. Found the exact pin I needed and ordered it. (won it)

The seller notified me there would be a delay in shipping because she was on vacation. I told her it was for a wedding and gave her the date and she said she would do what she could to get it to me ASAP.

The pins arrived yesterday in the most creative packaging ever.

First the pins were wrapped in Kleenex, then put in a hotel shower cap box, then wrapped in a ice bucket liner, more Kleenex and finally the whole thing was wrapped in the actual shower cap. Works for me!!!

Thank you so much EBay seller, the package arrived safely...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten On Tuesday - L

Here is a continuation of a weekly blog some friends and I are doing through the alphabet. It is a blog of gratefulness and thankfulness for all things "L" related to my wedding diaries...

L- Looking Like Lions...

10. Lace- Most wedding dresses are not complete without it.

9. Locket- Gonna wear mine with my 6 month old Cameron's photo.

8. Lending- People are so generous and we are thankful for their time, abilities and cabins.

7. Laugh- Sometimes, it is all you can do.

6. Life- This union will begin a new one.

5. Luck- Totally don't believe in it. All these blessings are purely a God Thing!

4. Legacy- Two families coming together, we are adding another branch to our family tree.

3. Learning- Marriage is definitely a learning process

2. LOVE- A mother's dream come true to see it in the eyes of the woman who is marrying your son.

1. Lord God Almighty- Brought these two together, keeps their hearts united in times of trial, and is the center of their relationship.

Cameron and Beka- A Lifetime of Love and Laughter to you...

Love, Mommy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Ahead... Bless Me

Went to the restaurant to check on catering for the rehearsal dinner we will be hosting at our home.

This restaurant was Beka's suggestion and one that I have always wondered about, but never had gone to.

I decided to order a take out sampler plate for dinner so Daddy and Eric could have an opinion too. The gentleman was very nice and gave me some extra samples and discussed my catering. It was looking good.

I asked a woman who was waiting for her food if I would join her so I took a seat across from her. Of course you know me, I could not sit there quietly, we started chatting about the restaurant and then she said.

"I heard you ordering the family meal and I almost offered you a coupon for 20% off."

I said "Oh, why didn't you bless me?"

She then said she was embarrassed and thought I would be embarrassed too. Got me thinking... Do I look like someone who would not want a coupon? I sure hope not.
Coupons have been the saving grace of my entire homemaking life. I use them all the time in my grocery shopping and leave good ones around the store when I won't use them. (Ever wondered who did that?... Well, it's me!)

I loved when McDonald's had 50% off Sea World coupons. I would take several with me and bless the people in the line at the park. Since six tickets could be bought with one coupon I always felt like I had saved that family enough for them to afford dinner. I don't know, but it just made me feel good.

Cam and Beka are coupon users too, she got some coupons in a shower card and was happy to show them off.

Humble, simple, friendly, and blessed is what I want to look like. Not above such things...

Hand me that coupon sister... Bless me...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And Then There Were Three

Without much fanfare, tears, or remorse, Cameron officially moved out of our home yesterday.

Suddenly, we are a family of three...

For the past year Cam has been hardly here anyways. He would observe our 1:00 am curfew and creep in after we were asleep. We could tell he was here if his car was parked out front. Our home was basically where he laid his head so we are used to him not being around, but after this official move, we felt a void, we could definitely tell our son was not home. Here anyways

He is indeed home... His home.

Will he call?

Will we see him?

No idea, we hope so, but aren't taking any bets.

PS. Eric made his official announcement:
"Only Children Are Supposed To Be Spoiled"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Open Doors

When giving advise to my newly engaged son I told him to look for "Open Doors".

If it is God's plan for you to marry then he will open the doors for it to happen. HOWEVER... Be mindful of closed doors and believe in God and all will be well.

First, Cam got a full time job with benefits which was a major open door. All has gone well with the wedding planning with nothing anyone would consider a closed door.

The kids began their search for an apartment. They had their budget all set and knew just what they could afford. Figuring they would be living in a typical "Starter home" their expectations were low. But God decided to open a great door and provide them with an excellent apartment in great location.

We got to see the place last night and Steve and I felt nothing but pride. We are so happy for the kids... It is really happening, they are going to be getting married and starting their life...

So far, it is a blessed one indeed

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's All In The Tone

When my son first announced his engagement is what I would call "Hell Week" Steve and I felt so tested, first by the kids choice to marry several months earlier than in the original plan Cam outlined to us before he proposed, and second by their choices in wedding party.

I heard for the first time out of my sons mouth the horrible selfish words.


By the tone of his voice, I realized by saying that phrase he was saying I will hurt anyone I want, be as selfish as I want, and do anything I want all in the name of my wedding and YOU have to go along with it.


One thing you don't do is push this momma bears buttons! He got a good sitting down and the lines were drawn. The first words immediately omitted from my sons vocabulary was "IT'S MY WEDDING"

Once he realized that we completely understand it is their wedding, we all want the same thing he does, that we are behind him all the way, that it is our desire to please and make a day exactly what he wanted all hurts were forgiven and we moved on...

After all... It is your wedding...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

One More Month

I'll bet you thought by the title of this post that I was going to talk about the fact that Cameron and Rebekah's wedding is one month from TODAY!!!

I'll bet you thought I would write something thoughtful and reflecting but in reality...

I wish we had just one month more... One more month... Two more paychecks to be exact... One more month to collect more... MONEY

As parents of the groom, my husband has always thought that we got to just show up on the specific day, cry a little, and Partaaaayyyy. The first thing my husband said as we were leaving the sonograms announcing we were having a son was "Well, at least we won't have to pay for a wedding"

I never thought that though. For me, being involved in the wedding process is my pleasure, actually, give me a budget and the kids could pretty much just show up and get married and everything would be done for them. I get off on stuff like this.

We found we needed to help pay for the wedding on a greater level than we expected and because we are a single income family, financial contribution for a wedding is easier said than done...

We can always find a way to pay for things somehow, God always provides and I refuse to let something like Money stand in the way of my sons dream wedding, but ask my hubby to open his wallet and pay for something unexpected and my jolly old elf turns into a grumpy old dwarf. So... We will keep most of the costs a secret... (luckily, he doesn't read blogs Hee Hee Hee)

I love watching wedding shows but lately, those shows are a bitter pill to swallow when you see the cost of the napkin rings on the Platinum wedding show is more than our entire budget.

I just try to keep things in perspective... It is all about the marriage and the kids would be just as married if they went to the Public Library and saw the state clerk as if they arrived to the ceremony by hot air balloon, ate caviar and had dinner served by waiters in white gloves.

Our kids DESERVE the best, after all, their wedding will be a once in a lifetime event, not only for Cam and Beka but for all the guests as well. I have never known a couple who have made such a commitment to God and his plan for purity. I have never seen a wedding where purity rings will be exchanged, and I especially have never seen (or heard of) a wedding where the couple will share their first real kiss on the lips when they say "I do"

Cam and Beka are such a special couple, they deserve to be told "Whatever you want" but alas, the best their families can say is "Whatever you need"

I know all will be well, this wedding will be wonderful, everyone will be happy, and especially blessed, but for us that are behind the scenes I think we will always wish we could do more...

My Wish

My Wish
Rascal Flatts

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you wanna go,
And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile.

But more than anything, more than anything...

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you,
and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.I hope you never look back,
but you never forget, All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
And always give more than you take.

But more than anything, yeah, more than anything...

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish. Yeah, yeah.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Trash Went Out

Never thought I would see the day when I was sad to see the trash go out, but today my heart smile (Troy word) was a little bit glum, not a complete upside down frown, just a little bit glum.

I discussed it with him and he said he was OK with all that he threw away so I decided I had to be OK with it too.


I did refrain from digging through the trash and you got to give me kudos for that or this list would have been way longer.

Here is what I rescued because I KNOW my son will need these things for his future.

1. A vintage travel iron I got at a yard sale. Hey this thing is handy dandy and ohh so retro

2. Books-
A)How to draw fantasy creatures (f0r Eric of course)
B) Lord of the Rings Weapon and Warfare guide (indeed a future classic)
C) Incredible Cross Sections (Now Come on, this book is really cool! Where else can you see where the bathroom is on a Viking Ship)
D) Hardback red letter Bible (shame, shame, shame)

3. The Camping Owl- It is kind of a Cub Scout Trophy. When I was a Scout leader and we would camp, I would send the boys on a scavenger hunt for the most unusual things they could find. Cam found this super cool plastic flying Owl and all the other boys went crazy for it. It was the ultimate find, so much better than gunshot shells, rocks, sticks, etc...

And Lastly... My Son's future will definitely not be the same without this...

4. A Big Orange Dr Seuss Fish - This is a prop from the Seussical Musical he was in last year and a really memorable part of his Senior year.

Now that I wrote this down I am really glad I didnt look in the trash cans, Still it was sad when I got home and saw the cans had been emptied...

Don't worry dear... Your treasures are safe with me.


Today I was writing the date on a bag 8-6-08, all of a sudden it was like a giant loud GONGGGGGG went off in my ear.

8-6-08 that means tomorrow will be 8-7-08! One month until I am a MOG!!!

(If you don't know by now, I am normally MOD which is Mom Of Dudes but soon I will be a MOG which is Mother Of Groom which will then make me MILOB Mother In Law Of Beka) Your head spinning yet? Just wait til I am a Graham Cracker!!!

I turned to the woman who was substituting in our kitchen and does not know me from Adam (gotta research that phrase) and said "My son is getting married in a month from tomorrow"

I got a Smile with no teeth from the kindly sub which means (this lady is crazy) and a courtesy "Great"

Breathe Troy... Breathe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We have lived in this small house for 23 years. When we moved in it was the two of us in a three bedroom house, we used one bedroom as a den and one room was for me and my crafts. We had a formal living room and dining room. Our cute little house was a dream.

When our first child came along we re-arranged the house losing the formal living room but I still had my craft room. I am a craft type of gal and I needed my room for all my "stuff".

When baby #2 came along, we decided that instead of moving like our neighbors did we would stay in our little house which had now reached maximum capacity, there was no longer a formal living room, each and every inch of the house was now utilized and my personal craft space was a thing of the past.

Crafts are still something I love to do, but my projects are limited to the super quick and simple because I craft on the kitchen table and cant leave anything undone lying around.

When our son announced he was getting married and moving out, the wheels began turning in my mind. Craft room... Ahhhhhh.

I began eyeballing craft room designs basically I was drooling for my newfound space.

Then I wondered... Can I change the room the second he moves out or is there a rule that I must wait a respectable amount of time "mourning" my baby moving out?

How would it look for people to come here for the rehearsal dinner and the room is already re-painted and decorated? Hmmmmm It is a dilemma.

NOT! I have been waiting far too long for this little house to grow an extra room. So here is the plan...

#1 Son moves out
#2 Paint
#3 Re-decorate


Love you Cam, but I can't wait to have my own room again.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Today, my future daughter in law received her Kudos as the soon to be wife of a boy who never cleaned his room.

She got him to do the impossible, throw his stuff away.

I have always told him to use two words when cleaning "No Mercy" But today he did just that and I really wish he had given me warning because there were some things I would have liked to keep.

Just silly mementos of a childhood in the same room which now filled two large trash cans but they were my memories too. I know my sentiments are shared by Steve and Eric because looking at the "trash" we all wanted to go in and rescue it. " I wonder if a boy at church would like this unopened science kit? These books are so cool, I know they would be loved by another boy who's interests were Star Wars and Lord of the Rings"...

Oh well... Gotta let it go...

But here is the clincher and why my future daughter in law gets the kudos. I didn't hear one word of griping. Not one belittling word of "How could you live like this?" and to that I was proud of the woman my son has chosen. Now mind you, we were not in the room while they were cleaning and she may have been saying plenty, but to us in the other room we heard nothing which shows me she cares for her future husbands dignity and to that I say "Well Done Beka"

Now where is that plastic Owl you found on our Cub Scout camping trip?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Showers of Memories

I am really excited that my son is getting married the same year as we had our 25th anniversary. I look forward to their 25th anniversary and our 50th anniversary. That will be a blessed year indeed.

Yesterday was Beka's bridal shower, her friends pulled off a beautiful shower and Beka's favorite Taco Soup was served and was enjoyed by everyone there.
I was so blessed to have my Aunt Linda and my two cousins Dee Dee and Carol with me. We were having such a fun time and Beka was doing so well, sometimes being the center of attention can be overwhelming but she handled the pressure like a champ.

During the games it was announced that as her "Something Old" Beka will be wearing the same Cameo pin I wore to my wedding and again at my 25th anniversary party. The pin belonged to my grandmother Nellie Ayon, my mother gave it to me the Christmas after I got married and now it is becoming the traditional wedding pin. My cousin Annie and my sister in law wore it too. It will be such an honor to me and my family to have her wear the pin on her special day.

I love Bridal showers, I love seeing the gifts and visiting with people I don't get to see all that often. I love Bridal shower games, it cracks me up how competitive people will get for a candle or a tube of lotion.

My cousin said, "I will never forget you Bridal Shower Troy" then she went on to recall the special gift my moms friend Norma gave me. She was the most creative person when it came to gifts and they were always unexpected and funny. For my wedding she gave me a box that said "Wedding JOYS for Troy" First was a bottle of Joy dish soap, then the Joy of Cooking vol I then the Joy of Cooking vol II then finally at the bottom of the box was the clincher The Joy Of Sex! Everyone got such a kick out of the gift but I had no idea all three of my relatives would remember the contents of that box in such detail so many years later.

I love putting thought into my gifts for special occasions and if I don't make the gift, I make sure it is either customized or has special meaning. I have the luxury of technology, the Internet, catalogs and malls galore at my disposal so I can locate that perfect gift. Norma however, relied on good old sense of humor and creativity to make the gift of all gifts.

Friday, August 1, 2008

In the shape of a heart

I need a Thesaurus because I have been using the word Surreal way too much lately.

But surreal fits, so I will use it. I was chatting on the phone with my human tranquilizer Dee Dee and I realized, I am going to my future daughter in law's Bridal Shower tomorrow!

DANG!!! I Can't Stand It!!! Wow!!! were some of the things that came out of my mouth at the thought of the day.

I remembered back to my own wedding shower and I hope tomorrow Beka feels what I felt that day... Love, overflowing Love.

It is such an overwhelming feeling to be seated in the place of honor, all eyes on you as the bride, you are now a woman and soon to be... A wife.

I simply could not have been more humbled at my shower, all these women thought of me, chose presents for me and were there today for... ME

Wow, am I worth this? Am I worthy of this kind of love? I guess I was because it seemed like it was their pleasure to be there for me.

Just like it will be my pleasure, and honor to be there tomorrow as mother of the groom.

Man, I gotta get me some waterproof mascara TODAY!!!