Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't call me Sweetie

I have always loved baking. I am excited this year because I have a few days before Christmas to get my cookie baking done.

This year, I have gotten extra ambitious and decided to try my hand at candy making.

I have tried in years past I mean really tried and have failed miserably. I can get over the failed attempt but...


Well, I have beat this divinity that was "foolproof" now for about 40 minutes and all I have is white liquid.

I believe this is a failure and I will not even waste my pecans on it.

Cookies here I come.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ketchup Please Away

In honor of my sister who created the song (to the tune of jingle bells) Ketchup Please, Ketchup Please, Ketchup Please away...

This Kitchen Ladies Holiday Repotire...

Burrito Please, Burrito Please, Burrito Please away...

Have A Holly Jolly Pizza

And Everyone's favorite (sung to the tune of move it, move it from Madagascar)

I like to Reindeer, Reindeer
Then it starts...

I like to green beans, green beans

I like to apple, apple

Use your imagination.

Merry Christmas Vacation in just two days!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thankful List D for Christmas

I was challenged to create a Christmas list of D things that I am thankful for so I will give it a go...

1. Dog - Yogi barks every time the doorbell rings in the Ferrrero Rocher holiday commercial. It makes us giggle.

2. Decorations- It is funny how much I love my decorations when they go up and grow tired if them in just a few weeks.

3. Dishes- I love getting out my Christmas plates and mugs

4. Divinity- I am going to try to make it again this year. I know I will get it right if I keep trying.

5. Daily advent calendars- No fighting this year, we have an only child, actually it's kind of sad...

6. Delighted faces- On the kids at school whenever I mention the word Christmas, They are just so cute.

7. Dinner- I love hearing about what people have for dinner on Christmas, everything from Tamales, Enchiladas, Lasagna, Prime Rib to Ham, Dinner at Christmas is special.

8. Done and Wrapped- Everyone's favorite word when it comes to Christmas Shopping

9. Devotion- No Christmas would be complete in our house without Christmas Eve Service and remembering Jesus is the reason for the season.

10. Det's Dust Dace it, I Dove Dhristmas!!! Dights, Dookies, Dacation,Damily it is all DONDERFUL!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Christmas is the time of year when parents realize their children are growing up.

All of a sudden, they no longer want to sit on Santa's lap or roll their eyes at your Christmas music or look out of place and just too tall to be in Christmas Church plays. It is part of life and part of growing up.

Yesterday, my 14 year old had a realization that made me think... "You are now a young man"

Eric- "Mom, Why doesn't anyone recognize Superman when he has glasses on? He looks just the same as he does without them on, so he trips and acts clumsy and wears glasses and that fools everyone? I don't get it"

Mom- "Son, it is just one of those things... You just go with it"

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gift

I will never forget as long as I live. I was about to become a mother and I was really nervous about it. Kathy had just had Dane and was dealing with depression, her mom was there for her and it made me sad, you see, my mom was ill, she was on dialysis and it drained her so much she was simply not up to helping me with the baby.

In one day, all that changed and suddenly, we were in a waiting room in a hospital in Los Angeles waiting for mom to receive a Kidney transplant.

The donor that saved my moms life also saved the lives and sight of several other people that day with his gift.

For the next five years, my mom got to be the grandmother of her dreams and our family was truly blessed.

Monday, my boss will be donating a kidney to her sister, We have been anticipating this day for awhile now and have weathered frustrating set backs and postponements, but now it looks like the day is here.

Of course she is nervous, but she is ready too, this morning though God sent her an unexpected blessing in the form of our librarian who came up and told Nancy that she too had donated a kidney to a sibling. To see someone who is well and flourishing made Nancy's day. Then every teacher came into the cafeteria to wish her well and made a pot luck for her. She was the hero for the day and all the kids were a buzz, asking questions and she took it like a trooper and answered them all.

Monday, she will be getting a scar that will eventually be covered by a tattoo but the gift she will give will allow her sister to be the mom and grandmother of her dreams.

That is the ultimate priceless gift.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grown Up Christmas

I am so proud of my little family today.

Steve, Eric and I put up all our Christmas decorations WITHOUT CAMERON.

Cameron has always been the enforcer of our family holiday traditions, so I really thought he would want to be with us to do all the stuff like putting up the lights and finding the special ornaments to put on the tree. Not to mention the annual fight for the advent calendars...oh well...

I asked and he said no. Since we know he has a lot of new obligations, we have moved on without him. In one way it is sad but in another way I don't know when I have been prouder. I am so proud of Eric and the young man he is becoming and I am also proud of Steve who has stepped up to help when he would much rather turn the decorating reins over to the kids and I.

Our home looks lovely and it means so much to have it done.

One day, it will be just Steve and I... Wow the future is really coming...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Tag Along

When I first became involved in Cub Scouts I had a two year old in tow. Wherever we went so did he. Since this happens a lot in the Scout family, they even have a name for the youngsters... Tag Alongs. They can even wear a mini Scout uniform with a Tag Along patch on the sleeve. Everyone thinks it is so cute.

At our church we have a group for those 50 years and older called the "Prime Timers" They are a pretty active group and have get togethers and outings about once a month. One time they were going to a new restaurant in the city and Steve was interested in going. I said great, I have always wanted to go to that restaurant...Steve looked at me with all honesty and said...

"You can't go" He was completely serious.

I told one of the prime timers what Steve said and from then on I have become the Prime Timer Tag Along.

I love that group of people, they have fun, enjoy each others company and are blessed by the group.

Tonight was their Christmas party and it was a blast! Norm got out his slide guitar, how cool is that! Everyone got real live Kazoos! We sang beautiful Christmas Carols, played games and were completely blessed by the evening.

Three more years and I will be official... YIKES!!!

But for now... I am happy to be the Tag Along

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Life

Vacation is over and so is November blogging.

It's been fun, but duty and life calls...

Just three weeks to go for Christmas Vacation...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Because You Know...

Doesn't mean you have to tell...

I will never forget my worst Christmas ever...

I was about 8 and I remember my girlfriend and I were sitting in our spot in the vacant lot next to our homes and I asked how they celebrate Christmas.

Christmas was great and anticipation filled in our house. For a few weeks before our mother would shop til she dropped and soon her bedroom was filled with Christmas presents. She said "Don't peek or Christmas will be ruined" On Christmas Eve we could open one gift and the next morning we would wake and our gifts would be arranged some wrapped, some not "Santa Style" with our stockings on top.

This arrangement had always worked well for us, we would wake early with excitement and go see our presents... Until that day I talked with my friend.

T- So how does your mom put out your presents? Ours come from Santa.(excitement in my tone)

F- Well, in our house, we all know there is no Santa, We know our parents buy the presents so we are "mature" (one 8 year old talking to another) and my mother wraps and puts our presents under the tree the way mature people do...

T-HMMMMM (Later that day)...Mom, You know we are all grown ups now and we know there is no Santa Claus so why don't we be "mature" and place our presents to each other under the tree???

Mom-OK,great,then I won't have to stay up late arranging the gifts.

So, little by little the wrapped gifts started appearing under the tree, and each time the new gift was inspected and categorized by child shaken and analyzed until pretty much I knew what each and every one of my gifts were.SOOOOO

Imagine my disappointment on Christmas morning when the gifts I had held and figured out were exactly what I got. Zero excitement, Zero surprise, Zero glee...Maturity got me the worst Christmas EVER!!!

Same goes for Christian knowledge... If you know something, like that pets do not have souls, and you can direct someone to the exact passage to prove your point, do you have a right to tell little Jimmy that his beloved pet puppy that just died will not be there to meet him in Heaven? why break a heart just because you know what you know... I say, don't lie, but let the children be children, Let Children believe in all things that are wondrous to them. They are the ones we need to take lessons from because THEY are the ones with Faith of a Child...

Maturity is over-rated

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You should make soup with that...

I LOVE cooking the Thanksgiving meal, I always cook the weekend after the holiday cause Steve just has a need for more left overs. Yesterday, I made the meal just for us so I wont have to cook all weekend. I like when I do that cause frankly, I cook most nights and I like a day off.

One thing I do not like to do however is make soup from the turkey carcass. I really hate dealing with bones, you can ask my sister, I have NEVER cut up a chicken as a matter of fact I have only purchased a whole chicken once in my entire 25 years of marriage.

Now I will make a soup from a ham bone but to me turkey bones are just EWWWWW. When you get everything all boiled down and strained there always seems to be a bone or two that gets through and it must be a murphy's law but that bone will always end up in my bowl.

My aversion to bones might have come from my mother cause I think my brother has the same dislike of anything with bones in it cause he mentioned her chicken bones in food this weekend. Our mom LOVED bones, she loved gnawing on them I used to kidd and tell her you can tell she was the
7th of nine kids cause all she would get is the bones, a lot of her cooking especially her chicken dishes came with the bones and although she was a great cook, again all I can say is EWWWWW

So, today, this turkey is trash bound...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Was it Black Friday?

As usual, I did my research, Target first, then Michael's, Then Penney's, Then Macy's. All before 1:00

Had an extra late night so I was in no shape to get started any earlier than 9:00am. I know, I know, For Black Friday shoppers 9:00 am is like crunch time so I had no choice... Eliminate stores.

Got to Target at 9:30 expecting hordes of people but instead I pulled right into an already empty slot three spaces from the door (without stalking store exiters),I entered the store and found a shopping cart (my head is spinning)Everything on my list was exactly where you would find it on the aisle and was clearly marked (my head was still in a fog) A store clerk approached ME and asked to help me and even found exactly what I was wanting and later brought the item to me elsewhere in the store.(went to the manager about that service) There were tons of $3.98 DVDS and as I approached the checkout a woman said "Are you ready, I will take you here" (NO WAITING!!!)

Now I don't know if getting to the store late or the economy made the difference, but I ended up with pretty much the same experience in every store I went to.

All in all I would say it was one amazing day in the life of a shopper, all topped off with a red Starbucks cup.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

I was thinking back on the first Thanksgiving I prepared. Steve and I had only been married a couple of years and it was the first Thanksgiving in our new home so everyone wanted us to host the big day.

I had been cooking for many years but my sister Penny was the Turkey cooker in our family and honestly, I had been fine with that.

I checked and researched the most foolproof way to cook a Turkey, this was before Food Network, the Internet, Recipezaar or all the tricks I use now so mostly my investigation involved word of mouth.

I got lots of advise... Do this, don't do that, my head was spinning but one thing in common that most people said was that I pretty much cant go wrong cooking the Turkey in a roasting bag. My roasting decision had been made...

Luckily, for my November birthday I got all the serving stuff, platter from my brother and roaster from mom... I was set.

The big day arrived, I was nervous cause I still believe the art of cooking any meal is timing. The bird in the bag cooked quicker than expected throwing my sides timing off, but all in all, my meal was a success, and has been a success all these years until two years ago when my oven had just been repaired and I burnt the entire meal. I was having people over and we had to scrape through the burn to the edible portions. Embarasking...

Today we are going to a relatives and tomorrow I will cook for my family, I love trying new recipes and this year it will be a sweet potato casserole with streusel topping and I am going to try another brine for the turkey.

You live an learn

Be brave... Bold... Cook!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful For Today Nov 26th

So, Tomorrow we will eat Turkey, but tonight I am making Udon noodle soup for today is Eric's Birthday and he gets to choose the menu.

14 years ago changed my life for the greater(not just better)
For today, Eric Miller was born. His delivery put me in the category of
those who have had successful V-Bac births. Yippee!!! I felt so great! It was definitely work, but well worth it and he was perfect.

I have said it so many times that if they had not kept him in the same room after his birth Steve and I would not have believed this beautiful brown baby was ours. Thus, my mom coined her famous phrase "Finally, one my color"

Eric, you proved that God is indeed in control of the children we receive, I was such a confident second time around mom and you changed all the rules.

You are the reason I am a homemaker, you are the reason our family is still in tact, but most of all, you are the reason our family serves God.

Your blessings are daily, and our trials are few.

You are the coolest 14 year old In our family!!!

Happy Birthday to you...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday. Mix up

I am so thankful this time of year but I have already been through the alphabet so I decided to mix it up my style.

10 Things I am thankful for.This week...

A- Abundance- Although I feel like we are drowning, I know we have it all...

B- Babies and Birthdays- Babies are such a blessing, My friend Emmy just had an 11 lb baby on my birthday and I cant wait to meet her. Eric will be having his 14th birthday tomorrow Wow!!!

C-Crafts- I have been making bracelets and earrings like Crazy, Thank You Go for the gift of crafting so I can make a little extra moolah

D-Daisies- Our roses are fading, but our daisies are in full bloom.

E- Entertaining- Although we have a small house, we love having friends over

F- Family- Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday, we take it easy and have tons of fun.

G- Gifts- Physical and Spiritual, Both are amazing blessings

H- Home- We love ours, it is a take your shoes off kind of place

I- I Love- November Blogging and all the blessings that come from reading all my friends thoughts during this month.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes I am naturally blond

After much hoopla and hype from friends I decided to hike my TV bill by $5.99 and order a DVR.

The much anticipated new technology arrived and I decided I would learn all the ins and outs of the device.

When you were watching a program and recording it, the DVR worked wonderful. It also recorded every single episode of shows we chose without us wanting that. Yes, we wanted to see the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode, but we don't want every one of that sometimes distasteful show Ewww. Last week I noticed the DVR was recording Moesha. Ok who is the closet Moesha fan? No one checked it... But the worst of it all and the most frustrating was that under no circumstances can you watch one show and record another. "You are recording the Amazing Race, Do you want to delete, or continue?" I want to watch something else AND record... No go.

So the other day I could stand it no more, I called the satellite place, was transferred to the tech dept(not in India) who asked me to get up and explore my DVR's set up. God I hate that, I so hate fixing things but it always seems to be my job. My cousin says I should feel proud of myself when I fix electronics, but actually I just get mad.

When asked if maybe I got a bad DVR I was asked...

"Do you see an in and out port?"


"Well, that is what you need to operate the equipment, can you check the connections"

Feeling like a dumb blond

There is only a line into the "in" thingy nothing is attached to the second thingy (I know Thingy must be an electrical term)



"well, that's the problem, you need two cables for the machine to work, didnt the installer tell you that?"

obviously not. Maybe it was the 100 degree August weather that kept him from getting in my attic who knows...(Yes, we have been unhappy over three months)

So, today another installer is out, Yogi is barking and I am expecting grand things out of this DVR which now requires another hole to be drilled in my wall.

Will wonders never cease

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Me A Blessing???

Me A Blessing???

This week God had me step out of my comfort zone and give my first message at church during our Wednesday night amateur night. I was encouraged when I saw a DVD of Anita Renfroe at our ladies retreat cause she was so funny but she is a mom just like me. The one thing that has always held me back from speaking is that I cry easily, but God said "Go with it" So I gave everyone Kleenex and I went on with my message.

God had given me a message awhile ago but I never wrote it down or brought it to fruition until I was encouraged by my pastor.

Basically, the gist of of the message was on how I realized I was living the life that God indeed had planned for me and that God wants me to be grateful for my "Simple blessed life"

God has also given me the ability to share about my "Decision" to be grateful through blogging and My Space.

I did cry a bit when I shared my testimony on how my dear friend Elena blessed me with the scripture Titus 2:3-5 and how it describes me so very well.

But all in all, God did a work in me, I was bubbly, fun, witty, and entertaining, while ministering to my friends in the room.

Many said I was outstanding and how much I blessed them, it gave me confidence and I would love to speak again, I think I will build more confidence with each time I get up in front of others and who knows, maybe one day I will be invited to speak at a ladies retreat or luncheon. Hee Hee Hee

Well, I sure did enjoy myself and loved the feeling Wednesday night gave me but this morning I received a blessing far beyond my imagination.

A young woman at church whom I have seen many times but don't know her name came up to me and told me how much my message blessed her to be more grateful for her marriage and how her dream is to have simple blessed life like mine.

Wow! me a blessing? I feel like such a humble servant of God and yet, he uses me. Of all things...

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have not purchased toys for our sons in a long time so imagine my surprise when I decided to troll through the Toys R Us Catalog and saw that a dolly that goes potty is $49.99, In my books that's $50.00!!!! For A Doll! But that was nothing compared to the Hernia I got when I saw the price of a stuffed dinosaur you can ride on. I just had to call Eric over,

M- "How much do you think this dinosaur costs? It has electronic roar action and you can ride it"

E-"Well, It looks expensive so I will say $150.00"

M- "NO, $299.00!!!! FOR A TOY!!!"

Now don't get me wrong, I have spent way too much in the past for toys and electronic games and I have stood in line for hours for shipments of the hottest action figures to arrive,I got caught up in the frenzy of it all just like a lot of parents, but I learned my lesson a really long time ago when we spent over $50.00 for an all metal (had to be all metal) Tonka Fire Truck for Cam. We were so excited for him to come out Christmas morning to find his truck under the tree and in total shock when the thing went completely un-played with. I guess that eventually, the practically new truck sold for a buck at a garage sale or found its way into the donation pile, but give the kid a $5.00 action figure and some string and he was gone for hours. I still do like to get the boys an annual Nerf gun but even those have gotten way too expensive. I thought I would get the laser tag set for Cam and Beka, I think that might be a fun little game for newlyweds (Wink Wink) but the $50.00 price tag sent me spinning (and don't forget the batteries!!!).

Can you tell that I don't like toys that need expensive refill kits with the exception of Creepy Crawler goo bottles cause you can find them on clearance. I saw several "make your own spa creations" kits and a Cupcake decorating machine. I do remember mixing nail polishes as a girl so the spa kit might be a fun one and I would like to hope you could use dollar tree sundries for refills and I did love the Barbie head that I could braid the hair, but a Cupcake decorating machine for $29.99!!! Why not get tips, bags, sprinkles and frosting and bake with your child or even more fun, take a cake decorating class, I love when I see young girls leaning to cook and bake, it is almost becoming a lost art.( I just re-read that sentence and boy do I sound like an old codger)

I will never forget one of my greatest faux paus. I was discussing my dislike for gadgets and I said "What's with a Smore's Maker?" Now to me a little butane (refills needed) flame to roast marshmallows was such a waste of money, my friend agreed and our other friend sheepishly said "That's what I got you for Christmas" Yikes! Foot in mouth.

SOOO, If you have already purchased the $300.00 dinosaur or the cupcake decorator, I am sorry, this is just the opinion of a woman who's a TOY-TWEENER. My kids are too old for toys and no grand kids kids yet so the frenzy can start all over again.

I may still get the Nerf guns...

Merry Christmas

Friday, November 21, 2008

I've got a feeling...

This is going to be a sickie weekend for our family.

Like my mom used to say...

I'm Urpie



Spinning, Crashing, Drowning...

Ever have one of those days...

I have a headache...

Thanks Carol for the fall color pics, they brightened my day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's Your Speciality

I love sharing recipes...

I love trying new recipes...

For Thanksgiving we are going to my cousins and I will be taking my bread bowl dip. For the recipe look to the back of the Knorr veggie soup mix. I know it is easy, but I really love it and so does my family.

I love baking cookies. Last year because we got out of school so late I did not do my baking and I heard it.

Give this recipe a try...

Mock English Toffee

1 Pkg Semi sweet choc chips
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter
Waverly crackers
Chopped roasted almonds or crushed candy canes

Line a cookie sheet with non stick foil but I use a silpat

Line up the Waverly crackers to cover the cookie sheet. I believe this is the hardest part of the recipe.

Cook the butter and sugar to a boil and really light and fluffy

Pour and spread over the crackers and bake at 350 degrees about 10 mins.

Remove from oven and sprinkle the chocolate chips over the crackers. Put the tray back in the oven for a minute until the chocolate chips get glossy and you can spread them like frosting.

While the chocolate is still soft sprinkle with almonds for an Almond Roca kind of bar or last year my friend Jane blew us away with the candy cane variation. Dark chocolate and mint YUMMMY. Make em both!

Break up like bark once cooled and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ode To November

Ode To November

I have never seen a tree
That was any shade but green.

Yesterday I had to make sure
I was wearing sunscreen.

Sunglasses are my daily wear
And because the weather makes me sweat,
Ponytailed is my hair.

On the news I see people wearing
sweaters, coats, and scarves.

But here in Southern California,
If I wore those
I would look like I was on MARS

Hee Hee Hee

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zippity Zapping

Oh How I love this song. I have it in both VHS and DVD versions, I am thankful for the memories I have of Cameron and I dancing around to this song by Carol King and written by my favorite Children's Author Maurice Sendak. Now I sing the song to the preschoolers and I intend to sing it to my Grand babies when I am a Gramcracker.

Alligators All Around

A- Alligators All Around
B- Bursting Balloons
C- Catching Colds
D- Doing Dishes
E- Entertaining Elephants
F- Forever Fooling
G- Getting Giggles
H- Having Headaches
I- Imitating Indians
J- Juggling Jellybeans
K- Keeping Kangaroos
L- Looking like Lions
M- Making Macaroni
N- Never Napping
O- Ordering Oatmeal
P- Pushing People
Q- Quite Quarrelsome
R- Riding Reindeer's
S- Shockingly Spoiled
T- Throwing Tantrums
U- Usually Upside Down
V- Very Vain
W- Wearing Wigs
X- Xing exes
Y- Yackity Yacking
Z- Zippity Zapping

Z- Things that make me thankful

1.Zeal- My enthusiasm for life

2.Zephyr- I love that song Ray of Light by Madonna, it makes me feel like flying.

3. Zoo- Who doesn't love the Zoo! But Come on... I don't want to see your Zebra photo.

4. Zillion- Along with million and Gazillion some of my pet words it is my zeal that makes me exaggerate

5. Zinger- Man I love comedians who can deliver a great one line zinger, Some day you must watch the Dick Van Dyke show

6. Zilch- How much I have accomplished today, What a wonderful quiet relaxing vacation day.

7.Still have four to go? Dictionary time... Zig Zag- My favorite sewing stitch, large or small, I love them all

8. Zing Zing Zing went my heartstrings Ahhh Love

9. Zymurgy- What's that you may ask? I have no idea, but I am thankful it is the last word in my dictionary.

And Lastly- When It comes to my God
10. Zealous is how I feel when I talk about you...

My Oh My what a Wonderful day...

Monday, November 17, 2008

From the Blogging Bottle

I have the Monday blahs... Not much to write about, I am getting in the Christmas Spirit and feeling good and Holly Jolly, but alas, not too interesting so I will resort to the Blogging Bottle.

Question of the day...

Tell about a time that someone helped you in a time of need.


When I first became a homemaker we were on a squeaking tight budget. I counted EVERY penny. On one hand it was such a far cry from the financial abundance of the year before when I was still a career woman but you know what they say... The more you make, the more you spend. That was totally the truth. Actually, I was not complaining, I was home with my boys and it was really a victory to make it week by week. I was blessed.

Around the same time we had just started to attend a new church and I was really wanting to get to know the ladies better. I was excited that our new mega church had so much to offer but I got sad when I found out that the sign ups for the Women's Bible study and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups I really wanted to join were due the same time. I was so sad that I would have to choose. I confided in a woman from my Sunday school class and the next thing I knew I had been signed up for both classes on scholarship. I was overwhelmed and so blessed by this act that whenever possible, I return the favor by buying an extra admission to ladies retreat or a luncheon or whatever is going on.

I will never forget the kindness of the ladies who took me in and made me their friend.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Music Junkie

You would think that by now I would have collected all the Christmas music I need.

Last year, after purchasing at least five different Peanuts Christmas CD's over the years, finally found the right one.

But I just can't pass up the bargain Christmas CD's advertised at just about every store you go in.

It's only $5.00! Look at the pretty case... Ohhh Little Drummer Boy sung by the Jonas Brothers...

I'll take it!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New BFF

Today when I stood in line to meet my new pal Marie Osmond I felt like such a Marie Rookie, I arrived to our meeting empty handed, I did not have any dolls for her to sign or my own sharpie for her to use. I was surrounded by women who have seen her many times and are really her pals, because aside from the Donny and Marie show, I have not really seen her perform,

But perform she sure did and I recommend, that if you ever get an opportunity to meet her, you should, she is sweet, nice, charming, beautiful, friendly, witty, and all around wonderful.

At least that's what I could tell in the whole 5 seconds I got to stand near her.

Sorry ladies, no photos, it was just too quick and the one pic was a total blurr.

I will know better next time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hope it's worth it

OK, I am totally dating myself but the last time I waited in line to meet a celebrity, I was a middle schooler and my friend Kim and I rode the bus down to the Puente Hills Mall and met the De Franco family. If you have no idea who they are, you in luck cause you can google them. It was the
70's and Tony De Franco was cute. That's all I am going to say about that subject.

When you stand in line for something it is more fun when you have a friend in tow. I will never forget when my friend Becky and I stood in line for HOURS for Power Rangers action figures and came up empty handed,"Hey, they got two!!!". My pal Susan and I got wrist bands and spent all day at the mall waiting around for our number to be called for Bruce Springsteen tickets,that was a good wait, our seats were great! One Christmas I was working retail and I watched every morning as people lined up for Cabbage Patch Babies. You should have seen the riot when they actually were in stock!

I no longer stand in line for the day after Thanksgiving specials after one year I got up mega early (too early to mention, did I even go to sleep?) to get that amazing deal on a digital camera only to have the store open the opposite door and all the cameras were gone by the time they opened the door I was waiting at. I was done.

But tomorrow, I will give waiting in line for a celebrity another try. Why? because it is Marie Osmond!!!

I Love Marie Osmond! always have, when my friends were in Puppy Love with Donny, I was admiring Marie! She was the only girl in a family of guys and to me, she was like a princess, and you know me, I am all about the Princess. I used to watch her show as a teen, I loved that we were the same age and she got to do all that "Fun Stuff" and wear all those gorgeous costumes.

When Steve and I were getting married she was too, her wedding ideas were all the rage in the wedding magazines... exciting times, (for me at least).

I Love that she is a mom like me and although they are not my thing, I turn in when she is on the shopping channel selling her dolls cause they always look like they are having fun. She makes me smile and her stint last year on Dancing with the Stars just cemented my love for all things Marie, so when I found out she would be appearing at the grand opening of a home interior store near my house I am there!

I have gathered my girlfriends who all think I am crazy to bring my chair and wait before the store opens but I am going to do it, I have no idea what to expect, but to me, that is part of the fun.

Of Course I am dreaming that tomorrow I can add Marie to my circle of girlfriends, but I will settle for a picture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Epic Day

Today was one of those milestone days in the life of my 13 year old.

He has been begging me to see some PG13 scary movie that is playing,I told him he could see it when we are on vacation and I would go see another movie in the same theater.

So, Today was the day. He had his ID with him to proove to anyone that may ask that he is indeed 13, I took him to see his movie The Haunting of Holly Hartley and I went to see The Secret lives of Bees.

It was fun cause he was able to see a Totally Eric movie and I saw a Totally Troy movie. He felt so good about himself and kept talking about this "Epic" day in his life.

My baby is growing up...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Swear

This Vacation is getting the best of me.

My poor Steve goes to work and I am in my jammies and comes home and I am in my Jammies.

I want to wear a sign that says...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just when I think

Just when I think I am about as blessed as a Woman can possibly be I have a birthday like the one today.

Or should I say a birth-Days. First of all, my dear cousin Sydney came over Saturday and we went shopping to my favorite Brighton store. Syd bought me the most beautiful bracelet and I scored big time thanks to my dear hubby's generous budget.

Syd and I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet and bought matching glasses. They are cute lemonade glasses embossed with lemons on them, I told her that each time we drink from the glasses we are to pretend we are drinking together. I know it is kind of a sappy thing, but I have done it before when a friend moves, I buy her a coffee cup in my dish pattern Mikasa English Garden, I have told the guys the glasses are mine alone to drink out of... Off Limits!

Last night Steve surprised me and told me he took the day off. Sorry dude, I have plans. (He didnt mind cause that gave him more time to spend with Yogi), but I was going to my girlfriends to make CRAFTS!!! Gosh that was fun! We made some fun things and some not so fun things... I have decided I am not a fan of rubber stamping. I feel now like Christmas is coming.

I really wanted to spend the evening with family and friends so I decided to cook my own dinner and it was fun, almost everyone came and I had a great talk with my brother who couldn't make it.

We played some games and laughed, just what I love doing.

But none of this compares to the biggest blessing of all, My dear friend Emmy delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl today.

I will never forget my mother's words when I told her a co-worker's baby was born on my birthday. "She will be a wonderful woman just like you"

So today, Baby Victoria or VicTROYia as I will privately call her, I sing to you my special birthday song my mother used to sing for me.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Just for you...
Happy Birthday
And May All
Your Dreams
Come True...
When you blow out
The Candles,
One may Stay aglow,
It's the Sunshine
Of your Smile,
Wherever you go...

AND I am STILL going out again TOMORROW!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just plain not right

Once my brother and I went to A & W for a Root Beer float and they said
"Sorry, we are out of Root Beer" It simply blew our mind.Well, today was kind of like that.

I decided I want to cook my own birthday dinner because I believe I have mastered the Chicken Tortilla casserole. I will be making a meatless version and Nachos for the kids, I am excited and have invited some friends to come over. I am looking forward to it.

So Since I am making Mexican food, I decided to go to the Mexican Store Superior for my ingredients. They truly make the best tortilla chips around and I got my corn tortillas still warm straight out of the little Mexican ladies hands, you can't get better than that!

But, in my search for ingredients one came up short, of all things, The store did not have Ortega Green Chilies in a can. Come on, they had Jalapenos galore but not a green chili was to be found under any brand name. I am sorry but I simply did not believe the store clerk when he said they did not carry them. "How will you make chili Rellenos?" Not with a Jalapeno that's for sure! I went all the way to the store manager who confirmed that at the Mexican store they did not carry a Mexican food staple, the diced green chili.
I said to the gal, I guess my mother was too Americanized.

Ugh, off to another store

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedding Day

Just two months ago I ended a month long Blogging journey to my son's wedding day.

Two months! Can you believe it?

He was even sick, had to go to the doctors and get a prescription, all without me. He is better, the penicillin worked and I think he and I grew a little more. Him in independence and me in pride for my sons accomplishments.

Today, my DIL Beka's brother Chris will marry Nicole the love of his life. Steve and I are so happy and proud of Chris and Nicole and in a little way, we will share in the pride of her parents like we shared just two months ago when our children walked down the aisle.

God kept me strong at my sons wedding, but I am feeling really emotional today and I very well may lose it.

I am taking my vintage hankey from my SD pals for me and extra for Steve who just may be a bigger crier than I am.

Today, we will be honored and blessed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Doggie Park Anyone

Ok, you did not make coffee, feed me and put your uniform on.


Yes, you may go out to breakfast, but I will be waiting...

1 hour TIME TO GO!!!

1 1/2 hours NOW I AM GETTING UPSET!!! (The whining begins)

2 hours YOU ARE TAKING WAY TOO LONG!!! (Now we are pacing, whining, and whimpering)

2 1/2 hours I AM WAITING!!!! (Hysterical is all I can say, he has gone to every room in the house to complain to everyone in ear shot,waking Eric)

Eric- What's up with the dog?

Mom- Dad is not back from breakfast yet.

Eric- Oh (We all know what Daddy is doing... Scratchers, the man can play scratchers for HOURS!!)

FINALLY, Daddy comes home, He is greeted by a very unhappy doggie who had to say his peace before allowing his collar to be put on. After Steve got his doggie lecture, they were off.

Ahhhhh Peace and quiet

Friday, November 7, 2008


Too Grateful It's Friday The catching up W version

W-Wearing Wigs

1. Wonderful World- The Louis Armstrong Version thank you very much
" I see skies of blue".... "The bright blessed days, the dark sacred nights... And I think to myself...What a wonderful world" OOOOOh Yeahhhh

2. Winter- My favorite season, I love scarves, gloves, coats, the whole thing. California style of course with little to no snow.

3. Where the Wild Things Are- My favorite Childrens book of all time. I even have a stuffed Max

4. Willow Tree Angels- I give them and I am still hoping to get one.

5. Water- I am picky, I love purified water and not mineral, Eric is the same as I am and Cam loves Mineral...Go figure

6. Warmth- I prefer it over being cold, I love slippers and blankies Ahhhh

7. Weary- About as depressed as I get and I am grateful I can stop there.

8. Waffles- I love them hot off of the griddle, and as a cone for my ice cream

9. Wagging tails- I love my Yogi Bear

10.Worship- What I do and how I feel about Jesus

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday -V-

Still catching Up!

I also have forgotten to quote Alligators all around! So I will catch up on that too.

T-Throwing tantrums
U-Usually Upside Down
V-Very Vain

10 V things I am greatful for

1. Visiting friends- I love calling people and visiting them for what I call "For no reason" When I call and say lets get together "For no reason" my friends love that!

2. Veteran's Day- For the obvious reason IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I know I have said it before but It wasn't until I was about 7 did I realize we were not off of school because it was my birthday. My mommy said so and it made total sense to me.

3. Vacation- So far, this one has been WONDERFUL!!! I am a blessed woman.

4. Vision- I am greatful for it but wish mine was better.

5. Valentine- You're all I need, My Love, My Valentine... La La La

6. Vehicle- I just got blessed with a new one! Her name is Angel Baby and she is SWEET!!!

7. Verbiage- That is a $2.00 word I love to use. I love words.

8. Village- It takes one and I am so grateful to be part of one.

9. Vintage- I am all about the 50's, but feel old when people say Vintage

10. Victory- The sweet Victory of of having Jesus as my savior. I love you Lord.

Dear Mr Pimple

Dear Mr Pimple,

I am now one week from turning 47 and you rarely visit anymore for which I am grateful.

You have decided to make a guest appearance to the side of my nose and I am unsure if I can wait much longer for you to complete your creation.

I have heated, gelled and proactived you and yet you persevere but do not complete your journey.

Hurry up already

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works for me Wednesday- U-

I decided to do a combo thing where I am still catching up on the Thankful Tuesday alphabet and challenge myself to name 10 U things that work for me. on Works for me Wednesday. What is not working for me is typing well with nail tips on Hee Hee Hee

Let's see...I may have to get creative here.

1. Umbrellas- like Lipstick, gloss, purses, and nail polish I am always on the lookout for the perfect Umbrella. Mine would be golf size but folds down, a fun color like pink or leopard that automatically opens and closes with a push of a button. Although for sun protection I do love my pink fabric Japanese parasol.

2. Ultra soft Mary Jane Slipper socks. I highly recommend that everyone with chilly tootsies purchase a pair this wintery season. My new ones from Walgreen's are great! they have grippies on the bottom so you don't skid and they don't fall off because of the strap.

3.Unabridged information- I love to store our social security, drivers license and medical record numbers in my phone book. I can't tell you how many times I have referred to these numbers.

4. Uploaded recipes- I mostly use Recipezaar, You can find any recipe there. I am gonna make Caramel popcorn balls today for youth.

5. Unanimous agreements with my husband, as in when recently used our absentee ballots, we went out for coffee, discussed the issues and voted. It was fun.

6. Understanding Dogs- OK, this has nothing to do with this list at all. It is windy, Yogi has food and water and yet he is bugging me pushing his big nose into my thigh. Somedays I wish he could speak and tell me what he wants like Lassie or Scooby doo.I wish there was a Rosetta Stone for Dog language.

7. Unavailable- Oh how I love caller Id.

8. Unassuming Friends- I have the best friends You included!. I am so grateful and constantly blessed by them. Makes me so sorry for the Real Housewives of wherever show stars, Two gals had been best friends for like three whole years and one decided she likes another lady better so she sends her friend a Text saying she never wants to see her again. Again I say I love my girlfriends

9. Ultra inexpensive reader glasses- I am finding these treasures from the Target dollar isle are becoming a necessity for my beading.

10. Unapologetic- My devotion to God. I talk of him always and I care not about who is listening. I love you lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, oh my soul rejoice.

Wow... Can't believe I made it!


It is a little past 4:30 am, I am on vacation and yet I am awake and can not rest. Several people have said to me that we have just elected the Anti-Christ President. Did we? I guess we will all find out soon enough, but my first thought is would the anti-Christ be a father? I don't know.
So I got to thinking... Where are his parents? At least we always knew who Bush's parents were.

I knew so little about this man because honestly, I was indifferent but now I have to wake up and smell the coffee because this man will be our nations leader and I have to take notice.

I read his biography and Obama's parents are dead and he is just 47. Grandma who raised him died just the other day so basically there are no links to his past that are alive.

I am about to turn 47 and my parents are both deceased, but my mind keeps swirling with trippy thoughts of this man who will head our government but we know so little about.

Steve and I were talking about it and for our family, these election results make us sad, we wonder if our eyes are open and others eyes are clouded. Logically, I can see no reason for this man to be qualified to be President and yet, he is and we as Americans must support him, on his terms. We are not allowed to criticize him, we are not allowed to discuss his background or race, we can't discuss his wife or children, and most of all we are not to mock him under any circumstances.

I hope this will be a wake-up call to lukewarm Christians everywhere, what if we have just set in motion the end of our society? I thought we had more time but who knows maybe we don't. It is time to choose Jesus as your savior, not just say I believe in God, because the word God is getting misinterpreted to incorporate a spiritual embracing of other faiths. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light.

Pray and fast for our nation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What letter are we on??Ketchup day TUVWX!!!

I can't believe I have missed five weeks of Thankful Tuesdays!

I decided to work on this for the rest of the week.

Thankful Tuesday T

1. Troy- This name has been a constant thorn in my side, it is not one of those gender swapping names like people try to say to make me feel better. Emmy Please do not name your beautiful baby girl Troy Pleeeeese.

2. Toast- I love toast with jelly or cinnamon Yummmm Think I will make me some...

3. Thanksgiving- My favorite holiday, in our family it is a casual fun, relaxing day... Love it!! Brine those Turkeys

4. Tortellini soup- My newest soup recipe that my family loves

5. Tiger striped Kitties- Love my papa and my Teddy another T

6. Toilet paper- I am a Charmin extra strong gal

7. Turtle- Love the living variety but I am talking about the Caramelly chocolatey version

8. Truffles-Since we are going there See's please

9. Thankfulness- I am so thankful

10. Trials- After they are over I am always thankful, cause I have learned a lesson and I grow closer to God... Amen

Voting day song

Here's a little song I was singing today

To no particular tune

I'm so glad I voted today...
Absentee ballots are the bomb.
no line and I still get my sticker,
Gotta get your sticker.


I got a free Starbucks cup of coffee
For wearing my sticker,
In my favorite red cup, love those red cups
Hey, they gave me two cups!!! score!!!

The only way this day could get better is if my guy and Prop 8 wins!


I love to vote!

God Bless America

Vote No On 8

Vote No on 8!!!

Our doggie Yogi's stature as a Basset Hound is rather low to the ground, this with the added fact that he is friendly but timid makes him the perfect target for other dogs at the doggie park to "dominate" him (ya know what I mean).

Well, Steve came home with a funny on Sunday. "You know what Troy? I would bet if Dogs could vote they would surely vote no on Prop 8"

I got a huge kick out of that one... Especially since we are such strong YES on 8 supporters, but If you need further explanation just write...

Happy Voting Day

Pray for our nation

Love, Troy

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm just too cute

I have voiced my opinion about the one thing my Kitchen lady job does not allow and that is nails.

I guess someone served up an acrylic nail in some mashed potatoes and ruined it for all of us...

When I am on vacation I love to indulge my girly love for all things nail-y (Troy Word) I love to try new polishes cause like lip stick and gloss, I am always in search for the perfect nail color.

A couple of weeks ago when I was on ladies retreat one of my well manicured friends revealed the secret for her lovely nails. Broadway nail tips. I have seen full nails in the store before but never thought of going there. I mean come on, all I can think of is Lee Press On Nails and how they popped off right after you put them on. All the gals in my friends room got nails and were walking around all weekend with model hands. I have to admit I was intrigued, especially with the $5.00 price tag. But my being an out of practice manicurist remembered that because I have small nails I used to have trouble fitting myself with nail tips, But guess what? They have tons of sizes and I found just the right ones for me! Hee hee Hee.

I showed up to church wearing my new nails and feeling oh so cute when I noticed my pastors wife was also now well manicured.

We got a good laugh and the nails claim to have 10 day wear so we will see... I'm just too cute...

Sleep In Day

Today is officially our first Monday of vacation Ahhhhhhh.

Eric and I decided we will make no plans and this will be simply a lazy day.

Eric informed me not to wake him up because he will be sleeping until noon.

Enter Daylight Savings time...

I was up at 7:00 and he at 8:00am

Oh well... So much for sleep in day

maybe we will nap later

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our church is about to have a great growth spurt. I just know it!

It is a young church about to have it's 10th anniversary and all the young kids are getting older and starting to get married. We have five weddings planned for the next year so far and you what that means... Babies

I am hoping since the kids are mostly marrying young that babies are at least a couple of years away but you never know.

Went to a baby shower yesterday, wedding next weekend, another wedding on the 30th it is so much fun to see all the blessings God gives.

Life is a gift

Saturday, November 1, 2008


First of November and also my first day of Vacation!!!

I love my school district job!

Seven and a half years ago my son was starting first grade and I decided to go back to work part time.

My prayer was for a part time job that paid more than $10.00 per hour and fit into my homemaker schedule.

I had several friends who loved their school district jobs so I decided to apply.

I went to the district office and pulled every application that interested me, teachers aide, kitchen lady, secretary I would try them all.

I took and passed the required tests and then came the waiting part.

The first to respond was the cafeteria, I had applied for three positions, one elementary, one high school and one floater. I was nervous but after I interviewed, the women made me feel so welcome I knew that was the place for me. They offered me all three positions so I chose the elementary because I wanted the little kids to be served with a smile.

Not only does this job fit into my lifestyle, but I can work extra if I want and I have been nothing but blessed by the schedule.

My son is in his last year of middle school and I treasure being on vacation with him, spending time with him and enjoying his company.

School district jobs... Works for me!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Chip House

I am not a fan of the Harvest Festival...

I am a Trick Or Treater! I admit it, and am proud of it!

My husband shares my opinion and in spite of volunteering at our Church's Halloween alternative each year, we split the day and our house is always open to those who want to stop by.

Eric is now 13 and time is running short for his adventure in gathering goods. His trick or treating buddy down the street informed him today that he isn't going tomorrow but then he changed his mind and they will go after all. Eric is excited.

Mostly, because of his costume which will be a Gothic dude but that he will again get to visit the famous Chip House.

We have neighbors who work for Frito Lay and each year they give out chips but to our kids, they are the ultimate prize and the very first Halloween treat to be consumed. If we were too busy and could only go to one house it would be the "Chip House" I was walking the neighborhood and ran into him and he informed me "The chips are ready"

Who would have guessed... Candy is dandy... But Chips take the cake

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cheat Code

I have said before that picking up my son from Middle School is a little like facing battle in a war zone. Each day I have to not only endure inconsiderate drivers but the kids daredevil antics of riding bikes or scooters in the 2 foot space between the cars driving down the street and the cars parked on the curb gave me a heart attack. I just chalked it up to one of those things parents must endure.

Last year I used to park on a side driveway it was perfect, I would get there early to get in line and exit the school in the opposite direction of the "War Zone" Alas, they decided the area I parked in was going to be the bus area so I was kicked out of the driveway to the curb. Wahhh.

One day recently while in the battle I noticed the busses were now congregating in the front of the school and I realized the driveway I used to park in was not being used at all AND the driveway is right next to Eric's last class of the day. I got a brilliant idea and told Eric about the new pick up spot we would try, and he was game.

The next day I parked in the driveway and there was one car ahead of me, I asked him if he knew if it were OK for us to pick up kids there and he said he had checked it out and we were fine. Coolness...

Eric got out of school at 2:00. He was in my car at 2:01 we drove off and were out of the entire school zone by 2:02!!!! I am serious TWO MINUTES!!!! We avoided all traffic of any kind be it auto or human. Was it too good to be true? Could what used to take me 20 minutes now only take two? Please Lord let this be true...

Well, we have been doing what we call the parking lot cheat code for a few weeks now and we get out of the school zone no later than 2:03. Once Eric was late and got to the car at 2:04 and it took us until 2:13 to finally get out of the school zone. Wow what a difference four minutes makes.

Today though, my son beat his record and we got out of the zone by 2:01

We high fived each other cause we feel like such cheaters...Hee Hee Hee

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Bachelors

One of the things my men look forward to when I go away for a weekend is their "Bachelor Food".

I stock the cupboards with cans Dinty Moore Beef Stew, tuna, soups galore, chili, ravioli, you name it. Not to mention the jerky, their favorite chips and of course the staple of many a bachelor, frozen pizza.

Because I have been working a lot of extra hours I was unable to get to the store to set the guys up so I gave Steve one chore this weekend, Take Eric to the grocery store and get your own bachelor food. Eric was actually pretty excited, I told him he could choose anything he wanted and since he was of course going to be the chef for the weekend I knew they would mostly get canned stuff.

Steve on the other had got a case of the lazies and in spite of Eric's nagging, no shopping was ever done and all Eric got in the way of bachelor food was a trip to Mc Donald's.

When I got home and found out Eric had been groveling around the cupboards eating all the breakfast and lunch stuff planned for the next week I was LIVID!!!

I totally chewed Steve out about it, poor Eric and his bad bachelor daddy.

So tonight in retaliation I decided to get back at my man the only way I know how... Through his stomach.

The one thing my husband doesn't like for dinner is this old Boy Scout recipe Cam came up with called Pancake cake. You mix sausage and bacon in pancake mix and make a giant pancake. It is served with syrup and Steve simply hates breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is for breakfast and dinner is dinner.

So off to the store Eric and I went seeking the items for our breakfast and we found the ultimate, these corn dog like thingeys that have sausage in the center covered by pancake batter. We drew the line at the blueberry ones, picked them up and were both enjoying our devious plan. Muh Haa Haa Haa (can you see me wringing my hands)...

When Steve was presented with his dinner, my dastardly bubble was burst "Yumm... These are really good"

I just cant win!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Overcoming Obstacles

I love my little life, the one I call my "simple, blessed life" Well, for the past month I have filling in for a co-worker who had surgery, this means instead of working two hours I am working six. I know... WAHHHH you have to work six hours a day but think about it in relative terms I am working three times as many hours as normal. I once got some great advise from a homemaker friend that I have passed on to others, when the homemaker adds more work hours to her schedule the only one who's life changes is the homemakers. It is so true, my son and husband still expect the same from me and imagine the sour faces when I have said, sorry, too busy, fend for yourselves for dinner.

But, I am very accepting of God's provision, I have been completely enjoying myself at work, but my blogging and love for daily reflection has suffered, I cant believe I am three weeks behind on Thankful Tuesdays and you can just forget Blogging bottle Fridays...


I go on Vacation as of November 1st which is also the first day of our annual November daily blogging event.

I look so forward to writing, hope you will enjoy the read

Love, Troysie

Friday, October 3, 2008

Precious VS Practical

I have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow. The girl is very special to me as she is the soon to be sister in law of my new daughter in law Beka.
I told Shelly Beka's mom that I think it is amazing that she will have two married Children this Christmas. Wow!

I really Love Nicole and Beka's brother Chris. They are a cool couple and Steve and I love hanging out with them.

So here is my dilemma, Do I give a Practical or Precious gift?.

I think gift registries are great, but I always love putting thought into my gifts, I once purchased gifts off of my friends daughters registry cause I knew the wedding was really small and she might not get all she wanted. This wedding is a similar circumstance so on one hand I want them to have all they need, but for me, my favorite wedding gifts were the lovely unexpected ones that I still have in my home 25 years later.

I have no memory of our first place mats, or who gave me what color towels, I did get FIVE cheese dishes and didn't even need one, but when I look around my house today I still love my Lenox dove shaped candy dish that was broken and replaced TWICE by my sister, My white milkglass vase mom got me and my Precious Moments bride and groom figurine.

I think I have answered my question...

Blogging Bottle Friday

From The Blogging Jar
It is Friday Blogging Jar day...

This weeks random question

Describe the most serious illness or accident you have had.

I have been blessed with health so far and even babysat with pneumonia so I will talk of the most serious accident I have had.

Actually I have been in. I was 18 and my friend Susan and I had just come home from a party. Susan and I had such fun together and it had been a great day. About a mile from home we passed by a stop sign and the driver of the car who was stopped at the sign gunned it and crashed right into my passenger door and forced us across the street and head on into another car. Back then we didn't wear seat belts so I was tossed over to the drivers side of the car and ended up down on the floor board. I remember Susan had hit the steering wheel but all in all, thank God for the big Ford she was driving.

We got out and looked and we had hit head on with none other than my friend Kathy's moms boyfriend Duncan, his head was bleeding but he was OK too. The driver of the car responsible was an undocumented mexican drunk driver. Susan was crying, but for some reason I became a female Incredible Hulk. Luckily, they pulled me away from that guy cause I really believe I could have torn his head off. I remember telling him in Spanish to "sit down G-Damn You" cause he was trying to run away, mom said being half mexican paid off that day. LOL

It was a crazy scene, parents were called and we took Susan to the hospital. Duncan was OK too and so was I. Susan had been a Christian but was kind of taking a break from church but we really felt the need to go to church that Sunday and thank God for our health.

I will never forget it cause it was really the first time I went to church other than tagging along with my aunt as a small child. It was simply amazing to me because it seemed like the message was talking just to Susan and I. We were blessed.

Susan and I are still very dear friends and Duncan married Kathy's mom the next year and is still a great guy.

Life goes on... And the blessings continue.

NOW for the worst accident I have had.

Just got a brand new BMW sedan, I had the plates but hadn't put them on. Every time we have ever had fender benders it has always been when our cars were brand new without plates.

I was backing out of my girlfriends driveway and crash, I hit her brick mailbox. I got out and couldn't believe I didn't see it at all.

Her son came out and said "Hey, your car is brand new You're In trouble...It's a BMW, you're not in trouble... You're dead where you stand..." I always laugh at that memory.

Have a blessed week my friends...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thankful Tuesday SSSSSSS

Thankful Tuesday the working full day edition which means it is done Monday night...

S- Shockingly Spoiled

10 S things I am thankful for

1. Slippers- I LOVE SLIPPERS!!! my latest discovery is the Mary Jane Slipper sock. Light weight and stays on all night if needed.

2. Sassy- Since I have met my circle of online friends via MySpace my love for all that is sassy has been magnified. They have taught me to embrace my inner sassiness and now my shoe purchases must all be worthy of a picture.

3. SYDNEY!!!! Oh my Sydney, My life would be just a boring old life without her. You are the apple of my eye.

4. STERLING!!!! My dear dear brother and kindred soul mate. He totally gets me!!!Who else can I do Palmolive Hand with...

5. Stickers-I have a hard time passing up any by Mary Engelbreit, Hello Kitty or Barbie, they just make my letters that much more special.

6. Sparkling- When Eric was two Sparkling was his favorite color. Give me Crystals any day. I am still cleaning up the glitter from my MOG outfit.

7. Spa- It was worth the total hassle of the installation and years of saving. I love our spa but not above 102degrees or as I say "Human Soup"

8. Surreal- My life this year, I am a changed woman.

9. San Diego- One of my favorite places to go and now that I have family there (my girlfriends) the drive gets closer and closer all the time. See you Oct 24th weekend.

10. Sing. I wish I could do it in front of an audience... BUT, Jesus...I could SING of your Love Forever!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady...I like to Move It

I Love the first grade kids. They love hearing my rendition of Madagascar's "I like to move it" song. Really I sing it so they will "MOVE IT" and get their lunch an go. It just cracks me up how every day they want me to sing it to them.

They also like when I sing I like to eat Apples and Bananas to them. It is an old song my kids enjoyed by this guy named Raffi who was always in our car stereo. My repertoire also includes Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, AND Jelly and my latest is another retro, Welcome to good burger home of the good burger may I take your order.

Notice the food theme? Hee Hee Hee

A little first grade girl now calls me BFF and asked me if when she is a fifth grader we will still be BFF's. "Of course"

From the Blogging Bottle

From the Blogging Bottle.

Well, I have to admit that the Blogging Bottle didn't work out very well. It was too hard to get the strips of paper out of the mouth of the bottle so now my blogging bottle is a jar. Oh well, me and my ideas...

Friday was a bust for me so I am playing catch up...

This weeks question from the jar...

Did your Grandmother make any special desserts or food that you enjoyed?

When I read this question I said UGH!!! I got really gypped in the grandmother department. I would have LOVED to have the kind of relationship my school friends had with their grandmothers who showered them with lovies and gifts galore. I honestly don't remember having dinner at my grandmas ever but I must have because she did make one dish I remember I did love.

Bread with Stewed tomatoes

It was a mushy gushy concoction with a little sugar added to sweeten up the tomatoes acid just basically bread and tomatoes mixed together and cooked. I know Yummy...

Both of my parents talked of hard times and little food as kids. Mom would talk of how her mother could make the best dinners out of nothing so maybe that is where I get my ability to make magic from my pantry.

I would LOVE to hear of your wonderful Grandma meal stories. I promise I won't get jealous

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ARRRRR I Be Thankful...

Once I saw an Obituary for a person with the last name of ARR and I thought "THAT"S THE COOLEST LAST NAME EVER!!!!" When asked that question "What's the origin of you last name?" You could say...
"DUH, PIRATE!!!" Hee Hee Hee

R- Riding Reindeer

10 R things I am thankful for

1.Red Shoes- One of those things that you buy and never realize how many things they go with.

2. Roses- I have the loveliest rose garden, I planted one in memory of all the special women who have passed from my life.

3. Rastro- Don't you love how Astro talks on the Jetsons? I Rove Reric's Rurly Rair

4. Rebates- It always feels like a little gift from God when you get one that you forgot about.

5. Realizations- I had a life changing one today. Sometimes it really is all the other persons fault.

6. Remorse- Without it, a lesson is not learned. "Troy, you made that boy cry when you scolded him" "Good, then there is hope for him"

7. Really- A word used way too often by me usually paired with "totally"

8. Rice Krispy Treats- Need I say more, but I always love the commercial where the lady puts flour on her face and messes her hair because they are so difficult to make.

9.Rainbows- I'm always looking for Rainbows... I have seen one double in my life and it was AWESOME!

10. Rapture- Great word!!! I know where I will be... Do you???

Have a Blessed Week


Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Over

My days of Eric on my lap are officially over. I told him about missing my babies in my last post and he said "Awww Mommy" He came over and sat on my lap. This dude is now totally huge and as I tried to rock him we both got to laughing so hard. "Mom, don't drop me"

Oh well... So much for cuddling old school.

Things I Miss

This post idea came from my blogger friend and is not meant to make you call the Whaaaambulance, it is just another form of expressing thankfulness.

Things I miss...

Of course the #1 thing I miss and always will miss are my parents. It completely SUCKS (sorry if it offends but that is the very best word to describe the loss of a parent) to not have parents and for your kids to not have grandparents, Could you imagine how excited and proud they would have been to attend the wedding? Cameron was the first grandchild on both sides of the family!!!I miss watching mom peel potatoes and I miss going to Laughlin with dad. But... I am so thankful we went to Laughlin and my mom was so funny and cute when she peeled potatoes. What awesome memories.

#2 I totally miss Little League- It was a sad day when Cameron aged out of Little League. I loved the family of the ball park, the little brothers and sisters bringing their toys and playing on the bleachers, you would think they didnt notice a thing but when brother would hit they would cheer. I even miss freezing in the stands and saying "what do people in real live cold states do?" I miss getting Nachos and eating sunflower seeds. Good times, Good times...

#3 I miss babies in my lap and fingers under the bathroom door. Just last night I wished Eric would crawl in bed with me, there is nothing like waking up to the face of a baby blissfully sleeping in your bed. My kids knew to get in on Steve's side and they could get in bed with us anytime they wanted.

#4 I miss my Honey Baby Princess Bear. She was a really special kitty that loved being held. She just fit in my arms and would sit on my lap for hours.

But I LOVE the relationship I have with my brothers and sister and cousin Syd. I love how easy going holidays are and how we enjoy each others company.

I LOVE my sons older, I LOVE seeing the young men they have become and i LOVE being an old married couple with Steve. I look forward to early bird dinners and the benefits of owning an AARP card.

I LOVE that we decided to get a Dog. They have never been my favorite but I cant imagine life without our Yogi.

I love that I can go with the flow, I love that I can be blessed by memories and I am simply grateful daily.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conversations With A Teen

I used to write blogs called Conversations with a Pre-Teen and I guess it has been awhile cause now I have to call it Conversations with a Teen.

Yikes! my baby is getting older!

Mom- "Eric you have to get your homework journal done"

Eric- "Just a little Nintendo DS"

Eric- "I just got a great idea for a new video"

Eric- "Yogi needs a walk"

Eric- "I haven't had lunch yet"

Eric- "I need a shower"

Eric- "Feel my head, do I have a fever?"

Eric- "Why are you so interested in my education anyways?"

Mom- "Ugh"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I was tagged by my friend and fellow blogger Crayl of beyond Black and White fame.

Here are some fun questions of the day...

1. Where is your cell phone? On the table waiting for a call from Cameron.

2. Where is your significant other? Snoring away in bed.

3. Your hair color? Blonde with hightlights

4. Your mother? In Heaven.

5. Your father? With Mom ( I hate that I am an Orphan)

6. Your favorite thing? Right now, My Pedi Egg, I have the nicest feet. But my ultimate favorite is my family.

7. Your dream last night? Something Funky that Don't remember exactly but Thany's Lucy was lost and I used my girliness to find her in a store in the middle of a clothing rack, where else would a sassy girl be?.

8. Your dream/goal? A simple blessed Retirement.

9. The room you’re in? Kitchen

10. Your hobby? Making bracelets, writing, and Reading magazines.

11. Your fear? I Fear Not, but If I did it would be for Eric in this crazy world.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? A Graham Cracker Hee Hee Hee

13. Where were you last night? At home watching Miss Pettigrew, it was a cute movie so I watched it twice.

14. What you’re not? Able to understand people who speak with heavy English accents. Blimy

15. One of your wish-list items? Big Screen TV and of course more Brighton stuff.

16. Where you grew up? 3rd Generation California Native

17. The last thing you did? Got out of the Spa Ahhhhhhh.

18. What are you wearing? Some cute jammies if I do say so myself with sleeping kitties on them

19. Your TV? No Idea let me look...Samsung.

20. Your pets- Are so cute, I wish I could keep the three of them forever.
Two cats Teddy and Papa and our doggie Yogi (notice we have a Bear theme going in our animal names)

21. Your computer? Compaq a five year old relic (don't you just hate that!)

22. Your mood? Sleepy and a little nervous, I will see my married son for the first time tomorrow morning at church.

23. Missing someone? yes, always.

24. Your car? Getting a new one soon.

25. Something you’re not wearing? Any jewelry.

26. Favorite store? Lately, groceries are all I have time to shop for so Ralphs. I know... Exciting

27. Your summer? A blur and never long enough.

28. Love someone? Sure Love you Bunches

29. Your favorite color? Yellow and Pink are tied forever

30. When is the last time you laughed? Tonight at that new show Whatever Martha, where her daughter makes fun of her old segments. You should watch it, it is funny in a Mystery Science Theater kind of way.

31. Last time you cried? I have been good lately so I guess I would say at the wedding two weeks ago.

The other requirement is to tag others, see below, and for them to save and insert the cute "I love you blog' picture above into their own post.

So I tag

Happily Ever After
Mumblings of a Mommy

Have Fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging Bottle Friday

Blogging Bottle Friday

Last week I got a friend request from an advertiser called A Journal Jar.

Since I like to be friends with humans not jars I denied the request but I checked out the jars. So what is a journal jar you may ask? It is a cute decorated jar with tons of random journaling ideas and questions inside. You are supposed to pull a one strip of paper from the jar and write away.

I think I will make some for friends cause any time I get to decorate spaghetti sauce jars I am there!

BUT, for my media, I choose to write on my computer blog instead of a journal book so I got a cool bottle and put my questions in there I will call it my Blogging Bottle and I will pose a question every Friday and I encourage you to write away as well.


Love you Bunches,


Today the Blogging Bottle asks...

Do you remember your childhood Fantasy?

Of Course I remember my childhood fantasy. First, foremost, and as long as I can remember, I Fantasized about being a Princess.

I dreamed of living in a castle and wearing large ornate dresses. Pearls, Diamonds, the more sparkling the better all hand made by my ladies in waiting and all with matching or Magenta shoes...

Of course no princess would be complete without a Tiara. Oh the dream of wearing a Tiara. I remember how jealous I was of my cousin Annie when she made her first holy communion because she wore a veil with a Tiara. That was as close and I ever came to seeing a princess. On to my fantasy, Of course there would be Horses in my golden stables, my castle would have the most beautiful flowers ever surrounding the Moat. You say Moat? Of course there would be a Moat. How else would I keep my little sister Penny out of my fantasy?

I guess my fantasy Princess could have just been an only child, but what fun would that be?

Join me and blog...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wounded Bird

A neighbor girl in Eric's class who normally walks to school has discovered when we leave for school and has taken to getting rides from us.

I don't mind cause we are going that way, but because I am a cautious mom I told her this morning that I can give her no more rides until I get a note or her mother calls me for approval.

She got kind of quiet and sad and I asked her what was up. She began to tell me the police came to her house cause her uncle was threatening to hit her, she had a long involved story that honestly was maybe a little too personal to share with a woman you hardly know. She talked of her unhappy home life and said she wished she could live anywhere else.

Oh how I wish I could pick her up like a wounded bird and give her my lovies and attention, but I know better,...And I had to explain to Eric.

There are always two sides to stories, this time I listened and told her I would pray for her, I gave her a hug as she left for school and I thought a lot of her today, but if she had a real conversation with me she would probably not like it because I would tell her that at 13 she definitely shares responsibility for her conflicts and I would give her my old "Look to yourself first to see why you are in the situation and what can YOU do to fix your part" That is tough for kids to hear cause they LOVE to blame and blame cause of course they are completely innocent. I told Eric you never know, her uncle could have simply asked her to get him a glass of water and attitude and anger escalated out of control.

He got it and I got it too, Oh How I would love a daughter to nurture and love, it would be my honor to give a child in need a loving home, but not yet. I know our family is wonderful just the way God made it. But, how could I pass it up if Mother Theresa gave me a child and said "Take her home and love her" like she did to Cindy McCain.

OK, If you insist

The Blessing of The Countesses

It just makes it easier to make it through any kind of day knowing


I LOVE Bunco! Our group is so wonderful, they have been together more than 20 years and I have no idea how long I have been with them, they are family and you can't count the years when it is family.

Tonight I was a Mother In Law so of course I had pictures to share and share I did. Debbie gushed about her yummy nummy grand daughter, Carmen didn't feel well and we worried about her, Eve had been in the hospital for observation with a positive outcome, Jane is grieving for her Mommy so we were there to cheer her. It is so fun catching up with everyone in just a few moments at a table. My favorite comment of the night was when Carol said she that in the future she can picture us playing Bunco during the day cause we no longer can drive at night. She is so right...

I won some money for being a loser which is a usual thing for me, but what I love most about our Bunco group is I get Refreshed, Loved, cared about and treated so special it is enough to last a month until next Bunco.

I rarely miss, it is only once a month and with benefits like this, I hope all women can get to be a part of a group as wonderful as mine.

Bunco... It's a good thing

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

I am having a really nice morning. The morning war zone taking Eric to school was actually pleasant and my coffee was simply yummy so all in all I am feeling quite dandy.

I was watching TV when I heard it, the familiar buzzing of a Scarab Beetle. My kitten Papa has become the master of capturing them so over the summer I have become familiar with the creatures. They are beautiful in a bug sort of way and very gentle, no wonder my neighbor Rachel says they used to be her childhood toys when they would tie strings to them and fly them around like little bug kites.

Now, I am not a fan of the beetle so I don't think I could ever get close enough to actually tie a string around them but I do have a compassionate heart. I noticed the bug of the day was putting up a really good fight, buzzing and spinning, Yogi got into the act and soon I noticed the cat playtime had ventured near me and before I knew it he was right at my foot and the bug was almost touching me as he tried to escape my kitty's wrath.

OK, play near the door and I can ignore you but come near me and that's it! So I put a Dixie cup over the bug and it was kind of funny and almost cartoonish to see the cup moving along the floor. OK Mr. Beetle, you have earned yourself a rescue.

Man, I wish I had it on video cause his release was a classic. Picture this.

Freaked out mom barely holding a moving Dixie cup with an envelope under it, I took off the cup and threw the bug in the air and he happily flew off to freedom where he can live to buzz another day.

Just don't come near Yogi and Papa again and you will be fine...

Don't You Just Love It...

Don’t You Just Love It...

Don't you just love it when things unexpectedly go your way?

There is so much construction going on in my city it is so frustrating at times. Yesterday they were paving the road I normally turn down to avoid the afternoon school traffic so I was detoured to the dreaded street that you have to wait through several signals until you can turn left.

Ugh, Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

But God is Good, he spared his servant frustration when I saw (Can you hear the angels singing) that part of the road construction included installing a new left turn arrow signal on the dreaded street AND it was green as I entered the intersection!!!

"Hey Mom, I never saw that signal before"

Yippee Skippee!!!

I was a happy camper!!!

Ten on Tuesday Q The Dictionary Edition

Just to be Quirky, I thought I would describe 10 different types of Quiet I love but frankly, this week left me in a little bit of a Quandary so I decided to gather the ideas for my Ten Quips from the dictionary.

10 Q things I am thankful for.

"Q- Quite Quarrelsome"

1-Quack- Don't you just love Duckies of course only at a park or zoo, If you have ever owned one, you may no longer appreciate the quack. When I was a kid we had one named Ozwald and we called him "Patio Pooper" We lost all appreciation for his quack.

2.Quadrupeds- Oh how I love my kitties and my Yogi

3.Quaff- To drink- I love my Crystal Light and I am a picky water drinker, I like purified water NOT Arrowhead or spring water.

4.Quagmire- I am grateful to find the lesson at the end of a trial.

5.Quaint- Isn't that a cute word, just for fun, I think I will try to use this word in a sentence today like, "Oh, these Chicken Nuggets are so quaint"

6.Qualm- I am in a bit of a Qualm if I will ever hear from my newly married son again.

7.Quash- I am grateful when God gives me the ability to hold my tongue

8.Quiver- How romantic... "He makes me Quiver"

9.Queen- Although I am a Princess, I am also the Queen of this household.

10.Quiet- I love it most when I am quiet and able to listen to Gods small voice, I love those times. God is Good.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

War Zone

War Zone I mean School Zone

Every day when I drop off and pick up my son from school and arrive home safe and sound I breathe a sigh of relief. I feel like I enter a war zone each time I enter the dreaded School Zone.

Unfortunately, to get to Eric's school I must pass by a High School, we try to leave early enough to miss traffic but it seems like others are beginning to do the same.

The other day I was behind a truck load of guys driving 5 mph by the school. Come on the speed limit is 25!!!

The biggest problem with passing the High School is the endless stream of kids crossing the street. There are no longer crossing guards, I try to make sure the kids are completely clear of the intersection before proceeding but it is really difficult. Today a school bus was stopped with its read lights flashing. A steady stream of kids were crossing the street so I stopped and can you believe someone honked at me! I just couldn't believe it.

Every day when I pick Eric up from school is way worse and literally gives me a heart attack. I park on the curb and wait for Eric but when I pull from the curb there are kids on scooters, bikes, and skateboards that drive in between the cars on the curb and the cars in the street. This is just a two lane street so believe me these kids are squeezing in between the cars. Then there are the parents that park across the street and make their kids jay walk through the moving traffic to them. I chewed out Cam when I found out he parked on the wrong side of the street and made Eric cross. "It's just a small street" That's not the point! You are making your brother break the law!

The situation is a nightmare and I know one day soon a kid will get hit. I have called the school and not much was done about it.

When I go to work at the elementary school it is a jay walking nightmare, the parents park and cross with little babies and their 3 year olds in tow. I just shake my head. Once a mother entered the drop off zone with her child from in between two parked cars and Yelled a profanity at me, I am sorry, I was just following the rules. Plus I was in shock at the word she yelled in the presence of her child.

Oh well, So, I daily enter the war zone, All I can do is be armored with prayer and a hedge of protection, I follow the rules of the road, and just shake my head.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Week-Aversary

It is hard to believe and even surreal that it has been an entire week since the kids got married.

I remember when Steve and I got married we celebrated all those little Aversaries, One week-aversary, and every Month-aversary for a year. It was a fun way to be grateful and a wonderful excuse for another romantic evening.

We wanted to show our thanks to all our church family for all the amazing help they gave us so Steve and I got to get up and say speeches in church. This is hard for us cause we are both criers but we got through it.

The message I wanted to get across was how honored we were. Honored by the people who worked so hard to decorate, set things up, cook, serve, take things down etc. Every aspect of this wedding required help and people rose to the occasion and we are grateful.

It was a blessed day.
And a Thankful one too.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Can't Read

Although my sister was just 18 months younger and I, She was always the "Little Sister".

I remember when she was about 10, she was lying on the floor reading the funny pages and I said "What are you doing? You Can't Read!!!" We still laugh about that comment and it is one of our family "Jokes"

She reminded me of our joke last week when we were hanging out, she was showing me how to post pictures and I was writing the captions when she said "You can't type" We both got a laugh out of it.

Eric, my 13 year old keeps amazing me with how grown up he is becoming. Taking out the trash and putting away the dishes was always Cameron's job because Eric was just too short to reach the cabinets or the large trash cans the city gives us. He was shorter than me for the longest time until last year when he grew about a foot or so, he now towers over me and laughs about it all the time. He laughs all the way to the trash cans and the kitchen cabinets.

Today we were at Costco and I was wanting to get Gas. He said "I'll do it" I thought to myself, "You can't do that" but,not only can he read, but he can even use an ATM. Wow!

My baby is growing up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Put in my place

I am always amazed when I see a PTA Mom friend escorting her baby (I know it was just a baby yesterday) to school or pre-school.

Now that I have been at the school almost 6 years it is starting to happen more often.

Yesterday in the lunch line I saw a friend and said "No way, this isn't your little baby now in preschool"

The mom nodded and the little girl said "My name is ---- and I can talk too!"

I said "You sure can, and I won't forget... I promise"

Put me in my place.

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady - Name Game

Sometimes I wonder if it might not be a good idea if everyone who has anything to do with working at an elementary school should just change their names to "TEACHER" That is what they call us, every single person, including the noon aides, office workers, us kitchen ladies and the nurse.

I counted, and today a student said "Teacher" 37 times until he finally stopped.

It is just one of my random thoughts...

Get this... It's a classic...

Today, a bratty fifth grader with a WAY too big head and ego said to me.

"SO, Why did your parents name you TROYYYYY Did they like High School Musical or something??"

I am sorry, I am almost 47 years old. This comment just cracked me up.

my answer

"Or something"


I am so proud of the little photo album I have put together of the kids wedding I am so tempted to show anyone and EVERYONE.

I swear I was totally tempted to show the girl in the checkout at the grocery store.

I am so baddddd!!! Just think when I am a Graham Cracker!

Dropped off the planet

I was married before the cell phone era but my parents saw us a couple days after we were married when we came by to open our gifts. Cam and Beka were wanting a two week private honeymoon and it looks like they meant it! Yesterday I had a little emergency where I needed a passcode from Cam, his phone wasn't working so I expected to leave a message on Beka's "The mailbox for the party you have called is full and is accepting no more messages"...

I get it. They are Honeymooning, you don't have to tell me twice.

911 only

Eric- "What do you think Beka and Cameron are doing RIGHT NOW?"

Troy- "Since it is about 3:00 I would think they are maybe eating"

Eric- " I DON'T Baum Chicka Baum Baum"

Troy- "How was school today?" Subject change...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From this day forward

Even with all the happiness of the wedding day, my heart did feel for my dear husband.

With his sisters death in April, Steve is now the last surviving member of his immediate family. He has Uncles in other parts of the country but none that are close.

He made a comment that he was sad his sister did not live to see Cameron's wedding day and that he had no family at the wedding.

Since the death of my parents and aunts and uncles my family has also gotten much smaller, but we are still close and I did have several family members at the wedding.

It is one of those you can say all the right words like "Today you now have a daughter like you always wanted" Or "Your family will continue to grow" But in reality, it just is a drag to only be 54 and be the last person alive in your immediate family. I have no idea what it would be like to not have my brothers or sisters, I would be lost and horribly sad. Sad like he is.

His whole life he was told he would not amount to anything by his father and sister who ended up taking their own lives. He knows there is nothing but wonderful future for our family. He knows the decisions he made as head of this household is what has brought him to this day with a son now married and beginning his own Christian family. He is a leader, an example and the best man I know.

I just wish for one day, I could take away his hurt.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Second Most Beautiful Day.

This a grab your cup of coffee and make sure you have gone pee kind of blog, you might want to grab a hankie too. I hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me and my wedding diaries.

Love to you and blessings,

Well, I didn't lose 200 lbs in 6 months like I had hoped. So I was grateful that God has helped me to love who I am until he gives me the strength to change. God is amazing because Friday I began feeling that twinge in my throat telling me a serious cold was coming on. By Saturday when I had the girls over to help me with the alter I was kind of useless and not really very focused. I am so grateful that they just took over and crafted away. By Saturday night I had received a second wind and we were up pretty late working on things and made giant headway for Sunday.

You know, at first I thought "Sunday? Why a wedding on Sunday?" But all in all, I was so glad for the Sunday Wedding, we had all day Saturday so actually Sunday was relaxing which was great because I was so sick that when I woke from my nap and had missed church I had totally forgotten it was even the wedding day.

But again God is good, I was relaxed and perked up for the several hours of the wedding I had no cold symptoms at all, I was in awe of Gods mercy.

My hubby looked dashing in his tux and LOVED his Converse tennis shoes (the wedding had kind of a shoe thing going on) I was so blessed with my replacement dress, it was exactly what I needed to boost my esteem, I felt I looked the best I possibly could, and Stevie said we looked the best we had since our own wedding day(he's a keeper). My blouse was pretty but simply encrusted in glitter, I shook it, and I even took a lint brush to it and yet I was like I was a little magical fairy spewing my glittery dust all over. You could tell who had hugged Troy that's for sure.

Steve and I arrived to the wedding on time to find things were delayed, it gave us time to greet guests and gave me time to be with my Cammy for a few minutes and of course pin on his flowers. That was MY JOB and no one else was going to do that!

I was so excited and happy for my son, he was getting married and he was ready. Eric walked me down the aisle with Steve near by and I had all my family on notice that I wanted a picture of Cameron's expression as he sees Beka for the first time. I have gotten several shots and it is totally cool to see his face... Priceless.

It was amazing, and really surreal (again that word) to sit in the first row at a wedding. I have sat in the first row at two funerals, but never a wedding. What a view! The best seat in the house! God gave me the strength to go through the entire ceremony without a tear, I was so filled with joy and Steve and I were so honored by the children,for some reason I was bold while Steve sobbed, I held him and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony.

It was a true ceremony, not too short, not too long, there were some really cool moments especially when they were sharing communion, they snuggled and Eskimo kissed like they had for so long, I loved that part.

The pastors message was great and the soloist was wonderful, then it came time for them to exchange their purity rings for marriage rings and I felt a hush over the audience when it was announced that as part of their purity pledge Cam and Beka would be kissing on the lips for the first time. The moment arrived and boy oh boy, no one was disappointed by that kiss, It truly rivaled the kiss of Princess Bride which I quoted in the post of their picture.

"Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.

this one left them all behind" That's for sure!

Then the reception began and it was wonderful to see a lifetime of family and friends there for the occasion. I tried my best to visit everyone but catching up will have to be done at another time and made me aware that contact with these people is something that should not be lost.

I was right in the middle of introducing my friends to each other, it has always amazed me that I have so many super special friends that mean so much to me and are such a part of my life but they don't know each other. I was so excited to sit with my gaggle of gal hens when Cam said it was time for our Mother Son dance. My heart lept. Can I get through this?

We went up to the dance floor and the DJ gets my kudos for perfectly playing my secretly selected dance song "Go Go Power Rangers" Cam was a great sport and we had so much fun being silly dancing to the song that was such a part of his youth. Then came our "Real" song "My wish" by Rascall Flatts.

The words are exactly what my heart felt and Cam and I sang it to each other as he twirled me and I reached high above my head and twirled him and we held each other so tight. Honestly I think we rocked the mother/son dance and made it memorable and our own. There weren't many dry eyes in the house.

The kids had their first dance in the sunset so I cant wait to see how gorgeous those photos will be.

All in all, it was probably the most wonderful wedding I have ever been to, I always have said my most beautiful day was my own wedding day. I am so grateful I have that, but now I can say my sons wedding was my second most beautiful day and for that will be blessed for many years to come.