Monday, September 29, 2008

Thankful Tuesday SSSSSSS

Thankful Tuesday the working full day edition which means it is done Monday night...

S- Shockingly Spoiled

10 S things I am thankful for

1. Slippers- I LOVE SLIPPERS!!! my latest discovery is the Mary Jane Slipper sock. Light weight and stays on all night if needed.

2. Sassy- Since I have met my circle of online friends via MySpace my love for all that is sassy has been magnified. They have taught me to embrace my inner sassiness and now my shoe purchases must all be worthy of a picture.

3. SYDNEY!!!! Oh my Sydney, My life would be just a boring old life without her. You are the apple of my eye.

4. STERLING!!!! My dear dear brother and kindred soul mate. He totally gets me!!!Who else can I do Palmolive Hand with...

5. Stickers-I have a hard time passing up any by Mary Engelbreit, Hello Kitty or Barbie, they just make my letters that much more special.

6. Sparkling- When Eric was two Sparkling was his favorite color. Give me Crystals any day. I am still cleaning up the glitter from my MOG outfit.

7. Spa- It was worth the total hassle of the installation and years of saving. I love our spa but not above 102degrees or as I say "Human Soup"

8. Surreal- My life this year, I am a changed woman.

9. San Diego- One of my favorite places to go and now that I have family there (my girlfriends) the drive gets closer and closer all the time. See you Oct 24th weekend.

10. Sing. I wish I could do it in front of an audience... BUT, Jesus...I could SING of your Love Forever!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady...I like to Move It

I Love the first grade kids. They love hearing my rendition of Madagascar's "I like to move it" song. Really I sing it so they will "MOVE IT" and get their lunch an go. It just cracks me up how every day they want me to sing it to them.

They also like when I sing I like to eat Apples and Bananas to them. It is an old song my kids enjoyed by this guy named Raffi who was always in our car stereo. My repertoire also includes Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, AND Jelly and my latest is another retro, Welcome to good burger home of the good burger may I take your order.

Notice the food theme? Hee Hee Hee

A little first grade girl now calls me BFF and asked me if when she is a fifth grader we will still be BFF's. "Of course"

From the Blogging Bottle

From the Blogging Bottle.

Well, I have to admit that the Blogging Bottle didn't work out very well. It was too hard to get the strips of paper out of the mouth of the bottle so now my blogging bottle is a jar. Oh well, me and my ideas...

Friday was a bust for me so I am playing catch up...

This weeks question from the jar...

Did your Grandmother make any special desserts or food that you enjoyed?

When I read this question I said UGH!!! I got really gypped in the grandmother department. I would have LOVED to have the kind of relationship my school friends had with their grandmothers who showered them with lovies and gifts galore. I honestly don't remember having dinner at my grandmas ever but I must have because she did make one dish I remember I did love.

Bread with Stewed tomatoes

It was a mushy gushy concoction with a little sugar added to sweeten up the tomatoes acid just basically bread and tomatoes mixed together and cooked. I know Yummy...

Both of my parents talked of hard times and little food as kids. Mom would talk of how her mother could make the best dinners out of nothing so maybe that is where I get my ability to make magic from my pantry.

I would LOVE to hear of your wonderful Grandma meal stories. I promise I won't get jealous

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ARRRRR I Be Thankful...

Once I saw an Obituary for a person with the last name of ARR and I thought "THAT"S THE COOLEST LAST NAME EVER!!!!" When asked that question "What's the origin of you last name?" You could say...
"DUH, PIRATE!!!" Hee Hee Hee

R- Riding Reindeer

10 R things I am thankful for

1.Red Shoes- One of those things that you buy and never realize how many things they go with.

2. Roses- I have the loveliest rose garden, I planted one in memory of all the special women who have passed from my life.

3. Rastro- Don't you love how Astro talks on the Jetsons? I Rove Reric's Rurly Rair

4. Rebates- It always feels like a little gift from God when you get one that you forgot about.

5. Realizations- I had a life changing one today. Sometimes it really is all the other persons fault.

6. Remorse- Without it, a lesson is not learned. "Troy, you made that boy cry when you scolded him" "Good, then there is hope for him"

7. Really- A word used way too often by me usually paired with "totally"

8. Rice Krispy Treats- Need I say more, but I always love the commercial where the lady puts flour on her face and messes her hair because they are so difficult to make.

9.Rainbows- I'm always looking for Rainbows... I have seen one double in my life and it was AWESOME!

10. Rapture- Great word!!! I know where I will be... Do you???

Have a Blessed Week


Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Over

My days of Eric on my lap are officially over. I told him about missing my babies in my last post and he said "Awww Mommy" He came over and sat on my lap. This dude is now totally huge and as I tried to rock him we both got to laughing so hard. "Mom, don't drop me"

Oh well... So much for cuddling old school.

Things I Miss

This post idea came from my blogger friend and is not meant to make you call the Whaaaambulance, it is just another form of expressing thankfulness.

Things I miss...

Of course the #1 thing I miss and always will miss are my parents. It completely SUCKS (sorry if it offends but that is the very best word to describe the loss of a parent) to not have parents and for your kids to not have grandparents, Could you imagine how excited and proud they would have been to attend the wedding? Cameron was the first grandchild on both sides of the family!!!I miss watching mom peel potatoes and I miss going to Laughlin with dad. But... I am so thankful we went to Laughlin and my mom was so funny and cute when she peeled potatoes. What awesome memories.

#2 I totally miss Little League- It was a sad day when Cameron aged out of Little League. I loved the family of the ball park, the little brothers and sisters bringing their toys and playing on the bleachers, you would think they didnt notice a thing but when brother would hit they would cheer. I even miss freezing in the stands and saying "what do people in real live cold states do?" I miss getting Nachos and eating sunflower seeds. Good times, Good times...

#3 I miss babies in my lap and fingers under the bathroom door. Just last night I wished Eric would crawl in bed with me, there is nothing like waking up to the face of a baby blissfully sleeping in your bed. My kids knew to get in on Steve's side and they could get in bed with us anytime they wanted.

#4 I miss my Honey Baby Princess Bear. She was a really special kitty that loved being held. She just fit in my arms and would sit on my lap for hours.

But I LOVE the relationship I have with my brothers and sister and cousin Syd. I love how easy going holidays are and how we enjoy each others company.

I LOVE my sons older, I LOVE seeing the young men they have become and i LOVE being an old married couple with Steve. I look forward to early bird dinners and the benefits of owning an AARP card.

I LOVE that we decided to get a Dog. They have never been my favorite but I cant imagine life without our Yogi.

I love that I can go with the flow, I love that I can be blessed by memories and I am simply grateful daily.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conversations With A Teen

I used to write blogs called Conversations with a Pre-Teen and I guess it has been awhile cause now I have to call it Conversations with a Teen.

Yikes! my baby is getting older!

Mom- "Eric you have to get your homework journal done"

Eric- "Just a little Nintendo DS"

Eric- "I just got a great idea for a new video"

Eric- "Yogi needs a walk"

Eric- "I haven't had lunch yet"

Eric- "I need a shower"

Eric- "Feel my head, do I have a fever?"

Eric- "Why are you so interested in my education anyways?"

Mom- "Ugh"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I was tagged by my friend and fellow blogger Crayl of beyond Black and White fame.

Here are some fun questions of the day...

1. Where is your cell phone? On the table waiting for a call from Cameron.

2. Where is your significant other? Snoring away in bed.

3. Your hair color? Blonde with hightlights

4. Your mother? In Heaven.

5. Your father? With Mom ( I hate that I am an Orphan)

6. Your favorite thing? Right now, My Pedi Egg, I have the nicest feet. But my ultimate favorite is my family.

7. Your dream last night? Something Funky that Don't remember exactly but Thany's Lucy was lost and I used my girliness to find her in a store in the middle of a clothing rack, where else would a sassy girl be?.

8. Your dream/goal? A simple blessed Retirement.

9. The room you’re in? Kitchen

10. Your hobby? Making bracelets, writing, and Reading magazines.

11. Your fear? I Fear Not, but If I did it would be for Eric in this crazy world.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? A Graham Cracker Hee Hee Hee

13. Where were you last night? At home watching Miss Pettigrew, it was a cute movie so I watched it twice.

14. What you’re not? Able to understand people who speak with heavy English accents. Blimy

15. One of your wish-list items? Big Screen TV and of course more Brighton stuff.

16. Where you grew up? 3rd Generation California Native

17. The last thing you did? Got out of the Spa Ahhhhhhh.

18. What are you wearing? Some cute jammies if I do say so myself with sleeping kitties on them

19. Your TV? No Idea let me look...Samsung.

20. Your pets- Are so cute, I wish I could keep the three of them forever.
Two cats Teddy and Papa and our doggie Yogi (notice we have a Bear theme going in our animal names)

21. Your computer? Compaq a five year old relic (don't you just hate that!)

22. Your mood? Sleepy and a little nervous, I will see my married son for the first time tomorrow morning at church.

23. Missing someone? yes, always.

24. Your car? Getting a new one soon.

25. Something you’re not wearing? Any jewelry.

26. Favorite store? Lately, groceries are all I have time to shop for so Ralphs. I know... Exciting

27. Your summer? A blur and never long enough.

28. Love someone? Sure Love you Bunches

29. Your favorite color? Yellow and Pink are tied forever

30. When is the last time you laughed? Tonight at that new show Whatever Martha, where her daughter makes fun of her old segments. You should watch it, it is funny in a Mystery Science Theater kind of way.

31. Last time you cried? I have been good lately so I guess I would say at the wedding two weeks ago.

The other requirement is to tag others, see below, and for them to save and insert the cute "I love you blog' picture above into their own post.

So I tag

Happily Ever After
Mumblings of a Mommy

Have Fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging Bottle Friday

Blogging Bottle Friday

Last week I got a friend request from an advertiser called A Journal Jar.

Since I like to be friends with humans not jars I denied the request but I checked out the jars. So what is a journal jar you may ask? It is a cute decorated jar with tons of random journaling ideas and questions inside. You are supposed to pull a one strip of paper from the jar and write away.

I think I will make some for friends cause any time I get to decorate spaghetti sauce jars I am there!

BUT, for my media, I choose to write on my computer blog instead of a journal book so I got a cool bottle and put my questions in there I will call it my Blogging Bottle and I will pose a question every Friday and I encourage you to write away as well.


Love you Bunches,


Today the Blogging Bottle asks...

Do you remember your childhood Fantasy?

Of Course I remember my childhood fantasy. First, foremost, and as long as I can remember, I Fantasized about being a Princess.

I dreamed of living in a castle and wearing large ornate dresses. Pearls, Diamonds, the more sparkling the better all hand made by my ladies in waiting and all with matching or Magenta shoes...

Of course no princess would be complete without a Tiara. Oh the dream of wearing a Tiara. I remember how jealous I was of my cousin Annie when she made her first holy communion because she wore a veil with a Tiara. That was as close and I ever came to seeing a princess. On to my fantasy, Of course there would be Horses in my golden stables, my castle would have the most beautiful flowers ever surrounding the Moat. You say Moat? Of course there would be a Moat. How else would I keep my little sister Penny out of my fantasy?

I guess my fantasy Princess could have just been an only child, but what fun would that be?

Join me and blog...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wounded Bird

A neighbor girl in Eric's class who normally walks to school has discovered when we leave for school and has taken to getting rides from us.

I don't mind cause we are going that way, but because I am a cautious mom I told her this morning that I can give her no more rides until I get a note or her mother calls me for approval.

She got kind of quiet and sad and I asked her what was up. She began to tell me the police came to her house cause her uncle was threatening to hit her, she had a long involved story that honestly was maybe a little too personal to share with a woman you hardly know. She talked of her unhappy home life and said she wished she could live anywhere else.

Oh how I wish I could pick her up like a wounded bird and give her my lovies and attention, but I know better,...And I had to explain to Eric.

There are always two sides to stories, this time I listened and told her I would pray for her, I gave her a hug as she left for school and I thought a lot of her today, but if she had a real conversation with me she would probably not like it because I would tell her that at 13 she definitely shares responsibility for her conflicts and I would give her my old "Look to yourself first to see why you are in the situation and what can YOU do to fix your part" That is tough for kids to hear cause they LOVE to blame and blame cause of course they are completely innocent. I told Eric you never know, her uncle could have simply asked her to get him a glass of water and attitude and anger escalated out of control.

He got it and I got it too, Oh How I would love a daughter to nurture and love, it would be my honor to give a child in need a loving home, but not yet. I know our family is wonderful just the way God made it. But, how could I pass it up if Mother Theresa gave me a child and said "Take her home and love her" like she did to Cindy McCain.

OK, If you insist

The Blessing of The Countesses

It just makes it easier to make it through any kind of day knowing


I LOVE Bunco! Our group is so wonderful, they have been together more than 20 years and I have no idea how long I have been with them, they are family and you can't count the years when it is family.

Tonight I was a Mother In Law so of course I had pictures to share and share I did. Debbie gushed about her yummy nummy grand daughter, Carmen didn't feel well and we worried about her, Eve had been in the hospital for observation with a positive outcome, Jane is grieving for her Mommy so we were there to cheer her. It is so fun catching up with everyone in just a few moments at a table. My favorite comment of the night was when Carol said she that in the future she can picture us playing Bunco during the day cause we no longer can drive at night. She is so right...

I won some money for being a loser which is a usual thing for me, but what I love most about our Bunco group is I get Refreshed, Loved, cared about and treated so special it is enough to last a month until next Bunco.

I rarely miss, it is only once a month and with benefits like this, I hope all women can get to be a part of a group as wonderful as mine.

Bunco... It's a good thing

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

I am having a really nice morning. The morning war zone taking Eric to school was actually pleasant and my coffee was simply yummy so all in all I am feeling quite dandy.

I was watching TV when I heard it, the familiar buzzing of a Scarab Beetle. My kitten Papa has become the master of capturing them so over the summer I have become familiar with the creatures. They are beautiful in a bug sort of way and very gentle, no wonder my neighbor Rachel says they used to be her childhood toys when they would tie strings to them and fly them around like little bug kites.

Now, I am not a fan of the beetle so I don't think I could ever get close enough to actually tie a string around them but I do have a compassionate heart. I noticed the bug of the day was putting up a really good fight, buzzing and spinning, Yogi got into the act and soon I noticed the cat playtime had ventured near me and before I knew it he was right at my foot and the bug was almost touching me as he tried to escape my kitty's wrath.

OK, play near the door and I can ignore you but come near me and that's it! So I put a Dixie cup over the bug and it was kind of funny and almost cartoonish to see the cup moving along the floor. OK Mr. Beetle, you have earned yourself a rescue.

Man, I wish I had it on video cause his release was a classic. Picture this.

Freaked out mom barely holding a moving Dixie cup with an envelope under it, I took off the cup and threw the bug in the air and he happily flew off to freedom where he can live to buzz another day.

Just don't come near Yogi and Papa again and you will be fine...

Don't You Just Love It...

Don’t You Just Love It...

Don't you just love it when things unexpectedly go your way?

There is so much construction going on in my city it is so frustrating at times. Yesterday they were paving the road I normally turn down to avoid the afternoon school traffic so I was detoured to the dreaded street that you have to wait through several signals until you can turn left.

Ugh, Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

But God is Good, he spared his servant frustration when I saw (Can you hear the angels singing) that part of the road construction included installing a new left turn arrow signal on the dreaded street AND it was green as I entered the intersection!!!

"Hey Mom, I never saw that signal before"

Yippee Skippee!!!

I was a happy camper!!!

Ten on Tuesday Q The Dictionary Edition

Just to be Quirky, I thought I would describe 10 different types of Quiet I love but frankly, this week left me in a little bit of a Quandary so I decided to gather the ideas for my Ten Quips from the dictionary.

10 Q things I am thankful for.

"Q- Quite Quarrelsome"

1-Quack- Don't you just love Duckies of course only at a park or zoo, If you have ever owned one, you may no longer appreciate the quack. When I was a kid we had one named Ozwald and we called him "Patio Pooper" We lost all appreciation for his quack.

2.Quadrupeds- Oh how I love my kitties and my Yogi

3.Quaff- To drink- I love my Crystal Light and I am a picky water drinker, I like purified water NOT Arrowhead or spring water.

4.Quagmire- I am grateful to find the lesson at the end of a trial.

5.Quaint- Isn't that a cute word, just for fun, I think I will try to use this word in a sentence today like, "Oh, these Chicken Nuggets are so quaint"

6.Qualm- I am in a bit of a Qualm if I will ever hear from my newly married son again.

7.Quash- I am grateful when God gives me the ability to hold my tongue

8.Quiver- How romantic... "He makes me Quiver"

9.Queen- Although I am a Princess, I am also the Queen of this household.

10.Quiet- I love it most when I am quiet and able to listen to Gods small voice, I love those times. God is Good.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

War Zone

War Zone I mean School Zone

Every day when I drop off and pick up my son from school and arrive home safe and sound I breathe a sigh of relief. I feel like I enter a war zone each time I enter the dreaded School Zone.

Unfortunately, to get to Eric's school I must pass by a High School, we try to leave early enough to miss traffic but it seems like others are beginning to do the same.

The other day I was behind a truck load of guys driving 5 mph by the school. Come on the speed limit is 25!!!

The biggest problem with passing the High School is the endless stream of kids crossing the street. There are no longer crossing guards, I try to make sure the kids are completely clear of the intersection before proceeding but it is really difficult. Today a school bus was stopped with its read lights flashing. A steady stream of kids were crossing the street so I stopped and can you believe someone honked at me! I just couldn't believe it.

Every day when I pick Eric up from school is way worse and literally gives me a heart attack. I park on the curb and wait for Eric but when I pull from the curb there are kids on scooters, bikes, and skateboards that drive in between the cars on the curb and the cars in the street. This is just a two lane street so believe me these kids are squeezing in between the cars. Then there are the parents that park across the street and make their kids jay walk through the moving traffic to them. I chewed out Cam when I found out he parked on the wrong side of the street and made Eric cross. "It's just a small street" That's not the point! You are making your brother break the law!

The situation is a nightmare and I know one day soon a kid will get hit. I have called the school and not much was done about it.

When I go to work at the elementary school it is a jay walking nightmare, the parents park and cross with little babies and their 3 year olds in tow. I just shake my head. Once a mother entered the drop off zone with her child from in between two parked cars and Yelled a profanity at me, I am sorry, I was just following the rules. Plus I was in shock at the word she yelled in the presence of her child.

Oh well, So, I daily enter the war zone, All I can do is be armored with prayer and a hedge of protection, I follow the rules of the road, and just shake my head.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Week-Aversary

It is hard to believe and even surreal that it has been an entire week since the kids got married.

I remember when Steve and I got married we celebrated all those little Aversaries, One week-aversary, and every Month-aversary for a year. It was a fun way to be grateful and a wonderful excuse for another romantic evening.

We wanted to show our thanks to all our church family for all the amazing help they gave us so Steve and I got to get up and say speeches in church. This is hard for us cause we are both criers but we got through it.

The message I wanted to get across was how honored we were. Honored by the people who worked so hard to decorate, set things up, cook, serve, take things down etc. Every aspect of this wedding required help and people rose to the occasion and we are grateful.

It was a blessed day.
And a Thankful one too.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Can't Read

Although my sister was just 18 months younger and I, She was always the "Little Sister".

I remember when she was about 10, she was lying on the floor reading the funny pages and I said "What are you doing? You Can't Read!!!" We still laugh about that comment and it is one of our family "Jokes"

She reminded me of our joke last week when we were hanging out, she was showing me how to post pictures and I was writing the captions when she said "You can't type" We both got a laugh out of it.

Eric, my 13 year old keeps amazing me with how grown up he is becoming. Taking out the trash and putting away the dishes was always Cameron's job because Eric was just too short to reach the cabinets or the large trash cans the city gives us. He was shorter than me for the longest time until last year when he grew about a foot or so, he now towers over me and laughs about it all the time. He laughs all the way to the trash cans and the kitchen cabinets.

Today we were at Costco and I was wanting to get Gas. He said "I'll do it" I thought to myself, "You can't do that" but,not only can he read, but he can even use an ATM. Wow!

My baby is growing up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Put in my place

I am always amazed when I see a PTA Mom friend escorting her baby (I know it was just a baby yesterday) to school or pre-school.

Now that I have been at the school almost 6 years it is starting to happen more often.

Yesterday in the lunch line I saw a friend and said "No way, this isn't your little baby now in preschool"

The mom nodded and the little girl said "My name is ---- and I can talk too!"

I said "You sure can, and I won't forget... I promise"

Put me in my place.

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady - Name Game

Sometimes I wonder if it might not be a good idea if everyone who has anything to do with working at an elementary school should just change their names to "TEACHER" That is what they call us, every single person, including the noon aides, office workers, us kitchen ladies and the nurse.

I counted, and today a student said "Teacher" 37 times until he finally stopped.

It is just one of my random thoughts...

Get this... It's a classic...

Today, a bratty fifth grader with a WAY too big head and ego said to me.

"SO, Why did your parents name you TROYYYYY Did they like High School Musical or something??"

I am sorry, I am almost 47 years old. This comment just cracked me up.

my answer

"Or something"


I am so proud of the little photo album I have put together of the kids wedding I am so tempted to show anyone and EVERYONE.

I swear I was totally tempted to show the girl in the checkout at the grocery store.

I am so baddddd!!! Just think when I am a Graham Cracker!

Dropped off the planet

I was married before the cell phone era but my parents saw us a couple days after we were married when we came by to open our gifts. Cam and Beka were wanting a two week private honeymoon and it looks like they meant it! Yesterday I had a little emergency where I needed a passcode from Cam, his phone wasn't working so I expected to leave a message on Beka's "The mailbox for the party you have called is full and is accepting no more messages"...

I get it. They are Honeymooning, you don't have to tell me twice.

911 only

Eric- "What do you think Beka and Cameron are doing RIGHT NOW?"

Troy- "Since it is about 3:00 I would think they are maybe eating"

Eric- " I DON'T Baum Chicka Baum Baum"

Troy- "How was school today?" Subject change...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From this day forward

Even with all the happiness of the wedding day, my heart did feel for my dear husband.

With his sisters death in April, Steve is now the last surviving member of his immediate family. He has Uncles in other parts of the country but none that are close.

He made a comment that he was sad his sister did not live to see Cameron's wedding day and that he had no family at the wedding.

Since the death of my parents and aunts and uncles my family has also gotten much smaller, but we are still close and I did have several family members at the wedding.

It is one of those you can say all the right words like "Today you now have a daughter like you always wanted" Or "Your family will continue to grow" But in reality, it just is a drag to only be 54 and be the last person alive in your immediate family. I have no idea what it would be like to not have my brothers or sisters, I would be lost and horribly sad. Sad like he is.

His whole life he was told he would not amount to anything by his father and sister who ended up taking their own lives. He knows there is nothing but wonderful future for our family. He knows the decisions he made as head of this household is what has brought him to this day with a son now married and beginning his own Christian family. He is a leader, an example and the best man I know.

I just wish for one day, I could take away his hurt.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Second Most Beautiful Day.

This a grab your cup of coffee and make sure you have gone pee kind of blog, you might want to grab a hankie too. I hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me and my wedding diaries.

Love to you and blessings,

Well, I didn't lose 200 lbs in 6 months like I had hoped. So I was grateful that God has helped me to love who I am until he gives me the strength to change. God is amazing because Friday I began feeling that twinge in my throat telling me a serious cold was coming on. By Saturday when I had the girls over to help me with the alter I was kind of useless and not really very focused. I am so grateful that they just took over and crafted away. By Saturday night I had received a second wind and we were up pretty late working on things and made giant headway for Sunday.

You know, at first I thought "Sunday? Why a wedding on Sunday?" But all in all, I was so glad for the Sunday Wedding, we had all day Saturday so actually Sunday was relaxing which was great because I was so sick that when I woke from my nap and had missed church I had totally forgotten it was even the wedding day.

But again God is good, I was relaxed and perked up for the several hours of the wedding I had no cold symptoms at all, I was in awe of Gods mercy.

My hubby looked dashing in his tux and LOVED his Converse tennis shoes (the wedding had kind of a shoe thing going on) I was so blessed with my replacement dress, it was exactly what I needed to boost my esteem, I felt I looked the best I possibly could, and Stevie said we looked the best we had since our own wedding day(he's a keeper). My blouse was pretty but simply encrusted in glitter, I shook it, and I even took a lint brush to it and yet I was like I was a little magical fairy spewing my glittery dust all over. You could tell who had hugged Troy that's for sure.

Steve and I arrived to the wedding on time to find things were delayed, it gave us time to greet guests and gave me time to be with my Cammy for a few minutes and of course pin on his flowers. That was MY JOB and no one else was going to do that!

I was so excited and happy for my son, he was getting married and he was ready. Eric walked me down the aisle with Steve near by and I had all my family on notice that I wanted a picture of Cameron's expression as he sees Beka for the first time. I have gotten several shots and it is totally cool to see his face... Priceless.

It was amazing, and really surreal (again that word) to sit in the first row at a wedding. I have sat in the first row at two funerals, but never a wedding. What a view! The best seat in the house! God gave me the strength to go through the entire ceremony without a tear, I was so filled with joy and Steve and I were so honored by the children,for some reason I was bold while Steve sobbed, I held him and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony.

It was a true ceremony, not too short, not too long, there were some really cool moments especially when they were sharing communion, they snuggled and Eskimo kissed like they had for so long, I loved that part.

The pastors message was great and the soloist was wonderful, then it came time for them to exchange their purity rings for marriage rings and I felt a hush over the audience when it was announced that as part of their purity pledge Cam and Beka would be kissing on the lips for the first time. The moment arrived and boy oh boy, no one was disappointed by that kiss, It truly rivaled the kiss of Princess Bride which I quoted in the post of their picture.

"Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.

this one left them all behind" That's for sure!

Then the reception began and it was wonderful to see a lifetime of family and friends there for the occasion. I tried my best to visit everyone but catching up will have to be done at another time and made me aware that contact with these people is something that should not be lost.

I was right in the middle of introducing my friends to each other, it has always amazed me that I have so many super special friends that mean so much to me and are such a part of my life but they don't know each other. I was so excited to sit with my gaggle of gal hens when Cam said it was time for our Mother Son dance. My heart lept. Can I get through this?

We went up to the dance floor and the DJ gets my kudos for perfectly playing my secretly selected dance song "Go Go Power Rangers" Cam was a great sport and we had so much fun being silly dancing to the song that was such a part of his youth. Then came our "Real" song "My wish" by Rascall Flatts.

The words are exactly what my heart felt and Cam and I sang it to each other as he twirled me and I reached high above my head and twirled him and we held each other so tight. Honestly I think we rocked the mother/son dance and made it memorable and our own. There weren't many dry eyes in the house.

The kids had their first dance in the sunset so I cant wait to see how gorgeous those photos will be.

All in all, it was probably the most wonderful wedding I have ever been to, I always have said my most beautiful day was my own wedding day. I am so grateful I have that, but now I can say my sons wedding was my second most beautiful day and for that will be blessed for many years to come.

Ten on Tuesday P

Ten on Tuesday Wedding Memories

1-10 . Passion Times Ten-

"Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.

This one left them all behind."

Need I say any more...

Blessings to the new married couple.

Wedding pics

Here is a slideshow of the wedding... That is the best we can do.

Sydney Help me!!!

Posted Pictures!!!!!

To start you off, Here is a slideshow of the rehearsal dinner. It was a good time had by all.

Sad to say

I am extremely sad to say my 1st posting lesson didn't go well. Apparently, because I have an elderly five year old computer posting will be more challenging that expected. I have the pictures uploaded but the problem is finding them and getting them into photo bucket. It is not something someone can simple tell me over the phone, Sterling tried for over an hour until I was in tears.

I have the most amazing story to tell and the pictures will simply bring you to one of the most blessed and magical weddings of all times.

I am praying I will be able to figure this out soon.

Love to you all

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is that my heart?

Is that my heart beating a mile a minute? Or is that my knees shaking? Maybe it's my hands trembling...

No, it is just me, a typical excited mother of the groom getting ready for her eldest sons wedding...

What a blessed day it will be.

Hankie Wah Wah

I LOVE MYSPACE!!! I joined this network because my cousin said she would make me a cool page. Sincerely, that is the ONLY reason I joined. Of course, she made me a page I love and have little desire to change because it is totally me.

Because of my love of writing, (and of course God) I have met some amazing Bosom, Kindred Spirit friends. I have met several and would be happy to meet more anytime.

One thing that comes with blogging or should I say with my blogging... You know just about everything about me. My life is an open book.

I could even do a survey... Name 10 things that Troy loves, that's an easy one.

Well, today in the mail I got a wonderfully thoughtful surprise from the MySpace gals

Some Vintage Hankies to wipe my wedding day tears. Oh how I love the Vintage.

Yes, I have decided to carry the yellow most lacy one and keep the other two in my purse as back ups.

I expect to do A LOT of crying tomorrow.

Thanks gals... I'm feeling the LOVEEEEEEE

Shrinking list

I am happy to announce that my seemingly endless list is shrinking. I have been told I am very calm and I think it may have to do with my sincere desire NOT to procrastinate. I have been asking my non-procrast mentor Leighann almost daily "Is it too early for me to do this?" Yes, Troy chocolates will melt if you make favors a month in advance. OK... I am getting it.

I was doing so well today I even had time to be sick with a really bad sore throat. I was really under the weather and thanks to some wonderful gal pals, my wedding alter vision has come to complete fruition. I know, I know... Post the pics. Well, I took them, and will post as soon as my lesson is over but I can tell you... It is really pretty.

On the night before I got married, I was so nervous I developed leg cramps, I was crying and of course went in and crawled in-between my parents. That was one of the best sleeps of my life. The next day, I was Mrs. Miller.

Tonight I have my Cameron Angel, My little Cammy Wammy, My little Peboes, My darling Lovebug home for the night I told him that it is his choice, he can sleep in any bed in our house and you know where he chose? Of course...

Eric's bed. Yes, in this house, Eric has the comfiest bed. All the kitties know it and if Yogi had an escalator to his top bunk he would be there too. Eric gave up his bed and will sleep on the bottom bunk.

Sleep tight my son.

Tomorrow is a brand new day...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Posting Lesson

Monday, My sister has promised to come over and take all day if necessary to show me how to post pictures on my blogs.

This ability has simply been one I have not been able to master, I know I am trainable, but I think for this, I will need to be shown.

I am so looking forward to spending time with her, I miss her horribly and when I held her in my arms I miss her even more.

She brought me the most beautiful mega gigantic corsage called a Texas Mum. It is so detailed and gorgeous and weighs a pound and is a good foot long. I LOVED it!!!
(But I still hate Texas) Oh yeah, and without a doubt the best green grocery bags to add to my collection.

I promise, to end this journey through my sons marriage I will learn to post and show you all pictures of everything!!!

I promise!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sore Feet/ Warm Heart

Well, tonight was the wedding rehearsal. My day was a whirlwind from the second I got up until now at 11:55 pm.

I knew all would be good and the house would come together, it always does.

Yesterday I received an amazing blessing from my Bunco pal Barbara. She came over and helped me give my house a super duper clean. I fully intended to pay her generously for her services but she refused. The thought of this blessing still makes me cry. I told her "I will accept your gift as a blessing from God" but in reality,
I simply can't believe that I am worthy of someone doing something so special and SOOO needed for me. Plain old simple me.

But, I guess we have done something right in this lifetime, if we ask, people help. My brother, sil, and sister Penny who came home from Texas ( I still hate Texas) helped set up all the tables and food and everything looked simply spectacular if I do say so myself.

The rehearsal was fun, the kids were so sweet, they are totally ready to do this. Last year they were young college students, today they were a Bride and Groom.

I am all about the details, the kids loved all the special touches like the printed M&M's (super expensive) to the sepia tone versions of their favorite pictures. I served their favorite ice creams for dessert and everyone had a great time.

Blessings abound


This has been a busy but fun week in our household. Crazy though, and Surreal (again with that word) because this is Cams last week as an unmarried man.

The "Lasts" can be small like the last time he will play Wii with his brother, to large like the last family meal with us.

We took him to breakfast this morning to the same coffee shop we have been going to since he was born. He actually ate his first solid food at this shop and they used to have the boys picture up on their bulletin board, they are like our weekly family so this was indeed a big and special Last.

These "Lasts" have been memorable, BUT

Not as memorable as all the "FIRSTS" he will be experiencing next week.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am off of work now until after the wedding. I took the extra days off because


It has been almost two years since she moved to Texas ( I hate Texas)
I miss her every day and for selfish reasons, am so excited that she decided to come alone to the wedding.

I can't wait to spend time with her, go shopping with her like we used to and just enjoy her presence.

Our family has felt small without her, it is amazing how much difference one person makes.

My to do list is still really long but I know it will all get done.


4 days until "I Do"

From The Archives

When Cameron and Beka were dating in High School, I was so proud of them, I saw them making a concious effort to keep God in the center of their relationship helping them to remain faithful to their vows of purity, I was always a Cam and Beka supporter even in the most difficult times when they were apart. Here is a poem I wrote to them in 2006. God Still has a plan.

God Has A Plan

The excitement of a new friendship.

So much in common, hours of amazing conversation.

Sparks were there, but God had a plan

Two mothers meeting, chatting, wondering

Ever Fearful of their babies’ young hearts.

Love came and the Moms said "Why Not?"

"Best Friends"was the answer, but, God had a plan.

Two teens in a friendship so loving and dear

Wondering, thinking, dreaming of Love too.

Talking, mentoring, crying, and praying.

But God had a plan.

One year later, with a friendship going strong.

Love could no longer wait,

A bold young man took a step.

A new couple was formed. God as the center. God had a plan.

Love filled conversations, dates, afternoons, nights.

Ever on each others minds.

Two moms pleased and proud of their children’s decisions

And regard for each other. God had a plan

A year of ups and downs but still going strong,

Full of love and commitment

Hopes, Dreams, Prayers.

Cam and Beka, God has a plan.
Happy Anniversary
Love, Mom

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food 101

I have always said one thing about my husband. Steve is easy to feed but hard to understand. It is very true, and since I came from the old school of "You don't like what I cooked then sit there and starve" I am not much of a picky eater either.
Steve and I have well matched pallets except for one thing... The Bell Pepper.

While I believe Bell Peppers have their place like sauteed over a bratwurst, Steve thinks they could be a daily staple. I make soup and he says "Bell Pepper would be good in this" No honey, Chicken Noodle soup does not need Bell Peppers... I also really hate Stuffed Bell Peppers. I refuse to make them, a tomato rice and hamburger giant meatball in a pepper... To me YUK. Steve has actually almost whined for his stuffed favorites so I was happy when I discovered Ralph's has them made up in their Deli. There is honestly a look of joy on my hubby's face when I bring them home, I will cook them, but I won't make them. I think that is a pretty good compromise.

One of the first things Cam and Beka noticed about each other is they also have pretty common likes and dislikes. They are both picky eaters but Beka draws the line at the hamburger. She is just not a fan of the ground round where Cameron lives for a good burger. The bigger the better. The dude can down a double six dollar burger that even defeats his dad. Their compromise... The George Foreman Grill and burgers in the freezer.

Since most restaurants offer a non burger alternative, they usually don't have much problem going out but I know there is one place Cam loves that only does the burger, I was going to cook, but I honestly heard a twinge of excitement when I suggested for his last family dinner before the wedding the good old California Classic In and Out. Cam got a 4x4 which is a four patty special, Eric, always trying to live up to brother couldn't finish his 3x3. We had a great dinner, excellent conversation and enjoyed our special night.

It's all about compromise.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Move Over Heidi Klum

When I was driving today I was thinking about my new signature MODDIL and I realized, I will no longer be MOD I will be a MODDIL (Troy version of Model)

Hee Hee Hee... Move over Heidi Klum.

Just made me smile...

Deodorant Facial

Deodorant Facial- A Love Story

OK, since the show "Platinum Weddings" bums me out seeing all the extravagance when my sons wedding is on a literal shoe string, I decided to climb down the ladder and take a gander at the always entertaining "My Big Redneck Wedding".

On that show I have seen anything from them killing their own wild hog for the wedding dinner to mattress surfing as part of the reception activities. Redneck brides are cool though, They NEVER are afraid of getting dirty, mostly because their weddings usually involve mud and they never care about the weather, or their hair, they will get married in the rain no problem and don't mind at all if their guests get wet cause jeans and camouflage is the normal wedding attire.

Well, this version of Redneck wedding was the Ultimate Surprise union called "The Greatest Redneck Wedding Ever" The host Tom Arnold (who admitted he still is spending Roseanne's money) secretly followed the couple around as they made their wedding plans and took the event to Platinum Redneck proportions. For instance, the bride really wanted her dream Beer Can bridal arch and he had one made involving thousands of cans that was so colorful it looked like a parade float. Their other dream was to marry in the middle of the mud bog racing track while the race was going on...(makes my heart race just thinking about it) The owner didnt think it would be safe for some reason but good old Fairy Godfather Tom arranged it for them. Of course no dream redneck wedding would be complete without the guests all seated on actual toilets at the reception and the worlds largest beer slide. What fun!

All was set for the ceremony which was of course performed by Tom himself who had been ordained just for the occasion. The bride and groom were nervous as expected, and because of the recent rainfall,which was great for the mud, the humidity was at an all time high, so after fashioning her hair in a ponytail the bride began her beautification ritual including a deodorant facial. You heard me right, she slathered her face with a deodorant stick and said in the mirror, "This better work, or I am going to complain to the company" Humidity+Sweat =Deodorant, you wouldn't want that shiny look on your big day!
Pores is Pores...

After all was said and done, the happy couple took their inaugural foam joust into a mud pit and the groom affectionately cut the mud soaked bottom of his brides dress off, She married her dream man, the man she is blessed to see every morning she wakes. For him, the feeling is mutual.

Tom said, he has been married three times and still is looking for a love like theirs.

I brought this up simply because it is very hot here in Cali and I am wondering...
Does Mary Kay carry Face Deodorant?...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ten Things I am Thankful For---O---

My Blogging friends and I are on a fun adventure in vocabulary by posting ten things we love and are thankful for in alphabetical order. This week we are on the letter O.
Since it looks like a ring and I am in wedding mode, I decided to post my Ten on Tuesday O Wedding version.

O- Ordering Oatmeal. (A line from Alligators All Around one of Cameron's childhood favorites)

In no specific order

1. Ovaltine- Love that malty goodness, I actually just purchased some. What it has to do with a wedding, I do not know.

2. Oath- Promise, vow, pledge I swear!

3. Obey- I don't remember if I said I would, but I have such a sweet hubby that if he asks, I do.

4. Obstacles- Or trials as I call them, Cam and Beka have overcome several obstacles that have made them a better, stronger, more devoted couple and have brought them to this day.

5. Optimism- I have always been a Cam and Beka supporter, my famous line was why wouldn't God send his servants the right one first.

6. Original- Believe me... With Steve Hays conducting the wedding ceremony, it will definitely be original.

7. Outfit- Yippee!!! So glad I found mine!!!

8. Overwhelmed- With God's help, I do not expect to be

9. Owned- I have always been grateful for the freedom my husband allows me. I have never felt Owned.

10. Occasion- This wedding will indeed be a blessed occasion. People will be moved by the kids devotion to God and each other.

God bless Cam and Beka

Want to read more 10's check out my friend Crayl. Giving God the Crayon

Bad Patient

Just like they say that Doctor's are bad patients.

Old school manicurists are the worst Pedicure customers.

When I was a manicurist I made sure my customers were comfortable, I would cut, file and polish their nails to perfection, their massage was just as they liked it, our conversation would be fun, and they enjoyed their time spent with me.

It's called Customer Service!

These days I am in total shock that it is perfectly normal for us to spend $20 minimum to be treated like garbage by manicurists and pedicurists.

I have had several pedicures and I have to say, I have never had an excellent experience. It is all about getting the job done.

But it shouldn't be like that. I would like to believe that in their native country whatever it may be, the manicurists are kind to each other.

Not a word was said to me except "Water" Oh yea and "Callus Removal?"

I am sorry, but my $20 is more valuable than that.

What a concept to open a nail salon with manicurists that give actual customer service, speak to the customers with respect and interest and make you feel good.

Luckily, I had my friend with me which did make the trip fun, but pampered, I was not!!!


Labor Day

No TV allowed in our house today, It is Labor Day!!! Eric, Steve and I have to do lists and we are on our way.

Some of the events of the week.

Tuesday night... Last family dinner before the wedding

Wednesday... Mommy Son Breakfast
Penny arrives from Texas... Yippee!!!

Friday... Rehearsal at our house

Saturday... Breakfast and last minute wedding decorating

Sunday... The big day!!!

I really want to try to savor the moments of this week, but I know that will be an impossible task.

Time flies when you are having fun.