Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Squish The Girls

I know I am 47 years old and this should have been done sooner but it is just one of those things I have just not done for one reason or another. Yesterday I had my first Mammogram.

I have heard all about the procedure in detail from my girlfriends so I went in with an open mind, but of course the tech could read the fear all over my face. Oh well I have never been one to "Be Strong"

Honestly, it was a no biggie and not much worse than any other x rays I have had, I would rather have a mammogram than go to the dentist and now that I said that I could easily pick 10 other things I rather have a mammogram than do.

When I got home my Stevie greeted me with a giant hug and tears in his eyes, Troy, are you getting old? You are having so many tests and it is making me worried.

I told him, better safe than sorry, wouldn't you rather have a test done as routine over waiting until you were worried about something? He agreed and felt better.

Girlfriends, if you are afraid of mammograms, take it from me... Go for it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Swine Flu

Honestly, I am not a germ a phobic, I really am not, but this flu scare along with the fact that a ton of our schools kids are from Mexico and tell me all the time about their trips to Mexico AND the fact that we kitchen ladies are face to face with just about every kid in the entire school makes me want to find a cute Hello Kitty or Barbie pink face mask to serve the food...

Comment of the day: "I saw you yesterday, but you didn't have that thing on your hair"

Yes, shocking as it may seem I do not always wear my hairnet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Conversation with my teen

I was watching a show called "I didn't know I was pregnant" and Eric decided to join me... The show was discussing that the woman being profiled probably became pregnant because she was taking antibiotics which made her birth control pills ineffective...

Eric- Mom, Do you take Birth Control Pills?

Troy- (almost hysterically laughing with shock at the question) No

Eric- Oh Yeah, you had your tubes tied

Troy- No, Dad had his tubes tied right after you were born

Eric- Pure silence...

Ting, Ting, Ting... That is the sound of a pin dropping the boy was so silent...

Just goes to prove, no subject is taboo unless it has to do with

"The Jewels"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Thankful Tuesday Last Week's Edition

I am totally thankful for last week, today and tomorrow too!!!

Have a blessed day


1. Tangerines- On sale and very yummy and juicy, not dried out. There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money for nasty fruit!

2. Our Swimming pool- 11 years ago when we bought our 15 foot above ground pool it was the perfect size for our little family, now the pool is too small, but it is still good, matched with a trampoline and we have the best cannon ball pool in the world.

3. Steve our go to guy- Our dear friend is always there for us. The Needles family is the best! Congratulations Stephanie on your Engagement!!!

4. My gift wheels (Troyism)- I love turning on the wheels in my mind to buy cool, thoughtful gifts for the ones I love.

5. BUNCO- Bunco with my regular group Wednesday and Couples Bunco Saturday. Steve won a pot so the sore loser was in a good mood.

6. Ham- Dinner on Easter turned to beans on Monday, and chili with cornbread another day and refried on another day. Yummy

7. Bible Study- I have learned a lot about forgiveness from this study of the story of Joseph

8. Eric- He is showing what he is made of and making good choices. You rock!

9. Trini- My dear friend and mega prayer warrior. She listens to Gods prayer instructions and calls just when she needs to. Thanks for the added prayer for baby Anthony

10. Thrifty's Ice Cream- Rite Aid for those not of the old school like me. Chocolate Malted Crunch is the best!

Monday, April 20, 2009

True Colors

When you become a parent, you have such hopes and dreams for your child. I have always shown my sons right from wrong and taught them to respect others, tell the truth, and do what is right.

I have never had a house with tons of rules. Like my mother, communication has always been the key to my parenting, I feel my kids can discuss any subject with me and I believe they know that can come to me.

It is a proud day when your parenting pays off and you see your child making excellent choices, being respectful and good in spite of this world and the difficult teen years ahead of him.

Eric, You honor daddy and I

Love ya

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where's Your MOM!

Friday night Eric and I went to the local High School to see their annual dance recital, normally, this is a wonderful experience, I get lost in the music and I am always captivated by the movements of the kids and the gliding fabrics of their costumes visually it is stunning and Dance is something that I just plain dig!

Of course I know I am at a High School and I know (although I don't understand) that to high schoolers the signs everywhere saying no flash photography, no videos and please turn off cellphones do not apply to them.

You know how people sometimes say "My mother would roll over in her grave" (now that I just wrote that I wonder about the origin of that saying) Well I am not dead but that night I almost rolled over in my grave.

The young girl behind me had her cellphone on with its bright blue light shining over my shoulder I looked back and said "Honey, no taping allowed" She said "Oh" but a couple minutes later she started again, there was just no stopping her...

Spare me...

"Where's Your MOM?" I thought

Oh yeah, she is the one next to you who just took her SECOND!!! cellphone call during the performance...

Makes you wonder...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was tagged!!!

My dear friend Crayl at Beyond black and white tagged me in a meme but I don't know what a meme is, I think it is about Me Me Me (but then it would be a mememe) oh well... Here are my answers.

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1.Tomorrow night Eric and I will be going to the dance recital at the local High School. They have an amazing dance program and put on a great and always sold out show. I always cry with pride at how wonderful the girls (and boys) do.

2.Tonight's bible study, I have learned so much about forgiveness and myself during this study of the story of Joseph.

3.Weddings, Weddings, Weddings. We have three coming up (so far) this year. Three amazing young couples who will be starting their God Blessed lives together.

4. Eric graduating from middle school. I know we will be starting all over in High School, but Eric has grown so much in the past three years and I am so proud of my wonderful young man.

5.Every month's Bunco, I am a part of the best group and look forward to Bunco every month!

6. The next time I will be able to see my gal pals in San Diego don't know when it will be but I miss them and want to see the babies!!!

7. The day I am asked to speak at a women's ministry function. I know God is moving me in this direction Yippee Skippee!

8. The day I become a Gramcracker!!!(my word for grandma) Hopefully not too soon though.

8 Things I did yesterday:

It was a busy one so this is easy

1. Mapped out my busy day which was a great idea and led to a wonderful stress free evening.

2. Put the meat in the crock pot and later made some really good BBQ beef for the Bunco Gals.

3. I like to make Bunco special when it is at my house to say thanks to the 12 gals for cramming into my tiny house so I made all the girls a flower pen, you know where you take a flower and attach it to a pen using floral tape. It gave me a little carpal tunnel cramp but worth it.

4. Worked, gotta fit that in...

5. Made my Mom's famous green salad for the first time and although it wasn't exactly like Mom's it was still great!

6. Arranged a special surprise for the girls and had our pal Dusty who moved to Idaho call and catch up with everyone.

7. I actually hit TWO Buncos!!! in our group that means I got two gifts!

8. Smiled as I thought of my blessings and the wonderful friends I have in my life.

8 Things I wish I could do.

1. This is my #1 thing I wish I could do and everyone should know it by now cause I talk about it all the time. SING!!!! I wish I had a voice of an angel and could sing sing sing!!!

2. Not me necessarily, but my doctors, I wish we could figure out why I am anemic or better yet, God can just heal me and get it all over with.

3. See my sister any time I want and go to craft faires like we used to.

4. Find really good forever jobs with benefits for the people we know that are out of work. Steve and I were thinking about it and we know at least 8 people that are out of work. I think that number is shocking!

5. Open the learning doors for Eric and free him from learning disabilities so he could be one of those kids who can just get great grades without struggling for every crumb of education. But I know it is Gods plan for him so I don't worry about it this is just a wish list right?

6. I wish I could afford to do all the things to my home I dream, I don't really want a new house but I would love to gut it and redo it.

7. Take a Hawaiian cruise with my entire family.

8. Find the perfect shade of long wearing lipstick. I am always trying...

8 Shows I enjoy

1. Amazing Race
2. CSI
3. Fringe
4. Secret life of American Teen
5. Deliver Me
6. House Hunters
7. Dog Whisperer
8. My guilty pleasure (no kids allowed) Rescue me

8 people I tag

Not all of my friends who read have a blog but here is whom I tag and you can send your responses to my email Hee Hee

Susan Needles
My New friend Pat Bobbies sister
Debbie from Bunco
Ashley in Germany
Karen Burr

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- The Cafeteria Rules are Finite

"He's Cutting!!!"

How does a four year old learn that cutting in line is wrong?
That question has perplexed me for years...

But learn fast they do, and I am sorry if you forgot your milk, you have lost your place in line... How does a four year old learn that too?

Hey, did Dora the Explorer ever explore a school cafeteria? maybe that's where they get it.

Oh the things I see...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Click, Click, Click

I decided to pay one of my bills online today.
Sign in
Enter Id and Password
Wrong Id and Password try again
Wrong again, I am sure that is the right one, maybe it is case sensitive so I try again
Still wrong so I check the lost my Id box
What is the name of your first pet? I know that!
What is your home town? I know that!
Your Id is ******* Oh, just what I thought but I put a 1 at the end. Spare me.
Entered Id and password again
OK the Id is now right so it must be the password, but I know my password maybe it is case sensitive too
Checked the "forgot my password"box
What is your Id? OK that I know
I get the password and it is just as I thought with a 1 at the end. Ugh
Sign In
Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click and the bill is paid.

Online bill pay, So much easier than using a stamp.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Funny

Last Night Steve and I were driving through McDonalds and after the girl gave us our food I said "Happy Easter"

She said "Here's your Napkins"

He is risen indeed...

A Hundred Yellow Ribbons

For awhile now I have driven by a home that was decorated in red white and blue with yellow ribbons on the chain link fence. Obviously this family has a child in the military. I have driven by this house daily and honestly not given their child much thought.

Today Eric and I were driving to a party and were amazingly blessed, we noticed about 30 people standing in the front yard of the house and the faded decorations were all replaced by shining yellow ribbons and red, white, and blue everywhere, just as we were passing the house a car turned in front of us and arrived in front of the house, kids were running in front of the car "He is here, He is here" and the car pulled up with American flags waving like it was the Presidents car and as I passed I caught a glimpse of the young Marine's arrival. I couldn't help but cry with happiness for this family and give a prayer of thanksgiving for the soldier's safe return.

It made me think of all the trials going on around me, financial, health, work etc... and all I can do is be grateful, grateful that I serve a risen savior who sacrificed for me, Troy Miller. I hope you know him because his sacrifice was for you as well... He is risen... HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!

It's Not About the Bunny


If you ever are going to have an upper or lower GI test and want to know the TMI version I will be happy to tell you.

This test physically drained me and today two days later I am finally beginning to feel a bit more energetic, I started to take my iron again so I am hoping I will be back on my feet again by Monday.

Thanks for the prayers and hopefully we can get down to the reason for this anemia soon.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tagless Yeah Right!

I like to buy comfortable knit shirts of all kinds and have never liked the tags in the back but you deal with it and remove it. To me it is one of those things in life pretty much a small thing on my list of world problems.

Recently, my favorite shirts have become "Tagless" A novel idea, but they still have to put the tag somewhere so they sew it into the side seam. Now when I put my shirts on I have a scratchy waist until I remove the tag.

So, what's the diff???

I'm Off

I am so grateful I have God in my life, I have complete peace about todays procedures. I did everything my long list of instructions said to do and we are off.

It says we will be there for four hours and I will be asleep which is kind of an insecure feeling but better to be out and not know anything I always say...

The only thing that makes me uneasy is that we recently saw a movie called Ghost Town where a guy has this procedure and dies for several minutes and wakes up seeing Ghosts.

Thankfully, I dont believe in Ghosts.

Love ya

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

While I am sitting here...

While my house is quiet and I am all alone listening to "My" music on Itunes I came up with a funny thought...

(In no particular order)
1) Magic Eraser Sponges- Love'em, they get into the cracks and make everything so sparkling.
2) Cardboard window shades- Ok, folded cardboard with a picture on it selling for $9.99 Now that's an invention
3) The little plastic plug that keeps nail polish from spilling- one of the best inventions ever!
4) The Suction cup- How many are in your home?
5) Better yet... Magnets, Yes I would love to have the patent on magnets.
6) Doggie waste bags in the little fire hydrant holder dispenser that clips to your leash (all the dogs at the park we go to have them)
7) Tevo- no comment necessary
8) What movie was it where the guy had invented the cardboard sleeves they put on Starbucks cups? That would be a good one.
9) Ped Egg- If you haven't gotten one Do So!
And # 10 is something I did invent but someone stole my idea...
Flavored Creamer

I was robbed!!!

Is It A Car or a Graveyard???

You see those "In Memory Of" stickers on the backs of cars everywhere. I don't quite understand if the purpose of the stickers but I think they are a nice tribute anyways.

Yesterday however, Eric and I saw a car with "In Memory" stickers covering the entire back window of this large SUV.

I think they took the memorial a little too far...

Is it a car or a graveyard???

Clear Liquids

Today, I am on a diet of clear liquids to prepare myself for my upper and lower GI testing tomorrow.

So far I have had a ton of tea and some beef broth...

Man I wanted a cracker...

But lucky me at 12:00 noon I get to have my lunch...


I'll bet you wish you were me today.