Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Gene

In the past I have mentioned what I believe that some are born with the Star Wars gene and some are not.

My husband has the Gene so bad that he left our wedding rehearsal dinner to go see the first showing of Return of the Jedi. When we were married just one day we saw it again. I like Star Wars but I am sorry to say, I do not have the Gene.

Our sons have the Gene but the force runs stronger in Cameron than Eric. Star wars has always been a part of our lives and family, we wear the clothes, have all the DVD's and my garage is filled with action figures. One thing that we did not get into however was Transformers.

The toys were just too complicated to put back together once transformed so we just left it at that.

When the last Transformer movie came out I had no interest in seeing it but the men folk in the house went and loved it! The first day it came out on DVD we purchased it and they insisted I watch it and I liked it too. (Liked, enjoyed but did not love)

Last weekend we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate Eric's middle school graduation and we decided to go to the movies to see the new Transformers movie.

To me, it was entertaining, a little loud, a little confusing, but I did manage to stay awake the entire time which is a real positive for me. What I loved most about the movie however was the audience reaction. The kids LOVED the movie, they love the characters and cried when it was sad(one little boy had to be taken out of the theater cause he was so upset) and cheered when the good guys did good. I really enjoyed hearing the reactions because it reminded me of the good old days when my sons were younger and really got into the movies. If your child has the Transformer Gene then I suggest you take them for a fun ride. It made me smile...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life is such a gift

This week sad passing of celebrities Ed, Farrah, and Michael have me sad, but they got to live, parent and decide things for themselves.

When babies die I wonder, what's up with that? I know there will be a lesson learned and a testimony to share but still... why?

Why don't we get to play and lovie on them? That's what I miss the most when a baby dies, the opportunities...

For Smiles- My babies brought me smiles from the first minute, I can close my eyes and see baby Cameron "Smiling at Angels"

For Joy- The joy a baby brings to a loving household. Babies are tough work, but it is joy-filled. Our friends baby Anthony is now home after months of hospitalization and finally a heart transplant what joy! but now the work begins...

For Tears- I was so grateful for my baby Eric, I would cry out to the lord in thanks.

For Playing- There is nothing like watching your husband play with his baby.

Praying for sudden healing but then hearing of the loss of a young couples first born baby girl this week surprised me no end. I have heard of babies swallowing meconium before but never one dying from it. I am sadly reminded by baby Ciara that birth and life are indeed a miracle and a gift.

And I thank her for that...

Friday, June 26, 2009


Since I have been blogging, I don't think I have gone this long without writing a word. People have been messaging me from my Blogspot, Facebook, Myspace and Chicken Soup areas asking if I am OK and "why have I been so quiet?"

The answer is...

I don't know...

It has been 31 days since my last confession. Bless me father for I have sinned... I have taken the Lords name in vain (more than once I am afraid) I have watched TV shows that maybe I shouldn't have and Lord forgive me but I believe I may have gossiped. (Sorry I really am).

My lack of blogging is not for lack of inspiration. Tons of stuff has gone on, My Stevie had a health scare, our 26th anniversary (same day) Not one but THREE weddings, My Eric was the star of his 8th grade musical, A ridiculous amount of left over pizza, Eric's middle school graduation, Pride about how great my married son and daughter in love are doing, Miracles like baby Anthony coming home, Birthdays,Father's Day, and money blessings in the form of an Inheritance and a $1,000 scratcher. Yada Yada Yada...

Any of these things would have made for a great blog and yet all I can think to write about is this... Enjoy...

Tupperware Envy

We had Eric's 8th grade musical cast party here at the house, I planned for 20+ teens, ordered Three giant pizzas and only 6 kids showed up. I learned that day there is such a thing as too much left over pizza.

One girl brought some watermelon which was so nice, but did I notice her kindness?, No, all I saw was the totally cool Tupperware bowl she brought it in. If you know the world of Tupperware you will know this bowl, it is called a That's A Bowl, it is probably the best bowl for making cookies cause there is this really cool handle on the side for your thumb to grip while mixing. This is the largest bowl Tupperware offers and you too can get yours for 50% off if you hold a party, OR FREE with three bookings...

Over the years I have had TWO That's A Bowls at once but my abundance didn't last too long when a son left the extra bowl somewhere (such is life) I have a mini version that I like too, but never have I seen a bowl like the one that graced my home this day. It was narrower than the original, same great handle on the side but it was about 10 inches deep! to a popcorn, salad, chip serving mom like me this bowl was something to covet. (my above mentioned sin)It was obviously a Tupperware "Special Edition" and all I could think was WOW!

The party was over and guess what? THE GIRL FORGOT HER BOWL!!!!

Then the wild fantasies began to run through my mind..."The kids just graduated from middle school, the bowl owner girl is going to a different High School than Eric, they will never see each other again, I have NO WAY to contact her to return her bowl.Is it now MINE?!!!!!... Finder's Keepers! (evil laughter and wringing hands Blu Haa Haa Haa Haa)... When I washed the bowl, I noticed it was well used and obviously loved so I decided to wash it and leave it on the counter, although I have no way to contact the bowl owner she does know where I live...If a couple of weeks go by then I will claim the bowl by default and find it a home in the cupboard. Time went by... I began dreaming about my new bowl, thoughts like which font will I use when I write "Miller" on the bottom in sharpie...


Eric-"Oh Hi"
Girl-"I left my Mom's favorite bowl here, do you have it?"
Eric-"Sure, it's here on the counter"
Girl-"Great, my Mom was really mad that I left it"
Eric-"Here you go"

Troy-With a little tear, waved goodbye to what was loved but never hers...