Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't call me Sweetie

I have always loved baking. I am excited this year because I have a few days before Christmas to get my cookie baking done.

This year, I have gotten extra ambitious and decided to try my hand at candy making.

I have tried in years past I mean really tried and have failed miserably. I can get over the failed attempt but...


Well, I have beat this divinity that was "foolproof" now for about 40 minutes and all I have is white liquid.

I believe this is a failure and I will not even waste my pecans on it.

Cookies here I come.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ketchup Please Away

In honor of my sister who created the song (to the tune of jingle bells) Ketchup Please, Ketchup Please, Ketchup Please away...

This Kitchen Ladies Holiday Repotire...

Burrito Please, Burrito Please, Burrito Please away...

Have A Holly Jolly Pizza

And Everyone's favorite (sung to the tune of move it, move it from Madagascar)

I like to Reindeer, Reindeer
Then it starts...

I like to green beans, green beans

I like to apple, apple

Use your imagination.

Merry Christmas Vacation in just two days!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thankful List D for Christmas

I was challenged to create a Christmas list of D things that I am thankful for so I will give it a go...

1. Dog - Yogi barks every time the doorbell rings in the Ferrrero Rocher holiday commercial. It makes us giggle.

2. Decorations- It is funny how much I love my decorations when they go up and grow tired if them in just a few weeks.

3. Dishes- I love getting out my Christmas plates and mugs

4. Divinity- I am going to try to make it again this year. I know I will get it right if I keep trying.

5. Daily advent calendars- No fighting this year, we have an only child, actually it's kind of sad...

6. Delighted faces- On the kids at school whenever I mention the word Christmas, They are just so cute.

7. Dinner- I love hearing about what people have for dinner on Christmas, everything from Tamales, Enchiladas, Lasagna, Prime Rib to Ham, Dinner at Christmas is special.

8. Done and Wrapped- Everyone's favorite word when it comes to Christmas Shopping

9. Devotion- No Christmas would be complete in our house without Christmas Eve Service and remembering Jesus is the reason for the season.

10. Det's Dust Dace it, I Dove Dhristmas!!! Dights, Dookies, Dacation,Damily it is all DONDERFUL!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Christmas is the time of year when parents realize their children are growing up.

All of a sudden, they no longer want to sit on Santa's lap or roll their eyes at your Christmas music or look out of place and just too tall to be in Christmas Church plays. It is part of life and part of growing up.

Yesterday, my 14 year old had a realization that made me think... "You are now a young man"

Eric- "Mom, Why doesn't anyone recognize Superman when he has glasses on? He looks just the same as he does without them on, so he trips and acts clumsy and wears glasses and that fools everyone? I don't get it"

Mom- "Son, it is just one of those things... You just go with it"

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gift

I will never forget as long as I live. I was about to become a mother and I was really nervous about it. Kathy had just had Dane and was dealing with depression, her mom was there for her and it made me sad, you see, my mom was ill, she was on dialysis and it drained her so much she was simply not up to helping me with the baby.

In one day, all that changed and suddenly, we were in a waiting room in a hospital in Los Angeles waiting for mom to receive a Kidney transplant.

The donor that saved my moms life also saved the lives and sight of several other people that day with his gift.

For the next five years, my mom got to be the grandmother of her dreams and our family was truly blessed.

Monday, my boss will be donating a kidney to her sister, We have been anticipating this day for awhile now and have weathered frustrating set backs and postponements, but now it looks like the day is here.

Of course she is nervous, but she is ready too, this morning though God sent her an unexpected blessing in the form of our librarian who came up and told Nancy that she too had donated a kidney to a sibling. To see someone who is well and flourishing made Nancy's day. Then every teacher came into the cafeteria to wish her well and made a pot luck for her. She was the hero for the day and all the kids were a buzz, asking questions and she took it like a trooper and answered them all.

Monday, she will be getting a scar that will eventually be covered by a tattoo but the gift she will give will allow her sister to be the mom and grandmother of her dreams.

That is the ultimate priceless gift.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grown Up Christmas

I am so proud of my little family today.

Steve, Eric and I put up all our Christmas decorations WITHOUT CAMERON.

Cameron has always been the enforcer of our family holiday traditions, so I really thought he would want to be with us to do all the stuff like putting up the lights and finding the special ornaments to put on the tree. Not to mention the annual fight for the advent calendars...oh well...

I asked and he said no. Since we know he has a lot of new obligations, we have moved on without him. In one way it is sad but in another way I don't know when I have been prouder. I am so proud of Eric and the young man he is becoming and I am also proud of Steve who has stepped up to help when he would much rather turn the decorating reins over to the kids and I.

Our home looks lovely and it means so much to have it done.

One day, it will be just Steve and I... Wow the future is really coming...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Tag Along

When I first became involved in Cub Scouts I had a two year old in tow. Wherever we went so did he. Since this happens a lot in the Scout family, they even have a name for the youngsters... Tag Alongs. They can even wear a mini Scout uniform with a Tag Along patch on the sleeve. Everyone thinks it is so cute.

At our church we have a group for those 50 years and older called the "Prime Timers" They are a pretty active group and have get togethers and outings about once a month. One time they were going to a new restaurant in the city and Steve was interested in going. I said great, I have always wanted to go to that restaurant...Steve looked at me with all honesty and said...

"You can't go" He was completely serious.

I told one of the prime timers what Steve said and from then on I have become the Prime Timer Tag Along.

I love that group of people, they have fun, enjoy each others company and are blessed by the group.

Tonight was their Christmas party and it was a blast! Norm got out his slide guitar, how cool is that! Everyone got real live Kazoos! We sang beautiful Christmas Carols, played games and were completely blessed by the evening.

Three more years and I will be official... YIKES!!!

But for now... I am happy to be the Tag Along

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Life

Vacation is over and so is November blogging.

It's been fun, but duty and life calls...

Just three weeks to go for Christmas Vacation...