Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Bilingual

I don't often listen on conversations in the Cafeteria but today I saw a little guy go up to the preschool teacher and say in his four year old voice " Yesterday, I found a dog" She asked him to repeat himself and it caught my attention so I listened even harder and heard him repeat " Yesterday I found a dog" She they said, "Well if Jacob called you a star it is because you are a star. I almost shook my head in disbelief. Has it been that long since I could understand a four year old? Wow, did I feel old. I told the teacher, "Did you know you are bi-lingual?" Then I told her what I heard and what was acutally said. She was cracking up and said, I also understand Martian and Caveman.

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady Nuts and Bolts

Things kids tell the kitchen lady in under 30 seconds...

Today I came across a young man in the lunch line who was playing with a Lego Spiderman and finger-sized skate board. He was having a great time with his toy while waiting for his turn. I asked him about his skateboard and he began telling me all about skateboarding, the skate park he likes to go to and how all he does is skateboard. He told me about this amazing trick he was doing where he turned the board on its side, BUT, the trick still needs work cause he keeps hitting his nuts...

We live in Fontana Cali where we have a NASCAR speedway. I never can understand NASCAR, I find no enjoyment watching cars go around and round in the hopes of a crash. The BIG race was coming up and a boy told me in a completely drooly- excited voice about how he and his father were going to the races that weekend!!! WOW, I asked what he sees in NASCAR and told him I dont really understand it and he said, "Oh, that's easy... It's all about the engines" Ohhhhh, engines, tools, catch me before I faint...

Because of the popularity of High School Musical, I am now very popular because my name is Troy..." Wow, how did you parents know that name would be so cool?"...

But one of my favorites was the boy that came up to me with a face full of frosting and crumbs who said " I dropped my cake"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mary Jane Slipper Socks

I have made an amazing discovery, the Mary Jane style slipper sock. A few months ago my Bunco secret pal gave me a pink pair and I kind of thought "Slipper socks, not my favorite" BUT then I tried them on and was in love! They are soft and warm but light too, I can wear them inside all day and they keep my feet so nice and warm, the non skid treads are great too and if you take a nap cause you are totally sick, they go along for the ride and stay in place because of the strap across the instep.

Last month I got another pair from my Secret pal and last night I got another pair!!!

Three pairs.. Jackpot!!!

I love secret pals, and Mary Jane slipper socks

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dandelions for my son

Dandelions for my son

In a field of yellow flowers,underneath the sun,bluest eyes that spark with lightning,boy with shoes undone.He is young, so full of hope,reveling in tiny dreams,filling up, his arms with flowers,right for giving any queen.Running to her beaming bright,while cradling his prize.A flickering of yellow light,within his mother's eyes.She holds them to her heart,keeping them where they'll be safe,clasped within her very marrow,dandelions in a vase.She sees love, where anyone else would see weeds.all hope is found.Here is everything he needs.

The was my song for my little son who is now an honorable young man. I have done my time as the love of his life, nurturing, playing, sacrificing, training, dreaming, and praying. All my efforts lead to this day.

I give him to you Beka.

God Bless your engagement,


Love, Mom

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Black Cloud

This morning when I was driving Eric to school we both were noticing that in spite of all the warm weather we have been having how much snow is still left on the hills.

Eric then asked if I thought there would be any more storms soon and I said "Sure, there are always more storms in February"

I noticed that just above the hills was one dark grey storm cloud and I thought, isn't that just like life, You can be having a beautiful colorful bright shining sunrise morning and one lone storm cloud comes and tries to gloom up the day.

It is almost like the grey cloud is telling the others "Come join with me and together we can make a great storm" Some will probably get sucked into the gloom but today, the skies will remain blue, the clouds white and it will be a beautiful day and the storm cloud will leave without making a mark.

Don't let the little black clouds come in a ruin your day

I'm gonna hang with the white fluffies...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet you in Aisle 1

For me as a homemaker on a limited budget, grocery shopping and providing good meals for my family is one of the biggest parts of my job. I totally enjoy researching ads to see where the best buys for the week are. I love the sheer victory of saving 50% on my bill using coupons, it is almost like you are a celebrity as you walk out with a giant cart of groceries with your long receipt flowing in the wind and the confidence that you are still in your budget. To me, that is just plain Sweet.......

I am a Tuesday morning shopper, right after I drop Eric at school I am off, I find the best deals in the produce and meat sections that have not been picked over yet, it is almost like being the first one at a garage sale that has all your favorite goodies, I am just drooling thinking about it. Hee Hee Hee

I don't get to see my friend Kathy that often. Our sons have known eachother since second grade and when we see eachother we can chat for hours. I always run into Kathy in the produce section and we get a good laugh out of it. Occasionally I will run into her in the bakery section and that is when I say "I waited for you in the produce section but you didn't come" we crack up and catch up.

I see Jane my other girlfriend, but it is usually around the middle of my shopping day, around the bread aisle. She loves the green grocery bags I got her as a Bunco secret pal gift and uses them faithfully, she is so green...

Then there is Angie, my neighbor that I don't see often but can chat with for hours as well. She is an avid couponer and when I run into her she is awesome with her computer generated shopping list. She takes the cake! I recently went over to her house for a party and one of her friends was raving about a latte drink from the Coffee Bean shop. I went to the new grocery store in my area and sure enough they have a Coffee Bean store in the market. I thought to myself "What was the name of that Latte?" Then I thought "I wish Angie were here" Two seconds later I heard a "Hi Troy" and sure enough it was Angie! Yippee Skippee! I told her to meet me at the coffee bean for a mini visit and she was up for it. We got the Jasmine Dragon Mist Latte over ice (or something like that) We both liked it but wouldn't order it again. We laughed, and visited for a few brief moments and I just loved it.

Sure, it wasn't the hours and hours we probably need to fully catch up, but we will meet again soon in Aisle 1 and have to move aside when someone wants the canned soup we are standing in front of, but then... That's the fun of it all...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Right now I am in a "Tweener" time of my life. The revelation recently hit me that I have no babies in my life. But it isn't just me, none of the women in my immediate circle of friends has any babies in their lives either. None of us are grandparents yet to which we all say "Thanks goodness" but still, it is strange to have absolutely no need to go in the baby isle in the grocery store. Even more strange is that after so many years, I have no reason to go in the Toy section of any store and I can't even remember the last time I set foot in a Toys R Us.
I have been fully involved in my sons and their toys.I have stood in line for Power Rangers, searched every store for Pokemon cards, waited for a store to open to buy Beanie babies and had the victory of purchasing a Tickle Me Elmo before they became scarce. I miss the hunt for the perfect toy. All hope would be lost except for my annual toy contribution at Church.
I know my time will come, and I expect in the next few years I will be eating my words, but for now, babies, I miss you...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Memoirs of A Kitchen Lady...I want you.

Today was chilly, kids in the cafeteria are coughing, and sneezing. One little boy sneezed in line and when I told him to sneeze into his arm and cover his mouth when he coughed he said..."Dont worry, I have medicine" So what do ya think about that!

I was passing though the cafeteria into the kitchen when a little guy came up to me, he had gotten his hood up and fastened so all I saw was his eyes, noes and the top of his mouth. His jacket zipper was broken and zipped all "wonky" (that's my mother's word)

"Can you fix my zipper so I can go to recess?"

"Honey, your zipper is broken do you need it zipped?"

"Yes, it's cold outside" (We live in California and it was a chilly 60 today)

I was in a rush so I said, "Why dont you go ask the noon aide to help you"

'But I want you"

Melt, Melt, Melt went my heart. I tried again but the zipper was a no go. I thought if he went to the nurse she would give him a new jacket from the clothes closet.

"Go to the nurse? I'm not sick"

"Ok lovebug I will try one more time" Victory!!! The zipper went up and he was off.

"Good, recess is almost over"

Oh well...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Familiar Faces

I love my job in the cafeteria so much, I love the kids, talking to them and hearing about their general lives but most of all, I love their little faces. I find that I see some faces that I remember from my own life. These little kids have no idea that when I am saying hi to them, I am also saying hi to their face and the memories they bring to me.

One girl looks so much like one of my favorite cousins Annie I have started calling her by that name and she likes it. Every day she makes sure to get my attention so I will say "Hi Annie" Then she says to her friend "She calls me Annie" I don't get to see my dear cousin Annie much so seeing a little glimpse of her every day is simply wonderful.

The little version of my cousin Cissie was pulling the old "get what I tell you to get for lunch or we won't be friends" tactic so I had to remind her not to be so bossy. My Aunt Virgie would have liked it that way.

Little Rodney Allen Ripey loves his Hamburgers and I love when I have Pizza for the adorable and very polite Jared look alike. His mom Dee Dee would like knowing her little guy was getting special treatment.

The little version of my son Cameron's girlfriend Rebekah is so sweet and always tries to tell me I am pretty in spite of our new rule to cover our entire hair line with hair net . That little knot in the middle of my forehead is just so attractive. I totally look like Ruth Buzzie from Laugh in. Today she tried her best and said, "you have pretty earrings" Thanks Rebekah , you made my day. Maybe one day Cam and Beka will have one of those sweet little girls who will tell her Gram-Cracker she is pretty.

We're all in our places with bright shining faces. Love those faces...