Sunday, November 29, 2009

Passing the torch

Dear Eric,
Happy 15th birthday! One of the exciting things about turning 15 and growing 6 inches in a year is that you now will become our official Christmas light putter- upper (Troy word). Your job is a simple one, perfected by your brother and I over the years so all you have to do is put the lights on the hooks and plug them in...Sounds easy enough?

Forgot to tell you, Daddy will be supervising, He was SOOOOO excited to hand this job over to you... Are you having fun? Say you LOVE putting up Christmas lights!Say it! Say it!Or mommy will be sad...

And you didn't even gripe when you reached the hard part of hanging the lights over the rose bushes.

Great Job Eric!!!

Love, Dad and Mom

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lover of the Clog

As most of you know, I am a lover of the slip on shoe otherwise knows as The Clog. I think it is my way of pretending to be cool and still wearing slippers at the same time, I call them business in the front and lazy in the back. That's my kind of shoe.

I own several pairs in all colors and styles

But my dream shoe and quite possibly on the top of my Christmas wish list is the Ugg Outdoor slipper, I have owned them in a fake version but the fur always pulls away and they just dont cut it.

Sometimes I have to realize I am worth it and just go for it.

I think I will leave it up to the Christmas gift buyer... Oh Steve...

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day, very warm and clear, perfect California weather.

Tonight while I was watching TV I heard a strange noise outside, opened the door and sure enough, my ears did not fail me... Rain...

Soon we were all cozy listening to the rain and loving every minute of it.

Eric looked outside and said

"The rain looks so great I really want to go jump on the trampoline"

"Go for it" I said and he did...

Reminds me of a little boy I once knew and one of my first stories, can't believe it was five years ago...

Running Down the Hill

My 10 year old son Eric and I went to my other sons late night baseball game at a park we have never been to before. This park was very hilly and beautiful. It was a really cold evening and we could bear it no longer on the bleachers so Eric and I went to warm up in the car. I was watching the game and Eric grew tired. He said he was going to sleep and lay down. He perked up and looked out like he saw something and said before I go to sleep I just have to run over the hills without my shoes on and with that he got out and ran down the hill. He came back up winded, and said he had to do it again. After a few more runs he needed to roll down the hill. He rolled and rolled until he was dizzy. He was so elated with his rolling he forgot he was tired.
It just makes me praise God so much when my kids do stuff like this. I was so concentrating on my being cold I forgot to notice the beautiful hills in the park. Eric opened my eyes and man they really were irresistible hills. I know you know just what I am talking about. Remember the hill you couldn't resist rolling down? I sure do, it was the hill in our neighbors The Bullocks front yard.
Remember to roll down the hills in life…Better yet, take your shoes off and feel the cool grass between your toes. Love life!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I can't believe it has been 15 years since our little Eric was born. 15 years ago when I was just about nine months pregnant I developed a hernia in my belly button that was incredibly painful. I am so thankful Penny was with me when I had my surgery, she cared for me and made me feel like mom was there holding my hand because our mother was too ill to actually be there with me.

I woke up from my surgery feeling like I had a c-section but I was still pregnant I wanted to die but I am thankful my doctor called me and re-assured me that I would still be able to try for a v-bac delivery I wanted so badly.

I am thankful for the amazing Thanksgiving dinner my sister prepared, she seriously makes the best dinner, she has a way with seasonings that makes you groan with yumminess it really perked up my spirits...

I am thankful that the next morning (not two weeks later) when my water broke it was no big deal, I didnt need a new mattress or use that jar of pickles people told me to carry around and smash on the ground if my water broke in public. I definitely knew what was going on and soon we were in the hospital getting going on the long haul of an adventure that was ahead for us.

I am thankful that my doctor understood my fear and stayed over on her shift to care for me and get me started on my labor when other doctors just wanted to schedule a c-section.

I am thankful for Steve's calmness, he was a trooper and helped to calm me down when those pangs started.

One of the things I am seriously most thankful for is that God put it on my friend Susan's heart to come visit me in the labor room, I ended up needing more support and she was there for me. I will never be more grateful to anyone than I am to her for that amazing act of friendship.

I am thankful for epidurals, once I finally got mine we all were able to rest and gear up for the home stretch of our adventure.

I will never be as excited as when the doctor checked me and said I was fully dilated, I never got past 4 with Cam so the thought that my body was working and we were going to do this was so wonderful.

Sorry, but I am NOT thankful I had to push for two hours... that part stank.

But I am thankful that I was able to concentrate when I needed to and rest when I needed to. I was a baby birthing machine and it was awesome.

I am so thankful my baby was so perfect when he was born he was a 10 and so beautiful.

I am thankful they hospital kept Eric in the room with us the entire time cause we would have wondered if he was ours cause he was such a brown little bean.

I am thankful Lord that you made Eric brown, because without that Mom would have never gotten to see one "Her Color"

I am so thankful for the experience a vaginal birth after c-section because I get to share this testimony and encourage others to go for it if they want or don't if they want, either way is fine.

And I thank Carol and Susan for bring me Turkey left overs and making me feel so lovied.

I am thankful my Eric is having his birthday on Thanksgiving, my heart could not be more full and happy. Today we get to share the love of our family and the blessings this child has brought all of us.

We are thankful indeed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time After Time...

The most wonderful boy turns 15 tomorrow...

I see your true colors shining through...

I see your true colors, that's why I love you...

So don't be afraid, to let them show

your true colors are beautiful

like a rainbow...

Love you Erickey...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

too much

Too much driving and TOO much Dramamine...
Must sleep...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today when we got in the car to drive home I noticed I had two text messages. Eric opened my phone, read me the messages and asked what I wanted him to text back...

Troy- "No, I will do the texts myself, I hate Text lingo"

Eric- "Don't worry Mom I will use proper english just for you"

Oh what a world...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make me a CD

I will never forget the hours I spent going over the cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, memorizing all of the words and listening to my beloved Elton John's music. Actually it was Sterling's record and thankfully he shared otherwise our choice was Glen Campbell or Jesus Christ Superstar (I know all the words to those too)

Sterling had "cool" music and whatever he loved, we loved.

Flash forward several years past cassettes and records to CD's, I built a lovely collection and stored them in my cute little house shaped cabinet.


Cam asked for his first Ipod. I hate technology and I hate buying technology that will go out of date in a few months and costs a fortune so I resisted and I did research on Mp3 players and decided to get him an Ipod.

He was thrilled and I was amazed that I could actually use the system, I imported all of my music onto our computer and before I knew it, our stereo was a dinosaur sitting on our shelf collecting dust.

I love mixing my own CD's for my car, It is so cool to not worry about a thing when your CD gets scratched or broken cause it can easily be replaced.

I also like making CD's for friends and I LOVE when they make me CD's

My friend recently gave me a CD of all fun songs from High School, when I first played it in my car I seriously felt myself "Sailing" back in time to the music of Christopher Cross... That CD was a total hit with my girlfriends who begged for their own copies. We decided we would exchange CD's and that was when I found out my cousin is a closed Biker Chick. Her CD was all oldie rock and roll and so much fun.

Last week my friend who is a dancer gave me a CD of such beautiful music I could just envision her dancing to the beautiful melodies. Thanks pal.

Ster, it's been a long time since you have sent me some "Cool" music.

Hey anyone...Send me a CD... I would LOVE it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Somebody's Watchin' Me

Just like that Geico Money With Eyes...

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Dear Lord, Please send Steve a Risk Playing friend...

Friday, November 20, 2009

For the love of Mustard

I'll bet you think this post will be about the condiment... Nope... The color.

My friends teenage daughter has the perfect Mustard colored purse, not too big, not too small and fits over her shoulder perfectly... Secretly,(I guess not too secretly cause I tell her all the time I love her purse} I was wishing she would ease my pain and give me the purse but it is not to be, she still wears it and I still love it.

To try to ease my pain I have purchased a couple mustard colored purses, the first was a cheap one that once I got it home I realized my mistake because it was French's and not the desired Grey Poupon color, so it went to straight to the donation pile (cause the store was too far away for me to return it plus it was super duper cheap).
The second was a better buy, the right color but a little too large for me and was described by some as "My suitcase". The suitcase has served me well for the past few months and the plan was to replace it as soon as I can find an animal print that suits my fancy... Until today.

I have done it before, and I did it again today, someone admired my purse and I got a bag, put my stuff in it and gave the purse away there on the spot.

This is the fourth time I have done this and today's recipient was a perfect stranger, the receptionist at my doctors office. She admired the purse, went on to tell me how she has been looking for one just that color and that was all it took. I went to my car which was parked really far away and got one of my trusty grocery bags (my love of the recyclable grocery bag will be another blog)put my stuff in it and went back into the office and gave it to her.

It took some nerve on my part because I was going to bless a stranger and wasn't sure how it would go over but I asked God "If this is what you want me to do I will, but you better give me a good parking spot near the door so I can run in and out". Sure enough a spot was open right in front and that was all the pushing I needed.I went in and had to wait in line for her for a minute then I told her "Please don't think this is strange, I have done this before and I just wanted to bless you with this purse, I hope you enjoy it" She was thrilled and said this was such a God thing. I agreed and ran out of there as fast as I could.

THEN I remembered I had to go to the grocery store and all my stuff was in a bag, I was a total bag lady!!! I dug around and found the most purse like of my bags, went in the store and made no excuses when I pulled my wallet out of my Trader Joe's leather looking grocery bag. (It does look like leather)

Like I have said before, don't compliment my purse unless you want to take it home...

Sorry, this does not apply to my Brighton purses so don't even try...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Do You Want???

What Do You Want?

This session of the Bible Study I attend was on the book of John. John was one of Jesus' first disciples. John the Baptist told John and his brother that Jesus was "The Lamb Of God" so they left to follow him...

John35 The next day John was there again with two of his disciples. 36When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, "Look, the Lamb of God!"
37When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus. 38Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you want?" They said, "Rabbi" (which means Teacher), "where are you staying?" 39"Come," he replied, "and you will see"

I can only imagine Jesus walking down the street with that creepy feeling he is being watched, (don't you hate that) he turned around and "Busted" John and his brother.

"What Do You Want?" The first question Jesus asked his first disciples was the question this Bible Study presented to us.

"What do I want?" This is actually a super tough question for me.
Because We have chosen to live a simple life without a lot of frills, I have learned over to years to keep my needs VS wants in check which is difficult for me to do especially when I am in the Dollar Tree or Brighton stores.

So I began the journey to answer the question. Besides the obvious "World Peace"
I looked to myself and asked. "What do you want Troy?".

I came up with two things I "Want" (Now remember... TROY is writing this blog")

#1. I want cute hair...Cute hair is something that always seems to elude me. I will get what I think is a cute hair cut and it always turns out to be the same thing I had before only shorter. I want cute hair.

#2. I want to be done having periods. I am 40-great, the baby factory has been closed 15 years and I am simply DONE with this whole "monthly visitor" thing. When my friends share about how they are "Done" I cringe because I am still regular like clockwork Ugh!!!.

So this was my prayer, "Lord I want cute hair and I want to be done having periods"

I began praying for want #1. One day after work I had to go to the bank which is right next to a Fantastic Sams haircutting salon. I went in with my lovely kitchen lady do of bangs slicked back into a clip and pony tail and told the gal "Honestly, I love doing my hair" I could just hear her thinking "Yeah right I have my work cut out for me". We looked through books and came up with a cute layered bob design. I don't usually like a lot of layers cause my hair has a tendency to look like a helmet if they are too short. I left the salon with cute hair that within minutes flipped out of the stylists design into its own design. But the cut was different, easy to manage and "cute enough" so I was good to go.

#2 Now I wasn't expecting to suddenly stop having periods so I was not sure where this prayer would lead me. I went to work at my new morning job and my new boss and I were chatting over our weekends. She shared that she had a difficult weekend and that she has been suffering for five years with menopause symptoms, she has extreme mood swings and difficulty sleeping. Her words to me were (And I also believe Gods words as well)"Be grateful you are still a whole woman"
Her words hit hard, but they really encouraged me and I made a vow. "OK Jesus, if you want me to be the bleeding woman until the day I get to touch your robe then so be it and I will be grateful". So with that, I went shopping for the latest mega maxi pads with wings and I was on my way, no more complaining for me.

So I thought my wants were answered, but for some reason I still felt a nagging at my heart, they one morning God gave me a scripture.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love...

The scripture kept popping up over the course of the week in conversation, church and bible study messages and even on TV and I realized what I truly want is LOVE.

"Lord, I want LOVE"

First of all, I want the Love of my immediate family. My heart has been so broken in this area I feel like I can actually die from it. "Lord, please heal my heart and help our family to have Godly Love for each other".

Second,I want Love in my extended family, we have differences that make our relationship strained so "Lord help me to be a constant and true reflection of your Love, please shine through me and onto my family".

Thirdly, I want to Love my friends, I don't want to be selfish, I want to help when it is needed, be lovingly honest in conversation like Jesus was and be a real, true "Friend Of God".

"...The greatest of these is Love"

So I got what I wanted and and even more, I recently went took Eric to a girlfriend that I have known for years for a haircut, she had extra time and I needed a trim and I got the best hair cut of my life. It is amazingly cute and different, (imagine that!)but most of all, she made me feel like a princess and so pampered. I felt so loved.

I have come to understand and embrace my ongoing womanhood and although sometimes I say "Ugh" I put on my monthly "armour" and I no longer dread.

I had a wonderful birthday last week and was shown amazing Love from my friends, my extended and immediate families. I must be doing something right after all...

"...The Greatest of these is LOVE, Lord thank you for hearing and answering your humble servants prayers"

Now how about that World Peace?...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Art of Sleeping

Our Pets Papa and Yogi make and artform out of sleep.

Hope this makes you smile...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I Swear Steve I do get dressed while I am on vacation

"Bye honey have a great day"

"Hi Honey how was your day?"

Monday, November 16, 2009


My husband is the worlds sweetest man BUT he is also the world's most competitive man when it comes to board games.

Ask anyone in our family or at our church and they will back me up on that one. This guy agonizes (and you should see his agony) over making the simplest of decisions. (like in liars dice)

Needless to say he is a bad loser. We went to couples Bunco which is to me just a fun night out. After we finished I was chatting with my girlfriends and he was all in a huff and wanted to leave NOW!!!. When we got in the car I asked if he was sick cause he made us leave so quickly and his response was..." I DIDN'T WIN!!!" Come on!!!IT WAS BUNCO!!! I have played for years and I hardly ever win!!!

On the other hand,He is a bad gloater when it comes to winning and after awhile his hearty laugh turns into something you hear from a Batman Villain. Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee

For "Quality time" We tried to do the "Family game night" thing but it would always end up with a boy leaving the table in tears, and FORGET Monopoly, The dude has memorized EVERY (and I mean Every) property value amount up to hotel on the board.

Steve recently got a new game... Star Wars Risk, he has mulled over the directions for days and days, he knows every rule, all he talks about is Star Wars Risk. He is DYING to play and I simply refuse...

He then turns his attentions to poor helpless Eric and has now become someone kind of like Patrick Swayze in Ghost when he sings "I'm Henry the Eighth I am" over and over to Whoopi Goldberg. This is what conversation in our house is like... Troy "Steve would you like a cup of coffee?" Steve- "A cup of coffee would go great with a game of Star Wars Risk"

Eric "I am taking the dog for a walk" Steve "Great and afterwards we can play Star Wars Risk"

Arrrrrrggggg!!! I can't take it anymore!!! I do feel like a monster but I know I can not give him the dream game of Risk he longs for because frankly I play Risk to die and be done and if we let him win... well, then he did not get the true victory of the kill and world domination so actually, we are doing him a favor...

PLEEEESSSEEEE Have Mercy on us and play Risk with Steve.

Eric and Troy (Yogi doesn't care)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ode to slippers

Slippers, Slippers,
Oh how I love thee.
You keep my tootsies
So Tosteeee
Fleece lined, Terry
I don't care
As long as my feet
Are never bare...

My new discovery, the best of all
The Mary Jane slipper sock
That come in styles for
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Buried in slippers I must be
So My feet will be cozy
For Eternity

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Farm, therefore... I am...

"You Farm?"
What is farming you may ask, it is a game you play on Facebook.
"What is Facebook?"
Facebook is an online location you go to and catch up with friends, they post stuff about what they are doing and it is a really fun way to keep in touch.
Why you may ask? Well... Because...

I enjoy keeping in touch with my friends and family and this is a way to do it when I am free. I post when I can and they read when they can. It is fun.

One night when we were out Cameron and Beka told me I have to farm. I noticed I had been getting little notices on facebook telling me I had "gifts" from my friends for my farm.

I started my farm with a few plantings which turned into plots, animals were added which turned into pens, trees were added which became orchards.

I was a farmer.

My friends asked me about farming and soon they were also farming. We all caught the bug.

We are official addicts and have even gone on utube to learn to create advanced landscapes like waterfalls and elevations... Our farms rock!

Now I have a new farm on another game, this farm is done in all pink in tribute for my love of all things pinkness.

Tried to add a third farming game but realized I was at maximum capacity farming and gave it up.

I laugh at myself when I am out and check my watch and think how much more time I have before my grapes are going to be ready.

I was sad when I failed and my pumpkins withered.

Anyways, it is fun, I love it, and I farm...

Friday, November 13, 2009

The love of a dog...

I have two friends who recently have lost their beloved dogs. They are grieving horribly and my heart completely aches for them. Because I am a real pet lover,I have never been one to say those harsh words "it was just a dog" but I know people who think like that.

I still can cry when I think about Sydney and I taking our family dog Bandit to be put down and that was like 30 years ago. Just of that car ride and remembering how much I loved the softness of her ears and I lose it.

But on the other hand, that experience made me grateful that we can ease the misery of our beloved pets. If you have ever watched a loved one suffer before death you know what I mean.

Over the course of our marriage we have other had dogs and a million cats, but none have had our heart like our Yogi.

He is just two and full of life and love, the thought of one day reaching that milestone makes my heart already ache, but like someone said, pets help us to realized that our hearts can heal and life goes on.

But not yet...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday Disneyland version

One thing I LOVE to do when I go to an amusement park or county fair is to play a little game I call "Who is wearing the most inappropriate shoes"

Aside from the obvious spike heels (there is always someone wearing spike heels) the winners for this year are

Sea World winner - A little girl wearing those hard plastic princess shoes with high heels. She was complaining and I was thinking "Mom, that is a battle I would have fought" Come on, she was little, why make her suffer for fashion already

Disneyland- Overall, most do well here wearing flip flops, flats or tennis shoes but I did see someone walking on the sides of her feet wearing boots with her jeans stuck in them.

Remember... Comfort it key...But I still love playing this game.

PS. Today I was giggling as I drove away from Eric's school and saw a group of 5 girls all wearing shorts and calf high ugg boots. Do you think they called each other... Hee Hee Hee

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's all about Me

For years I believed everyone was off of school because it was my birthday. That's what my mom said and it made perfect sense to me.

I don't know if it is because it is so late in the year but I get really excited about my birthday. My family and friends know this and always make me feel so special.

My girlfriends Dee Dee and Kathy love to do new things for our birthdays so this time we went to go see the taping of the Bonnie Hunt show (don't tell, Dee Dee called in sick) and I was reminded, it isn't about me, sure it's my birthday but more important, it is Veteran's day, a day to salute our soldiers.

The show made me cry, I am so proud of our soldiers and vets. They are proud to serve and I am proud to salute them.

With a piece of birthday cake of course...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten on the Tenth

Today was a great day in the life of Troysie. My actual birthday is tomorrow but the celebrating began last Friday.

1.A good hair day starts a great day

2.Drove to Covina in only 32 minutes no traffic is Sweet!

3.Loved a little alone time with Dee Dee talking about blood clots... Who has more fun than us.

4.Gifts!!!! I actually got a Princess Cheese grater! Love it!!!

5.Easy drive to the Bonnie Hunt show with Kathy navigating.

6.The parking lot guy flirted with me...Dee Dee said I was Ooh La la Hee Hee Hee

7.We came up my new describing word. I am not 48 I am FORTY_GREAT!!!

8.To honor Veterans and Servicemen we got GOODIES at the Bonnie Hunt show!!!
#1 $100 Sears gift card!!!
#2 20th DVD of Christmas Vacation collector edition and I got to see CHEVY CHASE!!! #3 Pixar came and gave us DVD Blue Ray editions of Cars, Monsters Inc and UP!!!

9.Amazing desserts at the hippest old town Pasadena joint Houstons

10.Spending time with two other forty-greaters! Priceless...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yeah, I read that...

Sometimes I wonder if Blogging online ruins conversations in the "Real" world.

Troy-"I had so much fun with you at the wedding Saturday, man I just hate how pushy downhill drivers can be"

Friend-"I know, I read on your blog that you got car sick when you were driving"

Troy- " I hate these Velcro shoes"

Friend-"I know, I read your blog"

Friend- "Still baking?"

Friend- "I have a cookie recipe for you, everyone says mine are the best"

I almost wonder if I should keep a reader list so I know who I can "actually" talk to...

But then I am reminded why I blog...

Friend- "Troy, I am having a biopsy and second mammogram and I wanted to talk to you about your experience"

Later when friend turns out to be fine- "Troy, you helped me so much"

Glad they are reading...

Love you bunches...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


My mind is blank so I thought I would write a funny post about using white out then I remembered my blog is in pink. This made me giggle.

Random thoughts about the stuff on my desk,...

I like the mini red cup I put on top of my computer it reminds me of my special San Diego girlfriends and how much they all mean to me.

Ronald Mc Donald beanie from Mc Donalds, Rachel got it for me when my hunt turned up empty. I love Ronald McDonalds cause they remind me of Eric's Afro. There was a boy at his school with bright orange hair and one day I just started laughing at the thought of Eric's hair that color and all I could think of was Ronald McDonald.

Kind of creepy New Orleans jester doll. Wouldn'T want it on a chair in my bedroom cause it would give me a Poltergeist kind of feeling but I love it because my brover got it for me.

Plastic owl, discovered on a Cub Scout camping trip and saved from my married sons trash pile when he cleaned out his room.

Sleeping kitty- Awwwwwww

I just like having sweet stuff around me.


White out...

I wrote an amazing blog today, but used white out on the errors and this was all that was left...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motion Emotion

Let's face it, I am Plagued by Motion sickness, always have. I know, my brothers and sisters just thought I was being a drama princess (I was too young to be a queen yet)because I always HAD to have a window seat in the giant 1970 Pontiac Safari, I remember DYING (partly drama princess) on our long drives to San Jose because I had to have AIRRRRRRR...

Really, I was being tortured by horrible motion sickness.

Now I have gotten so bad I must take Dramamine any time I go to an amusement park or even on a short 45 minute drive. My friends and family are so good to me and always give me the front seat but for the most part, I drive.

Today we went to Crestline for a wedding, Crestline is a short 40 minute drive into the mountains and is normally quick enough to get through without pulling over to hurl.

The wedding was lovely but I was dreading the drive home. This has never happened before but even with my driving I was still seriously ill when I got home. I thought driving was supposed to keep you from getting ill so I wonder if this is a new chapter in my motion sickness life.

Oh the joy

Please don't ask me to sit on that swing with you...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

Today is November 6th and since you are still a few weeks away I thought I would go shopping and pick up a few reminders of you.

I looked all over and you were not there... Where have you gone?

I asked the clerk and she said that you have been forgotten, everyone has just moved on to Christmas.

This made me really sad, you are my favorite holiday. Not just because of the food but because of the family. To me, you are the most relaxing and fun day, our family keeps you really casual and fun, we laugh and play games and celebrate what you are all about...


Dear Thanksgiving, I promise that while others may have forgotten you, I will not!... To quote the words of one Mr. Scrooge

"I will honor Thanksgiving with all my heart and try to keep it all the year."

Your beloved Troysie

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Day In the Life...

I have realized that my vacation is seriously cramping our dogs style...

A Day in the life of Yogi Miller

Good Morning!!!

Finish your shower so we can play. I love our morning wrestling even if you involve the cat...

Next person finish your shower so I can get my second dose of morning attention.

Black Cat!!!

Everyone gets a good cold nose greeting just to let you know I love ya...

Excuse me! My breakfast has not been made yet! Do I have to honestly ask you??

Don't forget to put my favorite moist food packet on top and don't break it up too much. Yes kitty you may take a drink from my water bowl.

White Cat!!!

Excuse me while I go outside for some unmentionables... Be right back.

Ok...Now how about some more attention before you go to work

Love you daddy, I want to cry but I will hold it in cause I'm a big boy now... Bye!!!

Bye Eric love you...

What's up Mom you haven't gotten your goodbyes yet! Oh well on to my day

Grey Cat!!!

Ahhhhh Who's forbidden bed will I sleep in first... Yes.. Moms side is always the best. Hmmm she's here so I will pass on that one.

Eric's bottom bunk Ahhhh I love this spot cause I can stick my nose out of the curtain and see what is going on. I am the guardian of this house...

Now to Dad's bed Ahhhhh

Mom isn't looking her bed is the best Ahhhhh

What's that noise? The Vacuum? I have to check this out

Why are you home!!! Don't you realize this is MY time???

Well if you insist I will take a bone, What? I have to take it outside!!

Bone VS Outside? The desire for the bone outweighs my desire for moms bed...

Striped Cat!!!!

The new couch is getting broken in just fine and smells good, I have decided on my spot and my arm rests nicely on the side.

What get down?? Why are you here anyways???

OK, I will sleep on my bed... Not as nice as yours but it will do.

Where you going? Don't leave me I will cry... NOT!!

Eric's home!!! Come on say the W word, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on...

"Mom, gonna take Yogi for a walk"

"Yogi want to go for a walkie???"

Walkie walkie walkie walkie...

OK I won't pull you but you know I have places to go and things to do.

Man, I am tired... Oh where to sleep...


Wrestling, playing, walking, dinner... Life is sweet...

Wait, why is everyone going to bed? I was just getting started.

The all night barking chain awaits...Commander Chihuahua who can see the street report.

All is well...

Orange Cat!!!

I will relay the message...

Sargent down the street how is it on your end?

Great, I will relay the message...

What? another message Commander, I will relay

Nice calm night I have only had to relay 40 or so messages

Hi daddy you want me to come? OK want to play?

NOOOOOOOOO Don't lock me in I have important work to do!!!

I am going to cry and see if that works for a release... No good

Oh well, I think I will defy gravity and climb on the kitchen table to see if I can somehow reach that cat food... Crash!!! Oops!!! No, you don't see a Basset Hound on top of the table... Must be a cat.

Another busy day...Now, Which bed to sleep in...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saying No

Ok Ok I admit it... Our Children are spoiled, because of their age gap and since there is just two of them, Steve and I have rarely had to say no to our children's desires.

We always seem to be able to find a way to say yes... Until now...

My 14 year old LOVES Japan, Anime and everything that is Japanese. He is trying so hard to learn the language off of the Internet, He really needs the Japanese version of Rosetta stone you see on TV...

He got a letter in the mail saying he was selected to be a student ambassador to Japan. I know a lot of kids get this letter, but the thought of sending him on the trip was so exciting for us, he is the perfect age and since Steve and I truly have NO DESIRE to ever travel to Japan, this just might be his ticket to the Orient. So we applied, and we speculated on the cost. $1500, $3000, we even thought we could find $3500 if necessary who knows...

We got the bad news Sunday, the trip would run right around $10,000!!! When we saw the figures our hearts sank, that is simply and out of the question amount. That is what we still own on Cams Car!!

He knew it too and although he was sad, he was glad we even explored the possibility.

But then, all things are not impossible with God, so we are praying that one day Eric will get to Japan, maybe not this way, but in God's way.

I think I will get him the Language tapes... Just in case

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I just don't get...(In no particular order except for #10)

1. The cat has left you alone all day but as soon as you open a book or magazine they sit right on top of it.

2. How do cats know exactly which one key to press that closes down your computer. (I think babies know which key to push too)

3. Why does my dog look at me like I should understand him?

4. Why is the quiet different in your house when your kids are at school than when they are away at camp. One quiet is great and the other lonely

5. Why does something as simple as a Red Starbucks cup completely change my attitude?

6. How listening to politics and people arguing (I mean discussing) can be so entertaining to my husband

7. Why are lunches made by mom better tasting than the same lunch made while the mom gets to sleep in?

8. Why is the coffee made by mom better tasting than the same coffee made by the hubby while the mom sleeps in?

9. I can never be cured from my love of purses, even if I got the most expensive diamond encrusted purse, my eyes would still stray.

10. And something I will NEVER truly get... Why in the world would my mother allow her daughter to be named Troy!!! Did she not know pouting always gets you what you want?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Va-kay day one...To Snooze or Not to Snooze?

Today is the first weekday of my November vacation Woo Hoo!!! So I asked the guys for a sleep in day and guess what? I got it!!! I woke up at 6:40am and realized the guys quietly got themselves off to work and school, I was simply amazed. Not a single "mom where is this?", or a yelled "Eric get up"

I planned for this sleep in day so last week I got Eric an alarm clock. I know, I know, he is 14 and totally capable of getting himself up but Steve and I are up anyways up so why not wake my wonderful baby up with my love and kisses, greet him with a warm breakfast and make the start of his day a good one. Together we set the alarm clock then came the question To snooze or Not to Snooze? . Eric's eyes lit up with the thought of extra moments of sleep but then I warned him those minutes come at a price... You actually have to wake up EARLIER to get the extra minutes to snooze...He decided against the snooze which I think is a good choice because Steve and I are not snoozers either.

We had a discussion about snoozing at my ladies bible study and the consensus was that most of the women snooze with the exception of one who was a "mega snoozer" and had to have her 45 minutes of snoozing minimum...

So today I used no alarm clock except for my internal one which is still set on standard time so I got a nice early start on my day.Oh yes I also forgot to mention that when I did get up every light was on in the house and the front door was wide open...I was glad for that standard time change.

I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The subject for the month...

Since everyone enjoyed my adventures with the Gopher (which is gone if you didn't know) This month's subject... Mice diaries...

First of all... Our FIVE cats will immediately be going on an all liquid diet! How dare they allow vermin to enter our house! But just as I was doing dishes one ran right across my sink and behind the stove...Scream you may ask... Yes I did thank you very much... Heart attack you may ask... Yes I did thank you very much.

First call
Troy "Cameron what mouse trap works best?"
Cameron- "Cats"
Troy- " I guess I am off to the hardware store"

Second call
Troy " Lucy,I have a mouse!!!"
Lucy " Well, how will you get the mouse to figure out to get out of the house?"
Troy" Didn't think the mouse would go out of the house by any other way than funeral"
Lucy "Good luck with that one Ewwww"

Off to the hardware store... New LAW in the Millers house... No Screen door open at night EVER!!!!!

The Saga continues...

Well Here I go...

Today is November 1st the first day of my annual blogging month called NaBloPoMo (National Blogging Posting Month) This is my fourth year posting and it is a challenge but so much fun. Luckily for me, I am also on vacation so this comes at a great time for me. Hope you enjoy this months journey.

Halloween Parade

Because I work part time I am not always in the loop of things going on at the school sites and Friday I missed out on some extra fun because of it.

At my breakfast school I noticed my boss was wearing a silky shirt over her work clothes, I thought "That's a funny jacket" Then I realized it was Pajama day! Oh I get it! What fun for the kids to come to school in jammies. (although for some teens jammies are daily wear, don't get that fashion trend)I so would have worn a jammie shirt, wahhh.

When I got to my lunch school I saw costumes EVERYWHERE!!! What school is this? We used to have a wonderful Halloween parade every year, the kids would be so happy and even little Eric got to join in on big brothers fun day. Cams teacher and I still recall baby Eric completely in love with the girls in Cams class and how he followed them around during the parade.

For me, that day and that parade had special meaning, it was the day I realized I was indeed a homemaker. The most popular day to request off from my employer was not Christmas or Thanksgiving... It was Halloween. Of course the ones with the most seniority got the day off so I was always scrambling to get the boys in their costumes and on their way, we had to cram pumpkin carving and baking pumpkin seeds into little bits of "quality" time and a great time would be when I could make popcorn balls as well.If by miracle I did get the day off there would always be a stack of people who had been inconvenienced by my absence so was a day off really worth it? oh well...

That day I was with my boys at the Halloween Carnival, while watching the kids so happy and helping out at the class party I realized it, I was off of work! I was home, the pumpkins had been carved, the seeds roasted, the cookies baked and the popcorn balls made, no one was going to be angry because I was not available... I was a homemaker. There on the playground at Hemlock school I started crying, my dream had come true, I was home with my boys... It was a wonderful day...

I know all about the origins of the holiday yada yada yada. We have to live in this world, not be OF it. We dissected this moral issue, discussed it with our sons and realized this day to our family is all about fun, costumes, and candy. Our home is always open on Halloween and always will. We are a Trick Or Treating Halloween loving family.

The happiness level at both schools today was increased and I had to thank the principal, it was a good, fun and Blessed Halloween. I just wish I knew so I could have worn my Top Chef costume... I was so cute!