Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memoirs Of A Kitchen Lady... TMI

Over the years I have learned not to bring up certain subjects in the lunch line or it simply takes too long for the kiddies to get their lunch in under a minute AND tell me all the important details of their lives...

Lunch Lady Subjects to avoid if you want the kids to get through the line quickly(and that's what we want) because bringing up these subjects starts a chain reaction involving every child in the line.

#1 Subject- Pets
#2 Subject- Baby brothers or sisters
#3 Subject- Loose or Lost teeth (Especially true for first graders because just about all of them are losing teeth)
$4 Subject- Movies or Videos
#5 Subject- Disneyland

The other day I broke a cardinal rule and I paid the price.

Troysie- "Oh Honey, you lost a tooth"
Girlie- (Proudly)"I pushed it out with my tongue!"
T- "Good"
G-"Then I YANKED it out, and it was bleeding all over the place!, then I spit and there was more blood!,(she's gotta hurry cause she is almost done getting her lunch by now) "Then my mom saw it and said EWWWWW! then I washed my mouth out and the water was orange"
"THEN I GOT $5.00!!!"
Troysie-(exhausted) "Wow that's great!"

Well, I did ask...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Channeling My Inner Dusty

I have a girlfriend Dusty who can make the coolest things from found objects. I have some of these treasures and you would not believe what this gal can do with brown paper bags and we have the worlds cutest snowman made from stair posts. Dusty Rocks the world of re-claimed craft items.She is very inspiring...

Yesterday, a gal at my gym was offering a box of her mother in laws old porcelain doll parts. When I saw them I decided to channel my inner Dusty and take them home...

Now I am wondering...

What will I do with this stuff???

All Hand Painted, and simply beautiful...

I am making a vow that the box that sat in that ladies garage since 1983 won't sit in my garage just as long...

Any Ideas????

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Big Five-O Party #1

This year I have TONS AND TONS of friends who will be turning 50. I expect to attend several parties in their honor, it will be a blast!

I don't look at it like a dreaded getting older kind of thing...

I consider us to be Nifty-Fifty...

First on the block to turn 50 in our group is Kathy.

On her actual birthday January 22 we went to The Ice House in Pasadena and saw some great comedians with her family and friends. Get this! five of the women at this party will be turning 50 this year...

Last night however was our turn, time for just us girlfriends. Dee Dee and I plotted and planned to make Kathy's day so special. Our idea of a good time always includes a good dinner so we decided to make Kathy's birthday "A Hoot" and take her to Hooters.

We started our evening decked out in our scarves and sunglasses ready for a convertible ride in my groovy new car. (Thanks Charles for stopping the repairs on your car to come take some pictures of some silly gals)

Woo Hoo!!!!

Next we made it to Hooters and Kathy Loved the idea. Dee Dee and I had not been there before, Kathy took her son to the one in Las Vegas when he turned 21 but when we walked in we realized we had just walked into a Man Cave...

We were the only girls in there.

We almost felt like we had entered into the "no girls allowed" Order of the Water Buffalo Lodge or someones basement during a secret Man Only ritual,we were intimidated, but we pressed on... We were welcomed in and had a cute waitress who sat right down and joined us. She was all into seeing Kathy's gifts and we had a super good time.

Soon after we arrived some families with small children came in for dinner. Dee Dee was Shocked! "I am 50 and never have been in here and they come in their strollers"She's a crack up.

To Honor Kathy's big day they made her a GIANT foil bow hat, we are talking HUGE. They have some big foil at Hooters. Kathy loved wearing her hat but unfortunately it had to come off to get back into the Mini Cooper.

We hit the mall a bit to work off our dinner then it was dessert time at Cheesecake Factory. NO Dessert Sharing allowed for this group of gals.

Funniest line of the evening...

Kathy- "I can't read this menu, Can you read it?"
Dee Dee- "Sure I can read it no problem"
Troy- "Here's a flashlight"
Kathy-"I don't know how you two can read this and I can't?"
Dee Dee- "Well, We're not 50 yet"

I am so incredibly blessed by these women and after some math we realized Kathy and I have been friends 40 years Yikes!!!!

Happy Birthday Kathy, And Many Many More...