Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turn Around

We are ending our summer vacation and in a brief 6 weeks my son has grown into a wonderful young man.

A day in the life of June Eric was playing video games, watching mindless cartoons, eating whatever.

Early July Eric went to summer camp and came back a renewed young man of God who explored his Bible and really thought about what he was watching on TV and listening to on his Ipod, Early July Eric was worth every cent extra we had to pay for late camp registration.

Mid July Eric created his own recipe for Blueberry French Toast that won rave reviews and scored a 9 out of 10 from brother and Dad. (Sorry, mom hates French Toast so I don't count)

Late July Eric is amazing, he takes his dog on daily walks, still enjoys his video games and his new favorite show Total Drama Island. He floored Steve and I by his helpfulness on our recent vacation when he took the initiative to get the hotel luggage cart and brought all our things to the room in one trip and, yesterday, he made us BBQ hamburgers for dinner.

We forget he is almost 14 and as tall as many full grown men, to us he is still our Goo Goo baby but this summer he showed us a glimpse of the wonderful man to come.

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