Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Miss Brown Sugar Baby

Dear Miss Brown Sugar Baby,

It sure has been a fun year!

At first I was a little nervous to give you a try, I was concerned that my "Maxi Hiney" would fit in a Mini Cooper. But not only were you a surprisingly good fit, but you were very fun to drive (even if you dont have a stick shift)

Never have I received so much attention as I have driving you. I will never forget when the guy frantically pulled me over in the El Torito parking lot just to tell me that you were the prettiest car he has ever seen! (why of course)Or how many times I have caught people looking in your windows. Brown Sugar,You are something special and you have made me feel special as well.

But what makes you so special?

Maybe what makes you special is your giant speedometer which is perfect for an old lady like me cause I can read you without my glasses...

But, My friends say that even the police could read it so maybe that isn't it...

It must be your handy "Barn Doors" and extra trunk space which kind of qualifies you as a mom-friendly car. (Enough room for a stroller, or baseball gear,but not enough for camping gear)

But, fitting a full two weeks groceries or a Costco buying spree can be a challenge,which I just chalk it up to a sacrifice for beauty so that's not it...

Or, possibly it's your super cool third door which makes it so easy for fully grown Eric to easily get in and out of the back seat.

But... They call these "Suicide Doors" so that's not it either...

Brown Sugar Baby, I know what makes you so special, you just like the cars before you are an Opportunity and a Testimony. Because of you, I get to explain to people what a blessing it is for my husband to work for such a wonderful company that allows us to drive their cars. But not only that... Another car is going to be released into the world that has been annointed and prayed over... God is so Good!!!

I KNOW your new owner will be so happy with you... Happy Trails to you!!!

Can't wait to see who replaces you tomorrow!!!