Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memoirs Of A Kitchen Lady... TMI

Over the years I have learned not to bring up certain subjects in the lunch line or it simply takes too long for the kiddies to get their lunch in under a minute AND tell me all the important details of their lives...

Lunch Lady Subjects to avoid if you want the kids to get through the line quickly(and that's what we want) because bringing up these subjects starts a chain reaction involving every child in the line.

#1 Subject- Pets
#2 Subject- Baby brothers or sisters
#3 Subject- Loose or Lost teeth (Especially true for first graders because just about all of them are losing teeth)
$4 Subject- Movies or Videos
#5 Subject- Disneyland

The other day I broke a cardinal rule and I paid the price.

Troysie- "Oh Honey, you lost a tooth"
Girlie- (Proudly)"I pushed it out with my tongue!"
T- "Good"
G-"Then I YANKED it out, and it was bleeding all over the place!, then I spit and there was more blood!,(she's gotta hurry cause she is almost done getting her lunch by now) "Then my mom saw it and said EWWWWW! then I washed my mouth out and the water was orange"
"THEN I GOT $5.00!!!"
Troysie-(exhausted) "Wow that's great!"

Well, I did ask...

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Velia said...

lol!! That's funny "))