Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life is such a gift

This week sad passing of celebrities Ed, Farrah, and Michael have me sad, but they got to live, parent and decide things for themselves.

When babies die I wonder, what's up with that? I know there will be a lesson learned and a testimony to share but still... why?

Why don't we get to play and lovie on them? That's what I miss the most when a baby dies, the opportunities...

For Smiles- My babies brought me smiles from the first minute, I can close my eyes and see baby Cameron "Smiling at Angels"

For Joy- The joy a baby brings to a loving household. Babies are tough work, but it is joy-filled. Our friends baby Anthony is now home after months of hospitalization and finally a heart transplant what joy! but now the work begins...

For Tears- I was so grateful for my baby Eric, I would cry out to the lord in thanks.

For Playing- There is nothing like watching your husband play with his baby.

Praying for sudden healing but then hearing of the loss of a young couples first born baby girl this week surprised me no end. I have heard of babies swallowing meconium before but never one dying from it. I am sadly reminded by baby Ciara that birth and life are indeed a miracle and a gift.

And I thank her for that...

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