Sunday, April 18, 2010

A moment in the life of a Miller...

Troy in the bathroom...

Steve leaving for the dog park with Eric and Yogi in the car...

Steve comes back in the house...

Steve- (excited) "Hey Troy come here! I forgot to show you what I made in Sunday School today!" (Steve's one of the teachers)

(Troy hurries up with her business and comes out...)

(It's a sheep in case you are wondering)

Troy- "Niceeeee, but where are the eyes?"

Steve- "Oh they had eyes but I decided to use cotton balls for the eyes see?"

Troy= "Niceeeee..."

Eric in the car HONK HONK

Steve- "Notice the beard and moustache I made?" (Laughing with pride)
"The kids really loved it!"

Troy- "LOVE IT! I'll put it on the fridge!!!"(fake smile with no teeth)


Steve-"Gotta run..."

In case you are wondering...Yes, I put it on the fridge...