Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady Over and Out

I Love playing games with the kids while I am serving them their lunch, I will always be in awe of how much conversation we have in the under a minute they are in the line...

1st grader boy making a phone with his hand, thumb to his ear, pinky to his mouth..."Tawni, What's for Lunch Tawni? Over"

Troy (alias Tawni also making a hand phone) "We have Chili, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza...Etc... Over"

Boy "Tawni, I will take the Nuggets Over and Out"

Troy/Tawni " Over and out you have a great day"

Little girl next to him..."You guys are talking funny"

Troy "I know, we play a game like we are talking like Army men". Then I ask the boy "We are being army men right?"

Boy (Matter of Factly answers...)"No, We are Secret Agents"

Silly me... Confusing Army Men with Secret Agents