Friday, August 15, 2014

The House Coat

My mom called hers a Mu Mu and purchased them at first from the local Thriftys then she progressed to department stores and finally catalogs. I love remembering my mom in her nice lightweight dresses.
When the temperature reaches the triple digits my mind wanders back in time to an era where this was way to beat the heat was lovely and fashionable... The House Coat
Lovely, light weight seer sucker fabric and you can still look glamorous while doing your chores. For years I have been searching for the solution to my house coat desires and all I can find are large tee shirts or really drab polyester yuckiness that would not be comfy at all...
Until Today!!!
Hallelujah I have found it! my dream house coat!!! (or as they call it a lounger)

Light weight seer sucker fabric... Check. Easy zipper on and off Check. Pockets, On Clearance...Check!

 Met all my dream house coat criteria plus it is actually cute!!!!

I am one happy, cool comfy gal...

The house coat, move over Grandma... I am a believer...

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