Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shattered Dreams

Yesterday Eric went with his buddy to the local mall and kept calling me in shock and telling me his favorite stores were closed or closing. It really upset him that stores we have gone to since he was little were no longer going to be there.

Today we heard of a new local game shop that closed and we went by to see and not only was this store closed but so were others in the new little strip mall by our house.

Large mega stores closing make me sad, but not as much as seeing these small stores gone because to me, I can see that someones dreams are also dashed, who knows but I would think they are in financial ruin by the loss of the business too and all there is to show for their efforts is a red sign on the door notifying us of their eviction.

All he wanted was to have a fun local video game store for kids to hang out at and play or buy games.

All she wanted was a hair salon of her own.

All they wanted was a Vitamin store so they could share the benefits of what they have learned with others.

I know times are rough for the retail industry. Even the owner of the coffee shop we have gone to for 23 years told us she may be forced to sell.

And yet...

I am hopeful,
Our nation is receiving the change they were crying out for, I am hoping the change will be a blessing.

I am grateful,
to be older, I have been through this two times before and I know we will pull through.

Still... My heart aches for the shattered dreams

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Misty said...

things balance out... and it's good to know that, but still so sad. I too sit here hoping that this is the change we are begging for- and a little sad for the people who honestly believe the world get's better on January 20th...