Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prayer and Fasting

I learned that I personally find immense strength in my prayer life when I add fasting to the need. It began when I prayed and fasted every Monday for a year during my pastor's illness, so periodically I find the need to add fasting to my prayers and find joy and peace in the act.

Recently, I have been in fervent prayer and fasting for our dear friends and Eric my 14 year old decided he was going to fast for his friend at school who was going through a trial of her own.

I am so peaceful when I am fasting, I am prayerful and peaceful so it threw me for a loop when I picked Eric up from school on his day of fasting.

mom-"Hi Honey, how was your day"

Eric- "Mom, I am so stinkin hungry that if I don't get something to eat NOW I am going to DIE!!! This fasting STINKS!!! I havent even prayed all day cause all I can think about is how I am STARVING!!!"

He continued for several minutes ranting and raving about his starvation until we got home.
After I fed my teen and he calmed down, I explained fasting is different for different people.

I am proud of him in his prayer for a friend. I love my little servant.

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Misty said...

this is truly beautiful post... i found my heart a little jealous. which may seem silly...