Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Tag Along

When I first became involved in Cub Scouts I had a two year old in tow. Wherever we went so did he. Since this happens a lot in the Scout family, they even have a name for the youngsters... Tag Alongs. They can even wear a mini Scout uniform with a Tag Along patch on the sleeve. Everyone thinks it is so cute.

At our church we have a group for those 50 years and older called the "Prime Timers" They are a pretty active group and have get togethers and outings about once a month. One time they were going to a new restaurant in the city and Steve was interested in going. I said great, I have always wanted to go to that restaurant...Steve looked at me with all honesty and said...

"You can't go" He was completely serious.

I told one of the prime timers what Steve said and from then on I have become the Prime Timer Tag Along.

I love that group of people, they have fun, enjoy each others company and are blessed by the group.

Tonight was their Christmas party and it was a blast! Norm got out his slide guitar, how cool is that! Everyone got real live Kazoos! We sang beautiful Christmas Carols, played games and were completely blessed by the evening.

Three more years and I will be official... YIKES!!!

But for now... I am happy to be the Tag Along