Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thankful List D for Christmas

I was challenged to create a Christmas list of D things that I am thankful for so I will give it a go...

1. Dog - Yogi barks every time the doorbell rings in the Ferrrero Rocher holiday commercial. It makes us giggle.

2. Decorations- It is funny how much I love my decorations when they go up and grow tired if them in just a few weeks.

3. Dishes- I love getting out my Christmas plates and mugs

4. Divinity- I am going to try to make it again this year. I know I will get it right if I keep trying.

5. Daily advent calendars- No fighting this year, we have an only child, actually it's kind of sad...

6. Delighted faces- On the kids at school whenever I mention the word Christmas, They are just so cute.

7. Dinner- I love hearing about what people have for dinner on Christmas, everything from Tamales, Enchiladas, Lasagna, Prime Rib to Ham, Dinner at Christmas is special.

8. Done and Wrapped- Everyone's favorite word when it comes to Christmas Shopping

9. Devotion- No Christmas would be complete in our house without Christmas Eve Service and remembering Jesus is the reason for the season.

10. Det's Dust Dace it, I Dove Dhristmas!!! Dights, Dookies, Dacation,Damily it is all DONDERFUL!!!!!

1 comment:

Crayl said...

You are dilly, but I dove your dist.