Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grown Up Christmas

I am so proud of my little family today.

Steve, Eric and I put up all our Christmas decorations WITHOUT CAMERON.

Cameron has always been the enforcer of our family holiday traditions, so I really thought he would want to be with us to do all the stuff like putting up the lights and finding the special ornaments to put on the tree. Not to mention the annual fight for the advent calendars...oh well...

I asked and he said no. Since we know he has a lot of new obligations, we have moved on without him. In one way it is sad but in another way I don't know when I have been prouder. I am so proud of Eric and the young man he is becoming and I am also proud of Steve who has stepped up to help when he would much rather turn the decorating reins over to the kids and I.

Our home looks lovely and it means so much to have it done.

One day, it will be just Steve and I... Wow the future is really coming...

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Thany said...

Wow...good for you Troy!!