Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gift

I will never forget as long as I live. I was about to become a mother and I was really nervous about it. Kathy had just had Dane and was dealing with depression, her mom was there for her and it made me sad, you see, my mom was ill, she was on dialysis and it drained her so much she was simply not up to helping me with the baby.

In one day, all that changed and suddenly, we were in a waiting room in a hospital in Los Angeles waiting for mom to receive a Kidney transplant.

The donor that saved my moms life also saved the lives and sight of several other people that day with his gift.

For the next five years, my mom got to be the grandmother of her dreams and our family was truly blessed.

Monday, my boss will be donating a kidney to her sister, We have been anticipating this day for awhile now and have weathered frustrating set backs and postponements, but now it looks like the day is here.

Of course she is nervous, but she is ready too, this morning though God sent her an unexpected blessing in the form of our librarian who came up and told Nancy that she too had donated a kidney to a sibling. To see someone who is well and flourishing made Nancy's day. Then every teacher came into the cafeteria to wish her well and made a pot luck for her. She was the hero for the day and all the kids were a buzz, asking questions and she took it like a trooper and answered them all.

Monday, she will be getting a scar that will eventually be covered by a tattoo but the gift she will give will allow her sister to be the mom and grandmother of her dreams.

That is the ultimate priceless gift.

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