Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Just Face It

I am a happier person when I blog.

I love the way I view life in anticipation of getting home and writing it down, even the seagulls that occupy the field at Eric's school amaze me, how do they know to huddle in the dip in the middle of the grass to avoid the wind. God is good.

I have not even been on my dear MySpace in ages... Why? No Reason... There are just as many hours in the day, I know I am working more hours and that makes me tired, but my job demands only a portion of my brain, I still have plenty of time to write about the great blessings in my life and yet I choose silence.

I want to be a daily blogger, I want to navigate to my friends sites and see how they are doing, I want to respond to their wonderful blogs in my own loving way, my online friends are such a blessing that I have been ignoring and need to come back to.

I want to write about the funny things the kids say at school like my coworker was adding milk to the count and wanted to judge the amount needed to get through the rest of the service so she asked a girl "what grade are you in?" the girl replied... "fourth... Why do I look small?"

I want to write about what I see when I sit and wait for my son to get out of school like who do the ditchers think they are fooling walking back to school in time to be picked up by their parents. Busted!!!

I have vowed to read and I have now vowed to write...

I just feel more blessed that way.

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