Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat In The Bag

Today I took our little solid black kitten Smokey to the Vet for her "Operation" She was so needing to go, I was starting to see tons of random cats come out of the woodwork and eating our outside kitties food.

We normally make a point of not getting female cats but when the neighbor found her and brought her to us we simply could not resist.

She is definitely a one person cat, She LOVES Eric and to the rest of us she is what we call "Skittish" Especially to our Dog Yogi(yeah right)

Well, today I had the task of taking her to the vet without any assistance and I tell you, I took my life into my hands with this one.

First of all, Why do a cats legs suddenly grow a foot longer when they are about to be put into a cat carrier?

Well, I finally got her in there and suddenly a wild beast was unleashed, No growling but it was exactly like a scene from an old movie where they were putting cats in a sack and getting ready to drown them. This cat went wild tossing and turning like a tornado! Yikes!!! She even bounced off the couch onto the floor when I turned to grab my purse. The entire time I was carrying her into the office she kept hitting the side of my leg.

So I got into the vet and someone said "Oh Let me see your kitty"

"Not a very good idea"

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