Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thankful Tuesday... Summer

Summer... How Do I love thee...

In no specific order.

#1 Vacation- It is my longest time off of work during the year Yippee!!!

#2 Fire Pit- One of our best purchases, ours is getting older and we may have to get another soon.

#3 Smores- In summer I always keep the makings for Smores handy, perfect with the fire pit.

#4 Garden Swings- One year for Christmas when we were newly married, we gave glider swings to both of our parents, when they died we got back the swings and still use them. They mean alot to me.

#5 Pool- Another excellent purchase, we love our above ground pool, that coupled with our trampoline and our backyard is Cannon Ball central.

#6 Built in pools- I love swimming and really wish we had a larger pool.

#7 Sweet Ice Tea- Still searching for the perfect sugar free recipe.

#8 Light weight sweaters- Even in summer, I always have one in my car.

#9 Flip Flops- Great with my favorite Pedi Egg, My cute feet plus cute flip flops... Cute

#10 Summer Camp- Good bye Eric... Hello Steve


Dena said...

you're too sweet. so do those pedi-egg things really work?...they kinda gross me out on the info-mercial.

it's so weird to think about summer, swimmin' and sweet tea when it's below freezin' outside and still got snow on the ground...global warming what? :o)

Misty said...

i love summer... i wish it were summer now!

Carol said...

I haven't spent much time on MySpace. I missed you and your blogs, so I subscribed. Enjoy #10!