Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of an Era

All good things must come to an end.Boy I have been so nostalgic lately, I have seen my friends sons in their little league pictures and make a little sigh. I miss Little League, I miss seeing my son in his uniform, I never minded when he would get grass stains on his white pants. (All little league moms grumble when they get the note that the team pant color is white). Steve and I miss the Nachos and the visiting with the other parents, we thought about going to the park just to watch but then we decided that would just be too creepy... Sigh...

Well, now is another end... The end of my vacations with Eric. Since first grade I have shared and enjoyed all of the off track time his year-round schedule affords... With Pay!!!

We will have a short summer break together and his will be longer because next year in High School we will no longer share the same schedule.

On one hand I sigh and think of the good old times we had and the driving trips we took going up and down the California coast seeing all the missions and even our little day trips to museums and the movies. Eric is my pal, my buddy and my companion.

But then I remember... I will be alone!!!

I do believe this is one end I will definitely survive.

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