Friday, November 5, 2010

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Sadness and Gladness

This week was one of Sadness and Gladness in the life of this Kitchen Lady.

In my morning school I am there for breakfast and since the kids eat in a Self Serve manner I do not have much inter-action with them. I see them every day and wave to them, but that's about it.

Today I walked by and a little girl who was just leaving the line looked at me, waved and shyly said...

" Hi Troy!!"

Melt, Melt, Melt went my heart... I don't know if she overheard or asked my name, but wow, she new my name... I went home with a giant smile on my face...

At my lunch school, I knew the day would come, I have seen it many times before... A game I play with a little first grader ends because they outgrow me. Indiana Jones and Darth Vader don't want me to sing their theme songs anymore as they go by which is actually good cause I cant really remember who was Indiana and who was Darth. At least the Ninja Turtle still wants to be called Leo or Mikey.

But this week I noticed it, I thought he was distracted but it went on for the whole week. My little spy guy no longer holds his hand up like a phone and plays spies with me. No more "Over and Out" but the worst thing is that he is no longer calling me Tawnie... Wahhhhh He is growing up.

And I am not.

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