Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Memoirs of A Kitchen Lady...I want you.

Today was chilly, kids in the cafeteria are coughing, and sneezing. One little boy sneezed in line and when I told him to sneeze into his arm and cover his mouth when he coughed he said..."Dont worry, I have medicine" So what do ya think about that!

I was passing though the cafeteria into the kitchen when a little guy came up to me, he had gotten his hood up and fastened so all I saw was his eyes, noes and the top of his mouth. His jacket zipper was broken and zipped all "wonky" (that's my mother's word)

"Can you fix my zipper so I can go to recess?"

"Honey, your zipper is broken do you need it zipped?"

"Yes, it's cold outside" (We live in California and it was a chilly 60 today)

I was in a rush so I said, "Why dont you go ask the noon aide to help you"

'But I want you"

Melt, Melt, Melt went my heart. I tried again but the zipper was a no go. I thought if he went to the nurse she would give him a new jacket from the clothes closet.

"Go to the nurse? I'm not sick"

"Ok lovebug I will try one more time" Victory!!! The zipper went up and he was off.

"Good, recess is almost over"

Oh well...

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Brandi said...

Was that God speaking :Don't give up?"

Makes you think...uh?