Friday, February 1, 2008

Familiar Faces

I love my job in the cafeteria so much, I love the kids, talking to them and hearing about their general lives but most of all, I love their little faces. I find that I see some faces that I remember from my own life. These little kids have no idea that when I am saying hi to them, I am also saying hi to their face and the memories they bring to me.

One girl looks so much like one of my favorite cousins Annie I have started calling her by that name and she likes it. Every day she makes sure to get my attention so I will say "Hi Annie" Then she says to her friend "She calls me Annie" I don't get to see my dear cousin Annie much so seeing a little glimpse of her every day is simply wonderful.

The little version of my cousin Cissie was pulling the old "get what I tell you to get for lunch or we won't be friends" tactic so I had to remind her not to be so bossy. My Aunt Virgie would have liked it that way.

Little Rodney Allen Ripey loves his Hamburgers and I love when I have Pizza for the adorable and very polite Jared look alike. His mom Dee Dee would like knowing her little guy was getting special treatment.

The little version of my son Cameron's girlfriend Rebekah is so sweet and always tries to tell me I am pretty in spite of our new rule to cover our entire hair line with hair net . That little knot in the middle of my forehead is just so attractive. I totally look like Ruth Buzzie from Laugh in. Today she tried her best and said, "you have pretty earrings" Thanks Rebekah , you made my day. Maybe one day Cam and Beka will have one of those sweet little girls who will tell her Gram-Cracker she is pretty.

We're all in our places with bright shining faces. Love those faces...

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Brandi said...

I'm so happy to see that you have a blogger now!!!!!

It took me a while to set mine up, I really want to start blogging more and figured maybe this would help me.