Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Black Cloud

This morning when I was driving Eric to school we both were noticing that in spite of all the warm weather we have been having how much snow is still left on the hills.

Eric then asked if I thought there would be any more storms soon and I said "Sure, there are always more storms in February"

I noticed that just above the hills was one dark grey storm cloud and I thought, isn't that just like life, You can be having a beautiful colorful bright shining sunrise morning and one lone storm cloud comes and tries to gloom up the day.

It is almost like the grey cloud is telling the others "Come join with me and together we can make a great storm" Some will probably get sucked into the gloom but today, the skies will remain blue, the clouds white and it will be a beautiful day and the storm cloud will leave without making a mark.

Don't let the little black clouds come in a ruin your day

I'm gonna hang with the white fluffies...

1 comment:

Brandi said...

That was so beautiful Troy!
Today is going to be a beautiful day here in Colorado...56 degrees... I'm LOVIN the beautiful sunny day that My God has given me.