Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Bachelors

One of the things my men look forward to when I go away for a weekend is their "Bachelor Food".

I stock the cupboards with cans Dinty Moore Beef Stew, tuna, soups galore, chili, ravioli, you name it. Not to mention the jerky, their favorite chips and of course the staple of many a bachelor, frozen pizza.

Because I have been working a lot of extra hours I was unable to get to the store to set the guys up so I gave Steve one chore this weekend, Take Eric to the grocery store and get your own bachelor food. Eric was actually pretty excited, I told him he could choose anything he wanted and since he was of course going to be the chef for the weekend I knew they would mostly get canned stuff.

Steve on the other had got a case of the lazies and in spite of Eric's nagging, no shopping was ever done and all Eric got in the way of bachelor food was a trip to Mc Donald's.

When I got home and found out Eric had been groveling around the cupboards eating all the breakfast and lunch stuff planned for the next week I was LIVID!!!

I totally chewed Steve out about it, poor Eric and his bad bachelor daddy.

So tonight in retaliation I decided to get back at my man the only way I know how... Through his stomach.

The one thing my husband doesn't like for dinner is this old Boy Scout recipe Cam came up with called Pancake cake. You mix sausage and bacon in pancake mix and make a giant pancake. It is served with syrup and Steve simply hates breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is for breakfast and dinner is dinner.

So off to the store Eric and I went seeking the items for our breakfast and we found the ultimate, these corn dog like thingeys that have sausage in the center covered by pancake batter. We drew the line at the blueberry ones, picked them up and were both enjoying our devious plan. Muh Haa Haa Haa (can you see me wringing my hands)...

When Steve was presented with his dinner, my dastardly bubble was burst "Yumm... These are really good"

I just cant win!!!

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Ashley said...

That's right sister, we can't win, but we can still keep trying, lol. Ash