Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cheat Code

I have said before that picking up my son from Middle School is a little like facing battle in a war zone. Each day I have to not only endure inconsiderate drivers but the kids daredevil antics of riding bikes or scooters in the 2 foot space between the cars driving down the street and the cars parked on the curb gave me a heart attack. I just chalked it up to one of those things parents must endure.

Last year I used to park on a side driveway it was perfect, I would get there early to get in line and exit the school in the opposite direction of the "War Zone" Alas, they decided the area I parked in was going to be the bus area so I was kicked out of the driveway to the curb. Wahhh.

One day recently while in the battle I noticed the busses were now congregating in the front of the school and I realized the driveway I used to park in was not being used at all AND the driveway is right next to Eric's last class of the day. I got a brilliant idea and told Eric about the new pick up spot we would try, and he was game.

The next day I parked in the driveway and there was one car ahead of me, I asked him if he knew if it were OK for us to pick up kids there and he said he had checked it out and we were fine. Coolness...

Eric got out of school at 2:00. He was in my car at 2:01 we drove off and were out of the entire school zone by 2:02!!!! I am serious TWO MINUTES!!!! We avoided all traffic of any kind be it auto or human. Was it too good to be true? Could what used to take me 20 minutes now only take two? Please Lord let this be true...

Well, we have been doing what we call the parking lot cheat code for a few weeks now and we get out of the school zone no later than 2:03. Once Eric was late and got to the car at 2:04 and it took us until 2:13 to finally get out of the school zone. Wow what a difference four minutes makes.

Today though, my son beat his record and we got out of the zone by 2:01

We high fived each other cause we feel like such cheaters...Hee Hee Hee

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