Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Chip House

I am not a fan of the Harvest Festival...

I am a Trick Or Treater! I admit it, and am proud of it!

My husband shares my opinion and in spite of volunteering at our Church's Halloween alternative each year, we split the day and our house is always open to those who want to stop by.

Eric is now 13 and time is running short for his adventure in gathering goods. His trick or treating buddy down the street informed him today that he isn't going tomorrow but then he changed his mind and they will go after all. Eric is excited.

Mostly, because of his costume which will be a Gothic dude but that he will again get to visit the famous Chip House.

We have neighbors who work for Frito Lay and each year they give out chips but to our kids, they are the ultimate prize and the very first Halloween treat to be consumed. If we were too busy and could only go to one house it would be the "Chip House" I was walking the neighborhood and ran into him and he informed me "The chips are ready"

Who would have guessed... Candy is dandy... But Chips take the cake

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Missy Shell said...

I love that! A few doers down and across the street, we have King Size Candy Bar House.

I also love that you're a Trick or Treat gal. I am too!! Last year I even dressed up!

My boys decided that they didn't want to T&T this year, but I wasn't thrilled with the Harvest Festival option, it just didn't seem like enough. Our solution? We're going to Disneyland! It's open till midnight, so we'll have fun with all the Halloween decor and stuff.