Thursday, October 23, 2008

Overcoming Obstacles

I love my little life, the one I call my "simple, blessed life" Well, for the past month I have filling in for a co-worker who had surgery, this means instead of working two hours I am working six. I know... WAHHHH you have to work six hours a day but think about it in relative terms I am working three times as many hours as normal. I once got some great advise from a homemaker friend that I have passed on to others, when the homemaker adds more work hours to her schedule the only one who's life changes is the homemakers. It is so true, my son and husband still expect the same from me and imagine the sour faces when I have said, sorry, too busy, fend for yourselves for dinner.

But, I am very accepting of God's provision, I have been completely enjoying myself at work, but my blogging and love for daily reflection has suffered, I cant believe I am three weeks behind on Thankful Tuesdays and you can just forget Blogging bottle Fridays...


I go on Vacation as of November 1st which is also the first day of our annual November daily blogging event.

I look so forward to writing, hope you will enjoy the read

Love, Troysie

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My life said...

Ive been wondering where you've been! :)