Friday, October 3, 2008

Precious VS Practical

I have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow. The girl is very special to me as she is the soon to be sister in law of my new daughter in law Beka.
I told Shelly Beka's mom that I think it is amazing that she will have two married Children this Christmas. Wow!

I really Love Nicole and Beka's brother Chris. They are a cool couple and Steve and I love hanging out with them.

So here is my dilemma, Do I give a Practical or Precious gift?.

I think gift registries are great, but I always love putting thought into my gifts, I once purchased gifts off of my friends daughters registry cause I knew the wedding was really small and she might not get all she wanted. This wedding is a similar circumstance so on one hand I want them to have all they need, but for me, my favorite wedding gifts were the lovely unexpected ones that I still have in my home 25 years later.

I have no memory of our first place mats, or who gave me what color towels, I did get FIVE cheese dishes and didn't even need one, but when I look around my house today I still love my Lenox dove shaped candy dish that was broken and replaced TWICE by my sister, My white milkglass vase mom got me and my Precious Moments bride and groom figurine.

I think I have answered my question...

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My life said...

Sounds like you did answer your own question.

Hope the shower went wonderfully : )