Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Hundred Yellow Ribbons

For awhile now I have driven by a home that was decorated in red white and blue with yellow ribbons on the chain link fence. Obviously this family has a child in the military. I have driven by this house daily and honestly not given their child much thought.

Today Eric and I were driving to a party and were amazingly blessed, we noticed about 30 people standing in the front yard of the house and the faded decorations were all replaced by shining yellow ribbons and red, white, and blue everywhere, just as we were passing the house a car turned in front of us and arrived in front of the house, kids were running in front of the car "He is here, He is here" and the car pulled up with American flags waving like it was the Presidents car and as I passed I caught a glimpse of the young Marine's arrival. I couldn't help but cry with happiness for this family and give a prayer of thanksgiving for the soldier's safe return.

It made me think of all the trials going on around me, financial, health, work etc... and all I can do is be grateful, grateful that I serve a risen savior who sacrificed for me, Troy Miller. I hope you know him because his sacrifice was for you as well... He is risen... HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!

It's Not About the Bunny

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