Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Thankful Tuesday Last Week's Edition

I am totally thankful for last week, today and tomorrow too!!!

Have a blessed day


1. Tangerines- On sale and very yummy and juicy, not dried out. There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money for nasty fruit!

2. Our Swimming pool- 11 years ago when we bought our 15 foot above ground pool it was the perfect size for our little family, now the pool is too small, but it is still good, matched with a trampoline and we have the best cannon ball pool in the world.

3. Steve our go to guy- Our dear friend is always there for us. The Needles family is the best! Congratulations Stephanie on your Engagement!!!

4. My gift wheels (Troyism)- I love turning on the wheels in my mind to buy cool, thoughtful gifts for the ones I love.

5. BUNCO- Bunco with my regular group Wednesday and Couples Bunco Saturday. Steve won a pot so the sore loser was in a good mood.

6. Ham- Dinner on Easter turned to beans on Monday, and chili with cornbread another day and refried on another day. Yummy

7. Bible Study- I have learned a lot about forgiveness from this study of the story of Joseph

8. Eric- He is showing what he is made of and making good choices. You rock!

9. Trini- My dear friend and mega prayer warrior. She listens to Gods prayer instructions and calls just when she needs to. Thanks for the added prayer for baby Anthony

10. Thrifty's Ice Cream- Rite Aid for those not of the old school like me. Chocolate Malted Crunch is the best!


Crayl said...

Ooo, and Thrifty's banana split. OOh, and the 3 musketeers one too. And they also make an excellent black cherry. :)
Nice list, thanks for participating.

Dena said...

ohhhhhhhhh, thrifty's YES! and CHOCOLATE MALTED CRUNCH, oh YES, YES!!!!!! need some now! :o)