Wednesday, April 8, 2009

While I am sitting here...

While my house is quiet and I am all alone listening to "My" music on Itunes I came up with a funny thought...

(In no particular order)
1) Magic Eraser Sponges- Love'em, they get into the cracks and make everything so sparkling.
2) Cardboard window shades- Ok, folded cardboard with a picture on it selling for $9.99 Now that's an invention
3) The little plastic plug that keeps nail polish from spilling- one of the best inventions ever!
4) The Suction cup- How many are in your home?
5) Better yet... Magnets, Yes I would love to have the patent on magnets.
6) Doggie waste bags in the little fire hydrant holder dispenser that clips to your leash (all the dogs at the park we go to have them)
7) Tevo- no comment necessary
8) What movie was it where the guy had invented the cardboard sleeves they put on Starbucks cups? That would be a good one.
9) Ped Egg- If you haven't gotten one Do So!
And # 10 is something I did invent but someone stole my idea...
Flavored Creamer

I was robbed!!!

1 comment:

Misty said...

Made of Honor... and yes. GREAT inventions. Also, the tea bag (instead of loose leaf tea)