Monday, August 10, 2009

How can she be a Senior? She's only Eight!!!

People have been shocked this week when I have told them Eric is starting High School.

For me I remember most of my friends kids at the same age they were when I met them.

So I was very shocked when my friend Susan told me her daughter was going to be a senior.

But Maddy is only eight!

I know she is older, I have watched her grow into a beautiful and wonderful young woman but with my loving soft eyes I still see her as the shy little girl hiding behind her mom at Cub Scouts.

I was discussing this subject with another girlfriend and mentioned Eric starting High School and she said.

But Eric is still in his stroller with a pacifier!!!

Guess I am not the only one...

Lord, please bless all of our children as they grow into the wonderful young adults that you have planned, please help and guide them to make excellent decisions in difficult situations and bless them with terrific friends. Amen...

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