Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Same but Different

Be prepared because I will be writing something that may shock you...

Eric (baby Eric) will be starting High School next week!!!

If we had talked about this step when he was in 6th or 7th grade I would have expressed my great fear for him, but the strange thing is... Maturity does wonders, he is totally ready to go.

Last year he went through a "Gothic" phase, he was wearing all black and looking very odd ( but I thought cute). Steve and I thought we were letting him show his individualism but then we had a wake up call and realized that his mood and the mood of our home and family was darkened by his taking part in this "Goth" lifestyle. We as parents took action, explained to our son that we had made a mistake in letting him enter the world of paranormal and darkness, he was feeling uncomfortable as well so it took little persuasion to bring him back to the world of color. I am proud Steve and I can admit when we are wrong, I have no problem saying "I was wrong, I am sorry" I will even say "You were right" when necessary.

So off to the store for school clothes we went, he had a great time choosing his clothes and hats needed to tame his "White Man Fro".

I remember when Cam started High School, we got him all set and the first week his backpack broke, within a month he had gone through three backpacks so it was time for research, I found the best backpack, bought it and he still has it. Got Eric a good backpack at the start of 6th grade and it is tired and missing zipper pulls so I told him we would invest in a new High School back pack and he could get any one he wants.

At the backpack store I am expecting him to get one of the super cool new ones they have that cost more than an arm and a leg but have features galore...He came up to me with the same back pack he has been using for the past three years.

"Mom, do you mind if I get a replacement one like the one I have, I really like it and I know all the pockets"

Starting the new world of High School with a trusty old friend....Perfect Choice!

God Bless You Eric, my wonderful, amazing, exceptional son.

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