Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Open Doors

When the transfer denial letter arrived we were ready for it and reminded ourselves that God knows best for us.We relucantly accepted this as fact.

My son was sad, I was sad for him then I remembered what God had told me so many yeas ago, "Eric is Exceptional and I gave him to you because you are his Champion"

He was right, I am his Champion, although the thought of me squeezed into shining armor would be pretty hysterical I then began the quest, to offer my son the best start to High School mentally and educationally which meant a transfer to the new school in town.

Months before Eric had begun the transformation from a Gothic middle schooler to a young man deserving of all that can be provided for him. Gone was the attitude and unhappiness he had worked and gotten his best grades ever, he deserved this, he desired this, and I desired it for him.

Communication began with the principal of his school, who agreed the new school would be a great for Eric, I was then put in touch with the director of Special Education who informed me the school was at maximum capacity. my thought was he is only one child, he deserved this and I put my faith in her to see understand my passion about this.

Our faith was tested when he received his "Welcome to High School" packet from the other school he was mentally ready to attend the other school and we were patiently waiting for an answer...

One evening, Eric's friends brother got in the car, I had never met him before so I began my normal interview process where he mentioned he had been in ROTC. I then said "Oh you must know my son Cameron?" He gave me a look that sealed the deal, he gave me the look I never wanted Eric to see, the " You mean Eric is CAMERON MILLER'S brother?"

Cameron's shoes would be hard to fill, he had a great reputation in school where he was the shining star. Eric has always been completely different than Cam, besides my own brothers I don't know of two brothers more opposite.

"Eric has put forth so much effort Lord he deserves this transfer..."

Finally I could stand it no more and I asked, God opened the door and Eric was transferred, he was given a stern talking to by the director, excellent attendance, grades, and behavior are required for him to keep this transfer, he gleefully accepted the challenge. I knew by my sons joy that this was indeed the right thing for him.

The minute we walked into the school, doors began to swing open in confirmation.

Eric got his enrollment the day before freshman orientation so he didn't miss a thing.

Eric's friends parents have offered to drive the boys to school which is great because I was blessed with a second job which starts early and now Eric won't have to be at school early.

School began and when I got home Eric could not control his excitement about the day, he LOVED all of his classes and LOVED all of his teachers, he could not choose a favorite. How great is that!

He is taking Art!

Even little things like his friend shares his last class of the day so they don't have to find each other to carpool home. How cool is that?

Eric instantly came home and started his homework, this has always been our rule but a chore and Eric said the words I never thought I would hear from him "I don't want to fall behind".

"Eric is Exceptional, and I gave him to you because you are his Champion"

Thank you God for opening doors, for Eric's maturity and obedience as a wonderful son. Again all I can say is Thank You...Amen

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