Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The perfect cup of coffee... And Thou

Each morning I start my day with a devotional from a little book I get at church called "Our Daily Bread". I think this book has been around for a really long time cause I remember seeing them in relatives homes as a child. I thought the name odd because I did not know that devotion to God sustains life just as does bread (it's a metaphor).

Now I get it!

In a past posting I told you of my NEED to have all my ducks in a row when I finally sit down to do my bible study with a cup of Tea.

Here is my silly but important list,

Coffee version.

I must have my favorite coffee cup of the day, I have several depending on my mood.
#1 Starbucks mermaid cup (if you are specal, I will let you borrow it)
#2 Pink matching friendship cup with Leighann (no borrowing)
#3 My Mother's day Anthropologie initial cup (I FREAK cause Steve likes this cup too, but come on it has a giant T on it with flowers all over!!! MINE!!!)
#4 My newest Anthropologie cup I got to have matching cups with my daughter in love Beka.
#5 Now if it is near Christmas, this list starts over with my favorite Christmas cups, but lets not go there (for now...)

I also must have my favorite Brighton pen, My groovy red Bible that looks like a wallet ( in case you are wondering it didn't come in pink) Journa,l and just in case I cry I have my tissues in the beautiful embroidered case Carmen made for me, and now... Reading glasses Yikes!...

Ahhh Ready...

Troys Perfect cup of coffee...
Steve may have just made a pot but I still make my own individual cup using my coffee press. It makes a pretty strong cup of coffee but I learned from my brother Sterling and I like it this way...

Favorite coffee... Seattle's Best Cinnabon 1 1/2 scoops into the press
Luckily for me, I have a hot water dispenser but if you don't then boil about two cups of water and add it to the press. Four minutes later (potty break) press down the handle and you are ready to decorate your coffee (Troy is writing this remember)
Coffee embellishments (decorations)
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Caramel creamer
4 pumps Caramel coffee syrup ( I like sugar free decorations)

Ahhhh Coffee perfection Troy version, all is right with my world and ready to begin my daily bread...

Amen sister friend...

In case you are saying "I remember those little books and would love to read one" here you go...

Our Daily Bread

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