Saturday, March 20, 2010

Funny thing happened...

I am always on the lookout for a good cheapie movie theater and have been known to drive 40plus miles to Temecula to save $4.00 I justify it by saying my car is good on gas.

Imagine my excitement when I heard of a discount movie house just 20 miles away in nearby Chino (I am being sarcastic). I decided to surprise Eric with a "date" to celebrate his spring break so we made the trek to the movies.

When we were driving home we hit a detour (we were LOST) that took us through the back streets of Pomona into the old downtown area of the city. It is kind of cool cause new life is being put into the stores and it is rebuilding as an "Artsy" district, just what Eric loves. We came to a stop and Eric said "hey Mom a NOTW store! let's go in" Our family are giant fans of that brand of Christian themed clothing so of course since were on a "date" and enjoying ourselves I pulled right over.

We entered and found the store to be a brand new soon to be one stop Christian bookstore, music store, coffee shop, art gallery, teen hang out, etc kind of place. We had a really fun time exploring the place and chatting with the clerks. Eric chose a limited edition shirt by a local artist and we were on our way... So we thought.

Since the store was so brand new, ours was the first ATM purchase and after several minutes of trying and failing to get the ATM machine to work, we reluctantly had to leave without the shirt cause of course Momma don't do cash and I had no other way to pay for the shirt.

On the way home Eric said "man, I loved that shirt, I wish they had just given it to me." Yeah, in a perfect world but this was downtown Pomona honey, not Mayberry. Anyways, he was excited at the thought of going back some day.

Sometime later we received a call from the shop,(we had put our names on a mailing list) apparently our charge did indeed go through and the problem was the register tape was not loaded correctly. The guy Mike from the store offered to bring the shirt to our house, all the way to Fontana cause he felt so bad, I just told him to put it in the mail and gave him our address and thought the matter closed.

11:00pm our doorbell rang, Steve and I were watching a movie so we were up. We nervously answered the door and there was Mike from the store with the shirt. He made his delivery, a little unorthodox to say the least, but the service was appreciated and Eric got his shirt. Or should I say our kitty Teddy got his shirt.

I love when God gives you little gifts, he is awesome.

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