Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have guilt

It is crazy how time flies...

Dear Blog, it has been three months since my last posting, I know you are a forgiving blog and we can pick up where we left off with no hard feelings...
But still... I have guilt.

So I will begin again... Simply

Ten on Tuesday

Thankfulness edition... Letter "A"

In no particular order...

1. Animals- Ours is an animal loving family in addition to our numerous cats and dog, our dream animals would be a Koala and Panda bear and of course our own Dolphin swimming in the pool, but the frosted Mother cookie variety is wonderful as well...

2.Avocados- I was raised on them, I have picked hundreds with Dads long handled basket thingey and almost received a bonk or two from the falling "Avocado bombs". Used to have them all around me now I have to pay $1.00 each.

3. Affection- Something I have lots of and get lots of, I am blessed.

4. Aromas- Love the great ones like my wonderful Yankee Candles or my sisters cooking. Hate the bad ones like those resulting from man VS bathroom.

5.Acupuncture- Just kidding

6. Air Planes- All varieties from Paper to real, my favorite is the Air Force One at the Ronald Regan Museum because it is vintage state of the art complete with Fax machine. Go see it if you get a chance

7. Al Dente'- Perfect for Pasta and an excellent description of me, not quite done...

8. Aerosol Spray Cans- Love that fine mist... Sorry Mr. Ozone Layer.

9. Amazing Race- My Favorite show, I wonder if they get to spend enough time to take some pictures of their adventures... I also now love another "A" show American Idol but only because I now have a DVR.

And 10!!!

10. Agape- The Amazing, Awesome, All consuming, never ending love I have for my dear Lord.
Abba Father...

Have a great week!

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