Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Cuts

This morning I woke up and noticed I a little cut on my thumb, no big deal... I soon discovered another small cut on my thumb and TWO more cuts on my hand. I had FOUR CUTS!!! WAHHHHH!!!

I had no idea how I got the cuts and I totally feel like a baby for even mentioning them (or blogging about them) but everything I did today aggravated them and I kept noticing and getting annoyed by them throughout my day.

I know, I know... Get over it!

It kind of made me a little more sympathetic to my son who still comes to me with complaints of small "Owies" and lord knows he is plenty big enough to put on his own band aids, but when you get a cut you just want a little sympathy.

I flash-backed (Troy word) to when I was about 7 or 8 where cuts and scrapes were a daily event and I wondered (I actually wondered this) " I wonder if there is a person in the world who does not have a cut?" I checked my entire family and they all had cuts, so at the time, the thought of a cutless (another Troy word) seemed impossible. We went to visit our San Jose relatives and I don't know how the subject came up but I discovered that my Aunt Bertha was that amazing person in the world I never thought would be possible She didn't have any cuts!!! I was in complete awe of her and stuck to her like glue the rest of our visit.

I still think of her as an amazing wonder woman, now for other reasons but a little bit of me marvels that she was once "the woman with no cuts"

Cuts are a big deal no matter how small, they deserve our kisses and moo moo mooing over.

Of course a Hello Kitty band aid sure helps, but I am fresh out.

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Concieve-Truth said...

that's soo true cuts suck :( lol.