Saturday, November 1, 2008


First of November and also my first day of Vacation!!!

I love my school district job!

Seven and a half years ago my son was starting first grade and I decided to go back to work part time.

My prayer was for a part time job that paid more than $10.00 per hour and fit into my homemaker schedule.

I had several friends who loved their school district jobs so I decided to apply.

I went to the district office and pulled every application that interested me, teachers aide, kitchen lady, secretary I would try them all.

I took and passed the required tests and then came the waiting part.

The first to respond was the cafeteria, I had applied for three positions, one elementary, one high school and one floater. I was nervous but after I interviewed, the women made me feel so welcome I knew that was the place for me. They offered me all three positions so I chose the elementary because I wanted the little kids to be served with a smile.

Not only does this job fit into my lifestyle, but I can work extra if I want and I have been nothing but blessed by the schedule.

My son is in his last year of middle school and I treasure being on vacation with him, spending time with him and enjoying his company.

School district jobs... Works for me!

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