Sunday, February 15, 2009

Competitive Me?

Last night for Valentine's we did the sweetheart special at our local Bowling Alley and had an amazing time.

How great is this. Two hours of bowling with your main squeeze, a pitcher of soda, appetizer, heart shaped pizza and candles. It was the best $30 date we have ever had.

PLUS!!! I had my best bowling game ever, made me re-think of myself as a gutter girl, maybe my years of lifting as a kitchen lady have made me stronger.

Our Church has a bowling league that Steve has participated in for the past few years, because I remembered my last bowling session 15 or so years ago as a nothing but gutter session, I have reserved myself the role of Steve's A1 Cheerleader.

Last nights date and my actually breaking the triple digit mark gave me confidence to do the unthinkable... Substitute in our church bowling league.

So... I put myself on the list and today was my first bowling day...

YIKES!!! Well, how did it go you ask?

No triple digits, and yes a few gutters, but all in all I had fun, I had a terrific time of fellowship with a church brother.

Breaking your high bowling score... didn't happen

Fellowship and having fun bowling... Priceless

Hmmm wonder if I could find a Barbie Princess bowling ball and pink bowling shoes... I know that would improve my score...

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