Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady -Brain Food

One of the kindergarteners has been giving us quite an "Attitude" lately, I know both of my kids got what I called the Kindergarten attitude when they were that age, but this little one takes the cake.

Today in the lunch line he took he said he didn't want any lunch so he just took the minimum two items.

Later on I was sitting in the cafeteria and he came up to me.

"I need food for my brain"

Troy- (Trying not to laugh) But you didn't want any lunch

With this he took my hand and put it on his head.

"Feel that, See my brain needs food"

who can argue with that.

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Thany said...

Talk to me about this "attitude." Is that what has moved into my son's room along with its freeloading friend "the eye roll?"