Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Number Of Thanks

My life is such a blur these days that I can hardly remember what day it is let alone if it is Thankful Tuesday or not...

This week, I have been missing my blog. I miss writing and I miss reading, so here I sit with water in my special Sydney friendship glass and I am thankful................

Here's the countdown

One- We have but One dog. He is a great dog and I can understand why people have more than one dog but we are a one dog family. Our one and Only Yogi.

Two- I have two sons, I would have loved to see what a female version of Steve and I would have looked like,but I have been OK with no daughters. I have always said God knew I was on a budget that is why he gave me sons. My daughters shoe collection would have been BAAAAAADDDDD.

Three- My ideal number of cats. I love cats and when our sweet boys come up for lovies I wonder why doesn't everyone love cats too... Three cats is a great number, the most we have had is five and that is way too much, everywhere you turn there is a cat. With three it's cool.

Four- I mourn the loss of my family of four and pray that I one day have a wonderful family of five or more. My heart is open.

Five- Star Wars Movies... I have never understood the "Episode" numbers, I just know there are five movies. We have them in several different formats DVD, VHS, Extended blah blah blah. We love em.

Six- The MINIMUM amount of Grandchildren I have requested.

Seven- Rhymes with Heaven

Eight- The number of old movies I have recorded on my DVR. I love scrolling and recording the movies I would normally miss. Commercials Ewwwww

Nine- Smell the color nine. Nine's not a color, and even if it were you can't smell a color... But that's my point exactly (You cant always see and smell what's real)

Ten- Number of Pins I hope to knock over on our Valentine's date this Saturday. Heart Shaped Pizza, Candles on your lane and two games of bowling. I know, we are so romantic...


Crayl said...

Your date sounds like fun. This is a great list, I am really glad to see you are still around!

oh, and um, there are 6 Star Wars movies...sorry.

Misty said...

fun!!! I record old movies too! Love them... (and I second that... Ewww.)